Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Welcome to Dongmakgol

This started as a homework from my Korean Language class. The teacher asked us to watch a movie called "Welcome to Dongmakgol". He didn't tell us much, he just said it was a movie related to the Korean War. As soon as I heard that I became so uninterested. I'm just not a fan of war movies because:
  • Most of the time I can't tell which side is which. They all basically look the same: soldiers.

  • I can't tell what's going on. There are a bunch of explosions, shootings, blood, body pieces everywhere. They are just jumbled up into one.

  • Most importantly, I can never understand how these people have to heart to kill each other, and sometimes it includes civilians.

Because of those reasons I procrastinated and didn't watch the movie on time. But I decided to be a good student, so I started watching it. The movie began with a scene war between the North and South. I couldn't remember much about it (and either way I didn't really get what happened), but then it transitioned into some weird scenes. I did get discouraged from finishing the movie so I stopped watching (and I felt bad when the teacher found out that I didn't do what he asked).

Anyway, this evening I decided to pick up where I left off last time. As I kept watching, the story developed further and further. Ah! Now it started to make sense! From enemies to friends, funny to heartwarming to touching. At some point I even thought of wanting to live in Dongmakgol. It seemed so peaceful there and the villagers were all happy.

I think all the actors and actresses did a very good job of portraying their characters (Yeo-Il was especially a cute character ^^). Although there were some weird scenes (like the one with the boar), I still feel it was worth my time. It's a good movie with a good message (to remind us to STOP THE WAR) so I definitely recommend you to watch it :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kalo BT, jangan dipapasin ke orang laen.

Oke, gue janji bakalan cerita soal konsernya VAMPS, tapi itu ditunda dulu ya, belom sempet soalnya. Gue cuman mau curhat colongan, bentar kok, cepet.

Kalo orang lagi BT, itu wajar. Gue ngerti kok, gue juga sering BT sendiri. Tapi gue paling benci sama orang yang lagi BT, trus semua orang jadi di-BT-in sama dia. Jerk banget sih, BT-nya jadi nular tau nggak? Ada nih orang yang kalo udah BT, dia jadi rese abis. Semua orang dimusuhin sama dia hari itu, dicuekkin. Emangnya gue tiang? Tembok? Patung? Kambing congek? Gila ya lo... Gue juga punya rasa!

Hehe.. Gue brenti di situ dulu deh, gue ga mau nularin ke-BT-an gue yang disebabkan ke-BT-an orang ini ke elo-elo semua. Remember people, be nice to others :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

The most amazing 5 seconds in my life

I tend to do stupid things when I'm nervous.

There was a rumor that the VAMPS autograph session was only for the first 100 people, so I left four and a half hours early to get to the venue. I reached there exactly at 10 am (the session didn't start until 2 pm), and I was approximately the 50th person that got there.

When I looked around, everyone was in a Punk/Gothic attire. With only T-shirt and jeans, I seemed so out of place. They were all so full of VAMPS spirit: wearing VAMPS merchandise, purple and pink colored clothing, brass knuckles, etc. Some of them even colored their hair and nails hot pink and purple. I also saw people dressed up in Lolita style (full with the Rocking Horse shoes) and Kimono (complete with the wooden sandals). I really looked so plain compared to them! Hahahaha.... By the way, I saw two middle aged women wearing punk clothing too! Oh my gosh, I'm pretty sure they were around the same age as my mom ^^;;

With me looking so out of place, it was really hard to blend in with the crowds. I tried to start a conversation with two punk kids in front of me, but it didn't go that well. Finally I met this lady, Ms. JY, who was queuing up by herself, and she also dressed casually like I did. I started talking to her and we got along nicely =) Although she was pretty quiet and I was more chatty ^^;;

An hour before the session started, the line had gotten really long. And then something happened. There was this store that got blocked by the line. The owner got irritated or something, and she started to act like a staff member, telling us that we were lining up in the wrong place. She asked us to follow her, and we all stupidly believed her! Thinking back, I don't even know why we simply followed her lead (she didn't even wear a staff uniform, nor did she have any badge). Maybe we were hypnotized? Hehehe... Anyway. she left us confused in the middle, and the line got really messed up. Then we just realized that we were fooled! Dang it... Those people that were at the back became at the front of the line and vice versa. Guess what? I became the X hundredth person in line =( Of course all of us who came very early got really really mad, and things started to get out of hand. Then the Showbox staff came and sorted things out, and I regained my position as the fiftieth or so person in line xD

At long last it was two o'clock and we started moving inside. Oh my gosh, I got really really excited!!! I kept telling Ms. JY "Oh my gosh, I'm gonna meet HYDE, I'M GONNA MEET HYDE!!!" And you know what, my body started shaking out of the nervousness. Well, I had wanted to see him since nine years ago, and I finally got a chance to do so. Still lining up, I caught a glimpse of that familiar figure. I said to Ms. JY again, "Oh my gosh! It is HYDE! IT IS HYDE!!!!" The big security guard who stood close to me said, "Don't worry kid, I ain't going anywhere. Don't get too excited." I didn't really understand what he meant. Either he jokingly implied that I was going crazy for him (the security guy), or he thought I would get too excited to the point that I would kidnap HYDE. Hahahahaha...

In those few minutes, I rehearsed what I planned to do when I met HYDE: give him my VAMPS CD, watch him sign it, shake his hand while saying thank you, and then tell him "keep up the good work" with a big smile =)

And then my turn came. I gave the CD to the staff and he passed it in to KAZ. He signed my CD and slide it to HYDE, without even looking up =( He was gonna sign the next person's item, but I raised my hand right in front of his face (he was looking down, his head was really close to the table). Oops! Hehehe... I'm sorry for the rudeness, KAZ, but I really don't want to waste this opportunity =P I could tell he was a little surprised, but he still looked up to me and shook my hand while smiling. I said "thank you" and he said the same thing to me. KAZ was such a sweet person =)

Then I stepped in front of HYDE. It was dark so I couldn't really tell what he was wearing (or maybe I was just too nervous to pay attention). His hair was curly and he was as cute as ever. He signed my CD and shook my hand. I said "thank you" and then he said "thank you so much" while looking right into my eyes. May I repeat one more time, HE LOOKED AT ME RIGHT INTO MY EYES!!! OH MY GOD!!! The moment we had an eye contact, everything just went blur. HE IS EXTREMELY GORGEOUS!!! I don't really remember what happened after that, I think his gaze successfully numbed my entire brain. Hahaha... All I know is that I left without telling him to keep up the good work. And I stupidly touched the part of the CD with his signature on it when it wasn't dry yet, so his signature now had my fingerprint on it -__-;;

Speaking of which, I didn't really prepare anything to be given to HYDE or KAZ. I just thought they would get lots of letters that they wouldn't have the time to read mine. As for presents, they would probably be given to the staff members instead. I didn't even try to make any impression on him, he met a lot of people everyday so he wouldn't even remember me anyway. I think there were only two ways for a fan to be remembered: either by being extremely weird, or extremely pretty/attractive. One of the girls who lined up in front of me excitedly showed HYDE a "HYDE" word tattoo on her back. I heard him saying "oh cool", but after she left, he made a weird eye contact with a western-looking staff in front of him (maybe it was J?), the sort of eye contact that you made to your friend when someone did something weird in front of you both. I certainly didn't want to be remembered as a weird person, but no matter what I did, I knew there would still be people prettier or more attractive than me, so whatever. HYDE might not have a memory of me, but I will have a memory of him =) I don't know, maybe I'm getting old. For some reason I start to get more realistic than ever.

Alright, this is getting too long. I'll stop now and continue with the live story later. Stay tuned.

P.S. Sorry, no pics. The staff threatened that they would take our ticket and ban us from the concert if they saw us taking pictures.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Di kala matamu menipu

Pernah nggak suatu ketika mata lo menipu? Dulu gue pernah ada kejadian begini.

Gue punya temen cowok yang udah gue kenal agak lama, sampe gue tau sifat-sifatnya. Menurut gue dia orangnya baek, tapi sering juga dia agak rese. Mungkin buat orang laen gpp, tapi ke-rese-annya itu salah satu sifat yang nggak bisa gue tolerir. Trus dia juga bukan tipe gue banget, bukan tipe idaman, dan bukan juga tipe yang secara nggak sadar bisa gue suka (tau kan, kadang-kadang lo bilang idaman lo kayak gini, eh ternyata lo sukanya sama tipe yang jauh beda). Nah, karena itu buat gue dia hanya seorang temen.

Tapi pernah suatu hari gue ketemu dia dan entah kenapa mata gue lagi menipu. Hari itu kok dia keliatan atraktif banget ya? Wth? Padahal hari itu penampilan dia juga seperti biasa, pake kaos dan jeans doang. Hari itu pun gue jadi kalang kabut. Gue berusaha hindarin dia, takut gue jadi makin suka. Gue mikir, gue nggak mau suka sama dia!!! Kenapa? Karena dia bukan tipe gue. Hahahaha... Meski gue berusaha ngehindar, tapi mata gue selalu nangkep di manapun dia berada. Sial...

Hari itu pun berlalu, besoknya gue kebetulan ketemu dia lagi. Gue coba liatin dia. Huh, biasa aja tuh. Gue coba liatin dia lagi lebih lama. Huh, gue udah nggak deg-degan lagi. Gue coba mikirin dia. Hmmmm... Jelas banget bukan tipe gue. Ohhhh... Ternyata hari ini gue udah balik normal lagi. Di mata gue dia udah nggak atraktif lagi. Hore!!! (Lho? Gue juga nggak ngerti kenapa gue bisa segembira itu)

Intinya, hari itu mata gue lagi menipu. Hmmm... Mungkin gue lagi sakit mata kali ya waktu itu. Hehehehe...

HYDE, here I come!

I've wanted to make a post for quite sometime, but my computer is broken and so I didn't really have a chance to do so. I'm using someone else's computer at the moment so I can't write that long. I promise I'll tell you about the computer pretty soon, as I'm getting a new computer in a few days =)

With that being said, for now I'm just going to give a quick update. In a few hours I'm going to Seattle! I'm going to attend a VAMPS concert as planned. This is going to be my first time attending my favorite artist's concert, and it's HYDE no less. Add the autograph session opportunity, of course I'm super duper excited! There are a lot of uncertainties at the moment, I'm a little worried but hopefully everything will be fine. I'll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck! =D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tipe-tipe orang komputer (menurut pengamatan gue)

Sebelom baca, gue cuman mau ngingetin. Hasil pengamatan gue ini nggak 100% bener, soalnya obyeknya cuman orang-orang di sekitar sini doang. Kalo dibandingin sama orang-orang di seluruh dunia, tentu aja mereka cuman sepersekian persen dari populasi semua orang di bumi ini.

Beberapa waktu lalu, gue pergi ke seminar perkomputeran. Setelah gue perhatiin (dari seminar yang itu dan seminar-seminar laen yang dulu gue datengin), ada empat macem tipe orang-orang yang dateng ke sini: tipe geek (15%), tipe plain (44%), tipe berantakan (25%), dan tipe metal (15%).

Tipe geek tentu aja seperti geek-geek yang lo liat di film-film. Mereka pake kacamata super tebel, celana tinggi banget ala jojon, dan rambutnya rapi klimis. Biasanya, orang-orang yang ahli di bidang perkomputeran stereotipikalnya orang-orang macem ini. Aslinya, nggak banyak kok orang-orang komputer model begini.

Tipe plain itu model-model yang pake baju kasual tiap hari (jeans + kaos). Yang cewek biasanya nggak dandan. Tipe plain ini adalah yang paling banyak gue liat. Gue sendiri juga termasuk dalem kategori ini. Tiap hari pake celana dan kaos (kemeja kalo di kantor). Ummm... oke kadang-kadang gue dandan, tapi cuman kalo lagi niat doang, bisa diitung kira-kira cuman empat kali dalem sebulan.

Tipe berantakan biasanya pake baju kasual juga, tapi ukuran bajunya yang gombrong-gombrong (gede banget, lebih gede dari badannya). Trus rambutnya gondrong tapi kayak nggak pernah disisir dan berantakan ke mana-mana. Mereka biasanya nggak cukur kumis sama jenggot, jadinya lebaaaaaaat banget kayak sinterklas.

Kalo yang tipe metal, mereka biasanya keliatan sangar. Pake anting banyak banget, pake rante di celananya, rambutnya gondrong atau cepak yang ada jambulnya. Kalo dipikir-pikir lagi mungkin mereka cenderung ke arah gothic, soalnya warna baju dan dandanan mereka biasanya item-item.

Jarang banget gue liat ada orang ahli komputer yang trendi / metroseksual dan ngikutin trend busana terbaru. Paling cuman tiga-empat biji dari sekian ratus orang. Makanya gue cuman kasih 1% untuk orang-orang macem ini.

Heran gue, hasil pengamatan ini cuma berlaku di daerah sini doang atau di tempat-tempat laen juga ya? Menurut pengamatan lo, apa pendapat lo soal penampilan orang-orang yang sehari-harinya kerja/sekolah/hobi di bidang komputer?

NB: Meski penampilan mereka beda-beda, kemampuan dan otak mereka sama intinya: CEMERLANG sekali boooo!!! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I haven't posted any recipes for quite a while, and that's because I am too lazy to cook nowadays. Whenever I'm out of food, I just order a take out. Of course, it doubles my food spending -__-;;

That's why I was kinda shocked when I had the desire to cook this evening. For some reason, I felt like making a bento. Yes, BENTO, a boxed lunch in which there are multiple kinds of food, complete with the vegetables no less (I usually just cooked rice and one type of meat).

Here is the result of the sudden-cooking-soul-appearance (it's not pretty but it's a good start) ^^

Rice, Tamagoyaki, Chicken Katsu, and Stir-Fried Vegetables

And here is how to make them (I don't really have the exact measurement since I usually just estimate the ingredients and the spices until it tastes good).

  1. Cook the rice as usual.

  2. Put some furikake on top.

Tamagoyaki (Sweet and Plain):
  1. Beat an egg with a little salt and some sugar.

  2. Fry it.

  3. Fold it into a roll.

  4. Cut the roll.

** You can make different kinds of tamagoyaki by mixing the egg with dashi or some other toppings. Maybe I'll try this some other time.

Chicken Katsu:
  1. Beat an egg in a bowl.

  2. Dip the chicken into the bowl of egg.

  3. Bread the chicken with some panko crumbs (Japanese bread crumbs).

  4. Deep fry the chicken until golden in color.

  5. Cut it into long narrow pieces.

  6. Add some Tonkatsu sauce on top of it.

** I don't really like deep frying stuff because it's a waste of oil. I managed to cook it by pan-frying the chicken =P
** I don't have Tonkatsu sauce so I just use Unagi sauce. Some other people use Japanese Mayo instead. You don't really have to put any sauce if you don't want to.

Stir-Fried Vegetables:
  1. Cut some carrots, zucchini squashes, mushrooms, and onions.

  2. Stir fry the onion first until it smells good, then add the other ingredients.

  3. Add some water, oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, soy sauce, garlic powder, salt, and white pepper.

  4. Cook until the vegetables are soft enough.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Death Note Marathon

For me, a good fiction is something that will leave a deep impression upon me even after I finished watching or reading it. The last time it happened, it was around the end of last year after I read several chapters of NANA manga. I couldn't stop thinking about it to the point that I made a post to analyze the storyline. This past weekend though, my boyfriend and I had a Death Note movies marathon. I guess it happened again, I was too impressed by the movies and now I can't take my mind out of it xD

The first and the second movies, Death Note and Death Note II: the Last name, were based on the Death Note manga. I haven't finished reading the manga, but I can tell that there were some differences between the manga and the movie. I guess the movie was made different in order to tell the storyline more effectively and to dramatize it even more. To rate the storyline, I will give an A+ since it was so puzzling and captivating. You can't guess what's gonna happen next and it makes you wanting to know more and more.

UPDATE: The movies were unpredictable and kept me in suspense because I had never read the manga or watched the anime before. If you have done either one or both of them, it might not be that exciting for you anymore since you would have known the outcome of the story.

I had never read the manga before I watched the movies, so I wasn't sure if it was going to be good. I only knew what my friend roughly told me, it was about a book to kill people. It sounded like a horror story to me, so I was never interested in watching it. The library close to where my boyfriend lived just happened to have the movies, I decided to give it a try. I asked my boyfriend to watch it with me just in case it was really a horror movie (not that it would really make any differences whether I was watching it alone or with him, oh well... xD) Anyway, even for both of us who didn't know anything about it, I think the director did a good job in introducing the characters and telling the story.

About the main character, most of the times I thought of Kira as this crazy psycho guy, but there were other times I was amazed by his intelligence. I often thought, "This guy is smart! What will he do next?" or even "What?! What is he thinking? I don't understand him at all" It was kinda sad though when Kira was captured. Not because I was a supporter of him, but because I could empathize with the people around him. These people trusted him so much, but they were left disappointed when everything was revealed. The last scene in the second movie really drew out the sadness ;_;

About the other characters, L gave me the impression of a creepy guy. Hahaha... The way he sat, the way he picked up a phone, the way he stood, the way he ate sweets, they were all so creepy. My boyfriend and I kept laughing at his eccentric behaviors. Hahaha... Of course I also often thought "Man, this guy is also smart! What will he do next?" and something like "Who's gonna win? Is it him, or Kira?" In any case, my favorite character is not either Kira or L. It's Ryuk! His appearance was scary, but a devil that screamed "Eeeeeeeee????", now that was funny! There were his other antics that were so funny and refreshing, by the end of the first movie, I was already fond of his character. Hahaha...

The third movie, L change the WorLd, was not based on the manga (at least that's what I think), but it was using several pieces out of the manga, such as Naomi's case and the name Near. My boyfriend did not like this movie as much as the first and the second ones because this one is more predictable, but I really like it a lot! It showed L's emotions that were more humane: feeling anxious waiting for 'the time' to come, confused over what to do when he suddenly had to babysit a boy, and the feelings of care that he developed for the little kids, etc. I must say that Matsuyama Kenichi portrayed the character really well. Oh, before I forget, I should point out that there were more humor in this movie! No matter what, I definitely recommend this movie as well. It's not necessary to watch the first two Death Note movies before watching this, but it will be more interesting if you do.

After watching L change the WorLd, I became a fan of L too. Hahaha... I guess after watching those unknown sides of him, it was more easy to empathize with him (and to erase those creepy feelings that I sensed out of him). Now that I think about it, I think it was this movie that left a deep impression on me, particularly the last scene. I kept thinking about the Death Note storyline and characters, and now I have started reading the manga as well. So then, was it L that made me intrigued to read the manga? Oh dear... xD

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lost in Love

Kali ini gue nonton Lost in Love di YouTube (iye gue ketinggalan jaman, hehehe). Ini lanjutannya film Eiffel I'm in Love kalo nggak salah. Ceritanya ringan dan ada unsur humornya sedikit, jadi lumajan kalo lagi bosen tapi males buat nonton yang terlalu berat atau serius. Latar belakangnya masih di kota Paris, ngebuat gue makin pengen jalan-jalan ke sono. Hehehe... Satu poin yang gue suka, ceritanya jujur kalo Tita emang kurang bisa ngomong bahasa Inggris. Nggak kayak film-film ABG laen yang sok-sok ngomong pake bahasa Inggris, padahal belepotan.

Namanya juga film romance, jadi inti ceritanya juga berusaha nunjukkin sesuatu yang romantis. Tapi nggak tau kenapa menurut gue masih kurang deep gitu, entah karena jalan ceritanya, atau karena aktingnya. Sampe sekarang gue masih belom bisa mastiin apa yang kurang di film-film romance Indonesia. Kenapa ya? Apa karena film Indo menggambarkan cinta sebagai sesuatu yang gampang abis? Misalnya si Tita yang lulus SMA aja belom, pacaran baru sebentar, trus tau-tau udah tunangan padahal orang tuanya aja nggak tau kalo dia punya pacar. Menurut gue tuh kayak 'Hah?! Gitu doang trus langsung happily ever after?!'

Menurut lo gimana? Setuju sama gue, atau gue-nya yang terlalu sok tau? Hehehe....

*PS: Ini random sih, tapi yang maen jadi Adit di Lost in Love lumayan cute juga ya. Hahahahha....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bukan Bintang Biasa

Gue lagi kangen nonton film Indo. Gue keinget temen gue pernah ngasih tau, 'Ada film Indo tentang anak-anak Art School juga tuh Pei. Judulnya Bukan Bintang Biasa. Coba deh nonton, ada di YouTube kok.' Akhirnya hari ini gue tonton juga tuh film.

Mmmm.... Sori yah buat semua fans-nya BBB atau aktor-aktris yang maen di situ, tapi buat gue film ini enggak banget. Mungkin gara-gara gue udah pernah nonton Nodame Cantabile atau Center Stage, jadinya gue masang standar setinggi itu. Karena ceritanya tentang Art School, gue expect bagian performance-nya juga bakalan keren abis, namanya Art School gitu loh. Tapi BBB performance-nya sungguh amat sangat mengecewakan. Gue ngerti, pemaen film belom tentu bisa macem-macem kayak gitu. Tapi kalo film luar tuh, pemaen filmnya biasanya dikasih training beneran dulu biar hasilnya sesuai sama karakternya. Atau setidaknya, mereka pake double supaya keliatan profesional gitu.

Trus jalan ceritanya juga berkesan dangkal banget. Bentar-bentar gampang jatuh cinta. Gue bukan ahli film, jadinya gue nggak tau pasti apa yang kurang. Gue cuman tau ceritanya nggak ngena. Bukannya berasa romantis malah berasa gombal. Entah kenapa film-film romance Indonesia masih berasa gombal-gombal deh, kecuali AADC (movie-nya loh, dramanya juga amit-amit). Gue masih nunggu nih, film romance Indo yang bisa ngebuat gue ngerasa 'Uhhh... so sweet...' =)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Daging vs Saos

Pada umumnya, kalo makan di restoran Asia di sini, nasi putih itu gratis. Mau nambah nasi putih sebanyak apa pun nggak usah bayar. Kadang, ada juga restoran yang gratis nasi sepiring kalo beli lauknya (atau harganya paket, udah termasuk nasi dan lauk), tapi kalo mo nambah nasi harus bayar ekstra. Yang pelit? Ada juga. Nasi nggak termasuk di harga lauknya, jadi harus beli secara terpisah. Emang sih pelit, tapi gue masih bisa maklum berhubung di Indo juga nasinya nggak gratis. Nah, biasanya kalo mesti beli sendiri-sendiri begini, terserah pembelinya mau makan pake nasi atau enggak. Yang jelas, harga lauk tentu aja udah termasuk dengan bumbunya.

Dua hari yang lalu, gue nggak sengaja nemu satu resto Asia pas lagi iseng-iseng lewat jalan laen. Hari ini gue dateng ke sono buat nyobain. Ternyata mereka jual nasi sama lauknya terpisah. Nasinya agak mahal, soalnya belinya harus paket nasi plus sayur-sayuran (kubis, ketimun, tomat). Berhubung gue nggak doyan tiga sayuran itu, plus di rumah gue masih ada nasi, gue memutuskan untuk beli dagingnya doang untuk dibawa pulang.

Ternyata sodara-sodara, ada yang janggal dengan cara resto ini berjualan. Saos untuk dagingnya termasuk dalem paket nasi + sayuran. Dengan kata laen, kalo nggak beli nasi nggak bisa dapet saosnya. Ibaratnya sama seperti ini:

Pembeli: "Bang, bakso satu mangkok."
Abang Bakso: "Mau pake bihun atau mie kuning nggak dek?"
Pembeli: "Nggak deh, baksonya aja."
Abang Soto: "Boleh, tapi nggak ada kuahnya ya, soalnya adek kan nggak beli bihun atau mie-nya."

Contoh laennya begini:

Pembeli: "Bang, beli sate sepuluh tusuk."
Abang Sate: "Pake lontong nggak dek?"
Pembeli: "Nggak bang, sate aja."
Abang Sate: *Ngasih satenya sepuluh tusuk*
Pembeli: "Lho Bang, bumbu kacangnya mana?"
Abang Sate: "Adek kan nggak beli lontong, jadi nggak dapet bumbunya."

Coba, nggak masuk akal kan? Akhirnya setelah memohon-mohon sama yang punya resto, gue dikasih saosnya, tapi gue mesti bayar ekstra (masih lebih murah daripada beli nasi sama sayuran sih). Huhuhuhu... Gila, pelit banget nih resto!

Feed Issue Solution part 2

This post is a continuation from this one.

After reviewing the code of both Blogger's default layout and my own layout, I realize there is another easy way to solve the feed issue if you are using Blogger. You won't need to add any auto-discovery links in your head section. Instead, add this piece of code right after your opening <head> tag:

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

I suppose Blogger has the auto-discovery feature embedded to it (the all-head-content), so that should fix the problem. Speaking of which, this code will only work on the new Blogger layout. If you are using the old one, you will have to search for the old syntax.

Hopefully this helps :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Feed issue resolved!

I went to my friends' blogs, TETRA86 and Venny Karlina, and I realize that my link is not working properly. There was no latest post title and last updated time listed on their Blog Lists. At first I thought I didn't set up the feed settings properly, but the settings were perfectly fine. And then I thought it was an issue with Blog List widget, but I could not find any satisfactory fix online.

After researching for two hours and trying various kind of methods, I finally figured out how to solve it thanks to Pete Freitag's tutorial. Apparently the problem is on the layout that I created -__-;; There's still so much I need to learn!!! So anyway, if you notice that your blog does not appear correctly in your friends' Blog List widget, you might want to try adding this somewhere between the <head> ..... </head> tag on your layout:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" title="Atom Feed" href="[complete link to your feed]" />

Sorry for the inconvenience, but if it is possible, for those of you who have linked to my blog before, could you re-link it again? Thanks a lot! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dia dari masa lalu

Gue punya kebiasaan untuk mencari tau tentang mereka-mereka yang pernah hadir di dalam hati gue di masa lalu (as well as keeping in touch with them). Bukan buat CLBK, gue cuman mau tau aja mereka sekarang kayak apa, kabarnya gimana, dll. Kadang nggak nyangka kalo gue dulu pernah suka sama mereka, atau kadang kalo diinget-inget bikin ketawa aja. Apalagi yang dari jaman masih TK atau SD, cinta monyet, lucu banget. Oh, masa lalu... Hehehe...

Tapi ada satu orang yang sampe sekarang gue lost contact. Jangankan kontak, kabar dia pun sampe sekarang gue nggak tau. Bikin penasaran, soalnya terakhir kali gue kontak sama dia itu 10 taon yang lalu. Gue coba search dia di mana-mana, tapi nggak ada hasil. Mungkin dia emang bukan orang komputer kali ya, makanya imel atau social networking account juga nggak punya. Padahal gue pengen banget say hi sama dia. Sebenernya sih gue nemu nomor telponnya dia dari Google. Gue yakin banget itu dia soalnya tanggal lahir sama nama panjangnya sama. Hebat juga ya internet, bisa sampe nemu nomor telpon orang yang udah bertaon-taon nggak ketemu gitu. Jeleknya, kok situs universitas bisa-bisanya sih majang data muridnya secara publik? Kan jadi nggak aman, siapa aja bisa akses tuh nomor telpon. Eniwei, nggak enak dong kalo gue tiba-tiba telpon gitu, belom tentu juga dia inget sama gue, 10 taon gitu loh. Kalo pake imel atau social network gitu kan lebih enak, lebih casual gitu.

Mimpi 04/10/2009

Beberapa hari yang lalu, gue mimpi sesuatu yang aneh dan nggak masuk akal. Tapi saking nggak masuk akalnya, gue rasa ini wajib diceritain. Hehehe... Ngomongin sama mbak S soal jadi istri kedua HYDE plus ngobrol sama mbak J tentang cowok-cowok di masa lalu, gue nggak heran kalo mimpinya jadi kaya begini. Hahahaha...

Ceritanya gue sekeluarga tinggal di sebuah negara antah-berantah (a.k.a. gue nggak tau negara apa dan di mana). Gue dan bokap lagi nonton pidato kenegaraan presiden tau-tau si presiden bilang dia lagi mau ngambil istri kedua. Trus diumumkan calon istri kedua pilihan si bapak presiden ini adalah jeng jeng jeng.... G U E. Ember, gue yang denger juga nggak percaya. Trus bokap gue langsung semangat, nyuruh gue dandan rapi soalnya nanti mo dijemput buat ketemu pak Presiden. Udah dandan rapi, gue dijemput sama serdadu-serdadu dan dibawa ke tempat pidato kenegaraan yang di TV itu.

Sampe sana, gue disuruh duduk di sebelahnya istri pertama pak presiden. Gue yang emang nggak pernah minat sama politik bosen banget denger pidato yang panjang abis. Daripada ketiduran dan ditayangin ke satu negara, gue mulai keluarin kertas dan bolpen trus mulai gambar-gambar dan coret-coret nggak jelas. Eh ternyata jadi figur publik emang susah. Nggak sampe semenit, media udah mulai gonjang-ganjing tentang gue yang nggak sopan, bukannya dengerin dan men-support presiden malah gambar-gambar. Trus ada yang mencela kenapa gue yang dipilih jadi istri kedua padahal nggak ada kualifikasi apa-apa.

Acaranya selese dan gue udah BT berat. Dalem hati gue, siapa juga yang mau jadi istri keduanya presiden. Gue dipilih tanpa sepengetahuan gue dan juga bukan karena kemauan gue, jadi ada hak apa mereka ngomong begitu? Gue pengen nolak, tapi kalo gue beneran jadi istri keduanya presiden pasti gue bakalan jadi kaya, trus gue bisa menghidupi orang tua dan sodara-sodara gue supaya mereka bisa hidup nikmat. Bener aja, bokap gue dateng dan mukanya hepi bener. Dia setuju banget soalnya "Kita semua pasti bisa idup enak nantinya". Denger ini gue langsung ngerasa beban gue berat banget. Gue nggak mau, bener-bener nggak mau, tapi gue nggak enak kalo nolak permintaan orang tua. Akhirnya gue pergi keluar rumah sambil nangis-nangis.

Abis itu gue ketemu sama Mr. Panda (seseorang dengan julukan Panda, bukan panda beneran!) trus dia nanya kenapa gue nangis. Gue cerita semuanya, soal gue nggak mau nikah sama presiden soalnya dia udah tua, dan gue ada orang laen yang gue suka. Si Panda kasian sama gue trus dia bilang "Ayo kita ngomong langsung sama Pak Presiden, pasti dia bakal ngerti. Gue temenin, dan gue bakal bantuin elo bagaimana pun juga."

Kita pergi nemuin pak Presiden, tapi si Presiden muncul dengan gaya yang nyeremin, yaitu pake celana sama sarung tangan tinju, trus nggak pake atasan tapi berotot gitu, serem banget deh. Gue jadi nggak berani ngomong, tapi dengan encouragement dari si Panda, akhirnya gue ngomong juga. Seinget gue di mimpi kita ngomong pake bahasa Inggris, tapi kalo gue translate ke Indo, artinya jadi nggak pas. Jadi gue biarin aja ya pake bahasa Inggris buat percakapan antara gue (PE), Presiden (PR), dan Panda (PA):
PE: "Sir, I came here because there is something important that I would like to talk to you about."
PR: "Go ahead."
PE: "I would like to reject the marriage plan. I know that if I agree to become your wife, my life will be better-off financially, and I will be able to provide a nice comfortable life for my parents and my sisters."
PR: "It is not that simple! You cannot simply use the country's money. This money belongs to all the people. But one thing for sure, if you become my wife, it will be easy to do networking, and you will be able to get a good job and earn lots of money."
PE: "I am fully aware of that too, Sir. But still, I cannot do that."
PR: "Are you sure? So how are you going to feed yourself? How are you going to take care of your family?"
PE: "Well, I will think about that later. In any case, I do not want to proceed with the marriage."
PA: *tiba-tiba motong pembicaraan kita* "I will take care of her."

Gue sama Pak Presiden kaget, trus kita langsung melotot ke si Panda.
PA: "I know I am not that rich, I am even still in debt. But I really love her, so I will help and support her no matter what it takes."

Gue kaget banget sama confession si Panda ini, tapi gue bener-bener nggak mau nikah sama pak Presiden jadi gue sok-sok aja:
PE: "And I love him too. I know it will be tough, but we will be fine on our own."

Kali ini gantian si Panda yang kaget dengerin omongan gue.

Setelah itu, gue maen ke tempatnya Panda. Lagi maen PS2, kita didatengin sama istri pertamanya pak Presiden. Gue kira si istri dateng buat marah-marah karena dia nggak suka kalo ada cewek laen, ternyata dia bilang begini: "Kamu yakin mau nolak pernikahannya? Jangan dong, saya juga udah setuju lho kamu jadi istri kedua." WTH!? Gue tegasin lagi gue nggak mau, dan si istri pergi. Akhirnya berdua lagi, si Panda nanya sama gue, "Tadi omongan lo beneran? Soal yang lo juga suka sama gue." Mmm gimana ya, sebenernya si gue rada bo'ong. Gue sebenernya suka sama cowok laen, tapi gue nggak tau kalo cowok yang gue suka itu bakalan suka sama gue juga atau enggak. Trus gue ya bo'ong lagi, gue bilang aja itu beneran.

Pulang dari rumah Panda, gue pergi ke tempat cowok yang gue suka. Gue pengen tau dia suka sama gue juga atau enggak. Kalo emang dia suka sama gue juga, gue bakalan jujur dan minta maaf ke Panda. Eh ternyata pas sampe di depan rumahnya, cowok ini lagi pacaran sama cewek laen! Sial... Ya udah deh, gue stuck sama Panda aja.

Abis itu alarm gue berbunyi dan gue terbangun sambil terheran-heran. Buset, mimpi gue makin aneh aje! Nggak mungkin banget si Panda sebaek dan seromantis itu, pake acara diajak nikah sama presiden pula! Saking anehnya sampe gue amazed gitu, trus amazement-nya kebawa sampe pas gue nyetir ke kantor. Gue brenti karena lampunya merah, trus sambil nunggu gue ketawa sendiri inget-inget mimpi yang gue alamin sampe-sampe nggak nyadar kalo lampunya udah ijo. Alhasil gue di-klakson-in orang-orang di belakang gue. Hahahaha...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tagged Awards

Thanks to Zerlin and Pika for these awards.

From: Zerlin

  1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

  2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which you think are FABULOUS Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

  3. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

  4. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Well, as I do not want to impose something on someone, I am passing it to everyone who wants it. Feel free to grab it if you'd like :)

From: Pika

  • As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

  • To seek the reasons why we all love blogging!

  • Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.

  • Don't forget to mention the person who gives you the award.

  • Answer the award's question by writing the reason why you love blogging.

  • Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.

  • Don't forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

The answer has been written in this post. Same as above, I am passing this to everyone who wants to take it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My first surgery

Yes, I just had a surgery yesterday. No, it's not a major, life-threatening surgery. The surgery was for removing my four wisdom teeth. Although it was not life-threatening at all, I was so afraid of it thinking about how the surgery would go. What if the anesthesia was too strong I couldn't wake up forever? What if the anesthesia was too weak I woke up in the middle of the surgery? As of those questions were not enough, the surgeon told me this, "It is a rare chance, maybe 1 out of a hundred, but the nerve might get affected that you won't be able to taste or to feel heat in your mouth and on your lips anymore." OMG... Thinking for the worst (yes, I'm a pessimist) I decided to stop all my purchase plan (HYDE, Laruku, and w-inds. DVDs, VAMPS concert ticket) until the surgery was finished.

The day before the surgery, I was too stressed out that I couldn't do anything. I couldn't concentrate on driving and working, and I couldn't eat. I was glad that Ms. J tried to entertain me and make me laugh. After that I was back to normal, and I could work and drive properly again. Thanks Ms. J :) And then at home, I tried to distract my mind by watching TV shows online, and I also got comforted by my family and friends. I'm so grateful for all your care! :D

On the day of the surgery, I would lie if I said I didn't get stressed out again. Especially when I was already in the hospital, waiting for my turn. I actually brought a lot of stuff with me so that I could calm myself, but it didn't work. I just couldn't concentrate on anything. While waiting, there was this guy whose girlfriend was getting the surgery too. The nurse called out to him, saying that the surgery was done. And then he was like, "Oh yeah? Is she out of it? Great, I'm so gonna take pictures of her and take some videos. She didn't want me to do that but I brought a camera anyway." What a jerk... And so I turned to my boyfriend, "If you do that to me, you'll be sorry!" Hahahahaha....

And then my name was called. "Oh dear, the time has come!" I thought. I followed the nurse to the surgery room. Wait, it didn't look like the surgery room showed those movies and TV shows, it looked like a normal dentist room. Then the nurse asked if I followed their instructions (not eating and drinking 8 hours before) and if I had understood the risks that could happen. I said yes and signed a paper that basically said I understood the risks and would not be able to sue the surgeon if anything went wrong. Then the nurse stuck two cables on my chest, one on my stomach, and another one on my left forefinger. The monitor started displaying my heartbeat. I thought, "Oh my gosh, this is a real surgery!!!" and I got even more scared. The monitor showed that my heartbeat went faster and faster. Hahaha...

Then the surgeon came in and saw my heartbeat on the monitor. "Are you okay?" he said. "Yes, I'm just a little scared." He answered again, "That's normal. Now, let's get started." He went on to put the IV drip on my right arm. It stung a bit, but I didn't care as long as I would be safe. He said, "Ok, this is the last hard part." I saw him bringing a injection needle and I knew right away it must be the anesthesia. I asked him nervously, "Is it gonna hurt?" "No, I'm just gonna put it on the IV cable." I saw him injecting it into the IV cable, and put the injection needle back on the table beside him. I thought to myself, "Wait a minute, he's done putting the anesthesia on me. How come I am still awake!?"

That's the last thing I could remember. Apparently as soon as I said that on my mind, I was out right away xD The next thing I knew, I was awake. I didn't know if they woke me up or not, I just knew that I was awake. But maybe I was still under the anesthetic influence, I couldn't walk or stand properly. They put me on a wheelchair and brought me to my boyfriend. After that everything became blurry, I'm not sure which one is the reality and which one is just a dream. There was a conversation going on between the nurse and me (maybe, maybe not, since I was half awake). I decided to text message my mom and Ms. J to let them know that everything was fine. But then again, I couldn't remember what I typed at all.

When I got home, I regained 100% my consciousness. The local anesthesia also went away, and now I felt pain all over in my mouth, on my jaws, and on my teeth. It hurt if I open my mouth so it became a little hard to eat and speak. Even so, at least I'm still alive :D And all those worries never happened, I can still taste and feel the heat. The only thing left is to recover slowly. Once more, I'd like to thank everyone for the support!

P.S. Yes, my face is swollen. My face is totally round now, like a soccer ball xD

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's been announced!

  • July 11th - Fillmore at Irving Plaza (New York, NY)

  • July 12th - Warped Tour (Hartford, CT)

  • July 14th - Warped Tour (Columbia, MD)

  • July 16th - Sonar (Baltimore, MD)

  • July 19th - Showbox at The Market (Seattle, WA)

  • July 20th - Hawthorne Theatre (Portland, OR)

  • July 25th - Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center (San Francisco, CA)

  • July 27th - Wasted Space at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas, NV)

  • July 29th - Soma (San Diego, CA)

  • August 1st - Wiltern Theater (Los Angeles, CA)

Please read their official MySpace for more info.

** All of them are way too far away from me. Hmmm... Which one should I pick? Anyone wants to go with me?

Sunday, March 22, 2009


VAMPS have announced at their MySpace Blog that they are going to have an AMERICA TOUR this year. No details have been posted yet, but I guess I am so excited about it.

I remember saying that if Laruku or HYDE or VAMPS coming to this country to perform, no matter how far the city that they pick, I am going to go there and watch them for sure. And then five hours later I got an email notification from VAMPS Blog: Announcing their AMERICA TOUR. Right after that I was like 'Oh my gosh! I am so gonna go for sure!!!!', and then I couldn't sleep because I was too excited. Hahahaha... Since the details haven't been posted yet, I'm still worried whether I can make it or not. I just hope that the timing is right and I can acquire the ticket. I will be doing my best to attend the concert for sure!!!

Note: The image above is taken from VAMPS MySpace blog.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Welcome to my new site~

Because of a personal reason, I decided to clean up my blog a little bit and move to a new address. I will be importing the old content little by little, but it should be completed within a week or two. And yeah, the layout is still in a total mess. Please bear with me as I am making it totally from scratch while learning how to create a layout at the same time.

Not to worry, I will still post some new content even when the blog is still under development. I'll see you soon! :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mimpi 2009/03/10

Entah kenapa, gue mimpi tentang having a fake marriage. Entah siapa yang mau gue tipu, dibantu seorang temen perempuan, gue udah ngerencanain bakalan pura-pura menikah. Pernikahannya legal, meskipun aslinya cuman sekedar perjanjian pura-pura doang antara gue dengan si cowok. Cowok yang bakalan jadi partner tipu-menipu gue adalah seorang temen (sebut aja X), yang pernah bilang dia nggak mau punya pacar soalnya semua orang yang pernah jadi pacarnya dia selalu cewek-cewek brengsek.

Saat itu lagi banyak pasangan-pasangan yang bakal menikah. Sambil nunggu giliran, gue nontonin pasangan-pasangan itu satu-satu. Eh ternyata, si X lagi dalem upacara pernikahan sama cewek laen! Dan ternyata lagi, it was a fake marriage too. 'What the heck!?' pikir gue. Berarti nanti secara legal, gue bakal jadi istri keduanya si X dong. Nggak seru ah, mesti semuanya cuman pura-pura doang.

Giliran gue tiba dan nama gue disebut oleh petugas pengumuman, yang ternyata adalah temen perempuan yang ngebantuin rencana gue ini. Ternyata lagi, dia udah tau duluan soal si X yang udah disamber cewek laen, makanya dia atur semuanya a.k.a. nyariin cowok laen tanpa sepengetahuan gue. Betapa kagetnya ketika gue mendengar pengumuman tersebut, soalnya nama cowok yang diumumkan sebagai pasangan gue tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah Gackt! Pikir gue dalem hati 'Yea right... As if Gackt would really agree to do that.' Tapi seketika itu juga Gackt berdiri dari kalangan tamu dan maju ke depan. 'What the heck!?' pikir gue lagi dalam hati sambil terheran-heran gimana caranya temen gue ngebuat Gackt setuju untuk berpartisipasi dalam rencana gue ini.

And so legally, I was married to Gackt, in the dream... O-eM-Ge!!! 'Kok bisa???? Gue bukan fans-nya Gackt kok bisa mimpi macem itu sama dia?' Itulah yang ada di pikiran gue ketika gue terbangun dan menganalisa apa yang barusan terjadi di dalem mimpi gue. Mimpi soal wedding/marriage adalah sesuatu yang wajar, soalnya belakangan ini gue lagi banyak exposure sama topik-topik tersebut. Yang tidak wajar adalah orang yang jadi pasangan gue di mimpi. Kalo nggak salah, ini kedua kalinya gue mimpi jadi pasangannya Gackt meski gue nggak pernah sekali pun daydreaming soal itu di dunia nyata.

Mimpi 2009/03/08

Mimpi kali ini bakalan cukup singkat, tapi gue pengen tetep ceritain soalnya aneh banget.

Gue mimpi ketemu presiden Obama! Hahahaha... Entah gimana ceritanya, pokoknya gue diundang dia dateng ke sebuah resepsi kenegaraan. Karena gue bakal dateng ke resepsi kenegaraan, tentunya gue harus dateng dengan appropriate look dong, makanya abis itu gue ketemu sama istrinya presiden Obama buat didandanin sama dia. Hahahaha... Rambut gue dibelah tengah, kuncir dua, dan tiap kuncirannya ditekuk gitu. Trus ya gue dateng ke resepsinya, dan gue nggak kenal siapa-siapa selain dua orang temen gue, jadi gue nempel terus sama temen-temen gue itu. Ternyata pas acara makan, tempat duduknya udah diatur. Gue dikasih tempat duduk di paling depan dan di pojokkan paling kiri. Beuh!!! Untungnya temen-temen gue dikasih tempat duduk di sebelah gue.

Pas gue bangun yang pertama kali ada di pikiran gue adalah 'Ngapain gue mimpi kayak gini???' Hahahahaha.... Setelah ditelusuri, ternyata ada yang masang pidatonya presiden Obama sambil ngedengerin di sebelah gue saat gue lagi tidur. Pantes aja gue sampe mimpi soal Presiden Obama segala! Yang bikin gue bingung, w-inds. masuk ke dalem mimpi gue karena gue ngedenger lagu-lagunya w-inds. pas lagi tidur adalah hal yang wajar, soalnya gue tau banget suara-suara mereka. Tapi suaranya presiden Obama kayak gimana aja gue nggak hafal, kok bisa gitu dia masuk ke dalem mimpi gue hanya karena alam sadar gue denger pidatonya dia?

Mimpi 2009/03/07

Gue nonton konsernya w-inds.! Awalnya gue milih tempat duduk di deket pintu (tempat favorit gue di dalem suatu ruangan emang di deket pintu biar gampang kalo mau keluar-keluar), tapi temen gue manggil-manggil 'Pei, sini aja! Ngapain lo jauh-jauh di sono. Mending di sini pas di depan panggung.' Akhirnya gue pindah ke sebelah dia, dan memang bener, gue bisa puas pelototin Keita yang berdiri tepat di depan gue.

Anehnya, konser ini diadakan di ruangan yang kecil banget. Dan sayangnya, yang dateng ke konser cuman segelintir orang. Bisa diitung pake jari, kira-kira cuman sekitar 5-8 orang. Meskipun begitu ada kesenangan tersendiri buat gue. Dalem hati gue bisa pamer 'Gue dateng ke konsernya w-inds. dan lo-lo semua nggak ada di situ!' Hehehehe.... Nggak penting banget. Dan yang lebih menyenangkan lagi, karena ada meet and greet setelah konser, kalo yang dateng cuman sedikit berarti lebih banyak waktu buat ngobrol-ngobrol sama si artis.

Pas giliran gue ngobrol sama Keita, salah satu staff ngasih pengumuman kalo di luar lagi badai salju (mungkin badai salju masuk ke dalem mimpi gue soalnya prediksi cuaca bilang bakal ada badai salju besok pagi). Gue langsung bilang sama Keita 'Udah, pergi ke apartemen gue aja sambil nungguin badainya selesai!' (Wow! Talk about bold move! xD) Setelah mikir beberapa saat, Keita setuju. Gue seneng banget. Apalagi di situ ada temen online gue yang bisa dibilang fans w-inds. nomor satu (soalnya dia ngikutin w-inds. ke mana-mana dan punya koleksi w-inds. lengkap banget), gue abis itu langsung senyum kemenangan ke arah dia (buset, di mimpi gue tetep aja kompetitif).

Abis itu ya gue ngobrol-ngobrol sama Keita lebih lanjut, sampe badainya selese, dan dia harus pergi meninggalkan gue =(

Sewaktu gue bangun, musik pengantar tidur gue (tiap gue tidur selalu ada musik non-stop) lagi berada di bagian lagu-lagunya w-inds. Kemungkinan besar itu sebabnya gue jadi mimpi nonton konsernya w-inds.

Jurnal Mimpi

Dari dulu sampe sekarang, gue emang terkenal suka mimpi yang aneh-aneh. Tidur di kamar, di mobil, di kantor, di kelas, di tempat rame, atau di mana pun; tidur panjang selama berjam-jam maupun yang cuma sebentar seperti 5 menit; tidur di atas ranjang, tidur sewaktu gue lagi duduk di depan meja, atau pun tidur sambil berdiri (beneran, gue pernah tidur sambil berdiri di dalem bis); tidur yang nyenyak banget maupun shallow sleep (tau kan maksudnya? Lo tidur tapi berasanya nggak tidur sama sekali, bentar-bentar bangun gitu); apa pun situasi dan kondisinya, gue bisa aja bermimpi. Mimpinya bisa macem-macem, dari yang seru, lucu, serem, aneh, nyenengin, nyebelin, bisa dimengerti kenapa gue mimpi begitu, sampe yang bikin gue mikir setelah bangun 'kok bisa gue mimpi kayak gitu?' Skill mimpi gue juga rupanya mulai meningkat (emang ada ya skill mimpi? Hehehe...) Maksudnya dulu kan tiap gue mimpi tentang idola sebelom ketemu mimpinya selalu kepotong, sekarang gue udah ada beberapa mimpi di mana gue bener-bener bisa ketemu langsung dan sempet ngomong-ngomong sama idola gue itu. Emang sih gue nggak bisa ngatur mau mimpi yang kayak apa, makanya mimpinya kadang suka nggak jelas. Hehehehe...

Dengan keseringan gue bermimpi ini, harusnya gue bikin jurnal mimpi aja kali ya? Mungkin di masa depan nanti gue bisa jadi direktur film yang diangkat dari cerita-cerita di jurnal mimpi tersebut. Hahahaha...

Eniwei, dalem empat hari terakhir, ada tiga mimpi yang menurut gue harus dilaporkan xD Jadi tiga pos ke depan akan membahas mimpi-mipi gue tersebut. Stay tuned...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stickers on CD/DVD Covers

Recently I just bought some CDs and DVDs to complete my w-inds. collection. The buying process was quite complicated, it took almost six months until the stuff finally got delivered to my hands, but I was still excited waiting for them to arrive. Once I got them, I noticed a small problem, small yet irritating enough even until now. The CDs and the DVDs have "proof of originality" stickers on their covers.

Damn... Don't they know that my reason for buying original stuff is to get a perfect cover and booklet? Who on earth are stupid enough to put stickers right on the cover? I mean, I don't mind the CDs and the DVDs having a proof of originality sticker or anything, I think it's good to know that you're not getting a cheap pirated version. But why don't they just stick it on the case, even better on the plastic wrap? WHY THE HECK DID THEY STICK IT RIGHT ON THE COVER? Even worse, they put THREE BIG stickers on each cover, and they can't be peeled off without damaging the cover itself.

Geez, I'm so mad >_< From now on, I'm gonna stick to Japanese/Hong Kong/Taiwan version.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Selamat tinggal si kumis...

Dua hari setelah gue mimpiin HYDE (baca pos yang ini), gue pergi ke salon buat nge-wax si kumis. Ini kedua kalinya gue pergi wax. Sampe sekarang juga masih belom biasa, sakit bowwww... Awalnya panas-panas waktu wax-nya dipeper-peper ke muka, trus waktu lembarannya ditarik sakitnya minta ampun. Kalo mau tau rasanya di-wax, tempelin lakban di muka lo, trus tarik sekenceng mungkin. Hehehe...

Pas ketemu cowok gue, inilah percakapan yang terjadi:
Pacar: 'Eh, kumisnya udah ilang!'
Gue: 'Iya, gara-gara kamu tuh nyuruh-nyuruh pergi wax terus. Kasian kan si kumis jadi kesepian nggak bareng gue lagi.'
Pacar: 'Yea right! Padahal aku udah nyuruh kamu pergi nge-wax dari 4 bulan yang lalu tapi kamu nggak pergi-pergi. Begitu HYDE yang ngomong aja, langsung di-wax kumisnya. Padahal juga ngomongnya dalem mimpi.'

Hahaha... Betul sekali! Emang mimpi itu berpengaruh besar terhadap hilangnya kumis ini. Biar kapan-kapan kalo mimpi HYDE lagi lebih romantis dan nggak keganggu dengan masalah kumis lagi. Hehehehe... ENGGAK DENG! Mimpi itu adalah trigger-nya, tapi gue memutuskan untuk buru-buru pergi nge-wax karena hari itu lagi kepengen ngasi surprise aja ke cowok gue :)

Tapi dia nggak percaya -__-;;

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mimpi Kemaren Malem

Dari dulu tiap kali gue lagi mimpi indah ketemu idola, selalu mimpinya kepotong di tengah-tengah. Biasanya tepat saat gue akan bertemu muka dengan sang idola, entah alarm gue berbunyi, atau ada orang laen yang ngebangunin. Pokoknya uhhhhhhhhh mengganggu aja. Hehehe...

Tapiiiiiiiiiiiiii..... tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... akhirnya........ Gue berhasil ngomong, berbicara, bercakap-cakap, pokoknya sempet ngobrol dengan HYDE deh (dalem mimpiiii hehehehe....)

Emmm... jadi ceritanya gue ketemu dia dalem sebuah konser di Jepang. Gue sama adek gue dateng ke konser, masing-masing bawa kado. Kalo nggak salah nyokap gue juga ikutan nonton deh, cuman dia nggak bawa kado. Hehehe... Trus setelah konser, ada acara meet and greet gitu. Nyokap gue duluan, nggak tau dia ngobrol apaan sama HYDE. Trus abis itu giliran gue. Gue pertama-tama ngasih kadonya dong, sambil membungkuk ala orang Jepun. Trus si HYDE bilang, "Makasih, tapi laen kali nggak usah ngabisin uang beli kado buat gue. Gue bisa beli sendiri kok." Trus gue jawab, "Tapi gue pengen beliin sesuatu buat lo." Abis itu gue ngobrol berbasa-basi sebentar, nggak inget topiknya apaan, nggak inget juga semuanya dalem bahasa Inggris, Indo, atau Jepang. Kayaknya sih bahasa Inggris. Trus takut gue dikira sok kenal, takut juga si HYDE bosen, gue akhirnya say bye-bye dan pergi dari hadepan dia.

Tiba-tiba tangan gue ditarik, gue nengok ke belakang, ternyata si HYDE yang narik! OMG! Jangan-jangan dia pengen ngobrol lebih lanjut sama gue, pikir gue dalem hati. Trus dia narik gue dan makin mendekat, mendekat, dan semakin mendekat ke muka gue. Waduhhh hati gue dag dig dug kalang kabut. Setelah udah deket banget sama muka gue si HYDE berkata, "Ohhh bener ya lo punya kumis. Tadinya gue kira perasaan gue doang." GUBRAK! SIALAN! Hahahahahhahaha....

Gue nggak sempet bales ngomong apa-apa, soalnya nyokap gue udah tereak-tereak manggil, katanya gue bakal ketinggalan kereta. Trus ya akhirnya si HYDE ngelepas tangan gue dan gue cabut naek kereta. Adek gue? Nggak tau ya dia sempet ngobrol dan ngasih kadonya ke HYDE atau enggak.

Hehehe... Parah banget deeee.... Udah keren-keren mimpinya, eh kumis gue (yang dari dulu udah pengen gue ilangin) dibawa-bawa segala. Pasti ini pengaruh dari cowok gue yang bolak-balik bilang kumis gue jelas banget keliatan di muka dan nyuruh gue untuk pergi wax. Sialan. Hehehehe...

Meski begitu, gue cukup gembira karena akhirnya gue bisa ngobrol sama HYDE, meskipun itu hanya mimpi. Soalnya ketemu langsung juga nggak mungkin kan. Hehehehe.... Sampe sekarang kalo gue inget mimpi tadi malem masih suka senyum-senyum sendiri xD

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Funny Kids

Found this article and it's so cute :)

How to Decide Who to Marry: By Kids

My favorite:
What would you do on a first date that was turning sour?
I'd run home and play dead. The next day I would call all the newspapers and make sure they wrote about me in all the dead columns.
Craig, age 9

If only it was that easy. Hahaha...

Read the rest on the link above.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aneh nggak sih?

Coba deh, misalnya lo pernah diduain cowok nih. Trus apa pun alesannya, akhirnya lo putus sama cowok itu, tapi cowok itu lanjut sama selingkuhannya. Suatu hari, lo dapet kabar kalo akhirnya mereka putus. Apakah lo bakal ngerasa puas? Atau biasa aja, soalnya nggak ada hubungannya sama lo? Aneh nggak sih kalo gue yang ada di posisi itu, gue bakal ngerasa puas? Bukan karena gue pengen balikkan lagi atau gimana, gue puas karena ada pikiran begini di hati gue: 'Rasain lo!' Hahaha... Gue jahat yah? Apakah ini pertanda gue masih dendam?

Sekarang coba deh, misalnya kasus ini diperpanjang. Ternyata, meskipun mereka udah putus, mereka masih deket satu sama laen. Sedangkan lo sama mantan lo itu nggak deket sama sekali. Apa yang bakal lo rasain? Aneh nggak sih kalo gue yang ada di posisi itu, gue bakalan ngerasa sebel? Sekali lagi, bukan karena gue masih suka sama si cowok, gue sebel soalnya ada perasan gini di hati gue: 'Sampe sekarang gue masih kalah ya sama nih cewek.' Ember, gue emang orangnya kompetitif.

Mari kita lebih perpanjang lagi kasus ini. Sebenernya, saat itu bukan pertama kalinya cowok atau gebetan lo direbut sama cewek yang SAMA. Kira-kira, apa perasaan lo tentang cewek itu? Dengan keterangan yang terakhir ini, apakah bisa dimaklumi rasa ke-nggak-suka-an gue sama si cewek? Dengan karakteristik gue yang kompetitif, udah jelas dong gimana gue jadi ngerasa 'kalah berat' dari si cewek. Dulu, tiap cewek ini keliatan sama mata gue, gue langsung seperti denger alarm 'DANGER!!!' Tapi setelah udah ribuan hari nggak ketemu, waktu gue ngeliat lagi si cewek tersebut, ternyata kekeselan itu masih ada. Aneh nggak sih?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are you ready? 2007 またハートに火をつけろ!in OKINAWA

I finally watched L'Arc~en~Ciel's Are you ready? 2007 またハートに火をつけろ!in OKINAWA DVD which I've abandoned for almost a year! I haven't watched the second DVD yet though. Hahaha... I bought a lot of DVDs lately in an attempt to complete my Laruku and w-inds. collection, but they keep releasing new stuff (which is good!) before I finished watching everything, so many got abandoned =P

From watching the DVDs, I could tell that there were various types of people that came to watch Laruku. From young to not-too-young (I can't say old because they are not grannies), people from all around the world, etc. The way those people dressed were also different. I can see people in casual clothing, cute dress, feminine type, rock style, kimono, and another one that I only saw in this DVD (which means in Okinawa): beach style!!! You know, girls with bikini top and beach sarong. Hold on... Why did I review the audience instead of the DVD content in the first place???

Well, I only have one thing to say about this DVD: hyde IS SO SEXY!!!! Especially during Pretty girl, the backdrop screen was showing a girl dancing shaking her butt throughout the whole song, and hyde exactly did the same thing!!! And then metropolis, he's always so inviting whenever he sings that xD~ If possible, I would certainly hug him right away after he finished singing those songs xD

OK, let's get into the right direction. The song list contains some old and new songs (new at that time, from the KISS album, I believe this concert was held before the Theatre of Kiss). The songs that I love most was there, 叙情詩 (Joujoushi), performed at the end of the show, as lovely as usual. I'm also happy that 砂時計 (Sunadokei) was in the set list as well.

Something worth noting:
  • Watch Link carefully, and you might see hyde tried to poke the others' butt. Hahaha... He went to ken first, and tetsu after that. Of course, he wasn't able to do that to yukkie, since yukkie was sitting to play the drums. He's such a naughty boy! Hahahaha...

  • Unlike the other concerts, after the concert ended, all the members came out to the stage again and bowed to the audience while holding hands. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the first time they did it. Oh, before that, tetsu made sure that he threw enough bananas to the audience! He might be promoting "a banana a day prevents a problem in the restroom", if you know what I mean. Hahahahha... JUST KIDDING!

  • P'unk~en~Ciel performed two songs: Feeling Fine 2007 and HONEY 2007. I must say they were so great to be able to play twice faster than the normal speed. You know how HONEY is already a fast tempo song normally, so playing it faster than that is really amazing. By the way, I like the way they played HONEY 2007. Slow, and fast, and slow again, and fast again. It's like they were trying to tease us! Hahaha...

Overall, I personally think that the concert can't be put into the same level as Grand Cross, L'Anniversary, and Theatre of Kiss. But it's LARUKU, you know!!! So it's still good as always. Worth watching =D

PS: If there are things worth noting on the second DVD, I'll make sure to write about it! ^^

Monday, January 12, 2009

Seputar Menjadi Ibu

Dua bulan yang lalu, gue sama pacar mengunjungi sepasang temen untuk menengok anaknya yang baru lahir. Kebetulan gue kenal sama sang istri, sedangkan pacar gue kenal sama sang suami. Selama kita di sana, orang-orang ngobrolnya berkelompok. Mirip anak-anak jaman SD, ada grup cewek dan ada grup cowok. Di tengah-tengah arisan cewek-cewek ini, gue pun mengajukan pertanyaan yang udah jelas banget jawabannya namun selalu gue tanyakan pada cewek-cewek yang baru melahirkan.

Gue: "Melahirkan tuh sakit ya?"
Si istri: "Iya, banget! 12 jam gue di sono nggak keluar-keluar anaknya. Di tengah-tengah proses melahirkan gue hampir aja putus asa, gue udah nggak mau ngapa-ngapain lagi saking sakitnya mati-matian."

Horror gue bertambah. Semakin sering gue bertanya, semakin bertambah kengerian gue. Tapi nggak tau kenapa, gue tetep bertanya hal yang sama kepada semua orang yang baru melahirkan.

Pas di perjalanan pulang dari sana, gue pun bercerita soal percakapan tadi ke cowok gue.

Gue: "Tadi aku nanya si QE, dia bilang melahirkan sakit banget sampe dia hampir putus asa. Ih serem... Di masa depan kalo waktunya aku yang melahirkan gimana ya? Aku kan paling nggak tahan sakit."
Pacar: "Ah, kamu mah belom fit buat jadi seorang ibu."
Gue: "Maksud kamu apaan?!" *tersinggung*
Pacar: "Maksudnya, kamu tuh sekarang nggak suka makan, kurang tidur, kurang olah raga, sakit-sakitan lagi. Dengan badan lemah gitu, gimana kamu kuat melahirkan? Sekarang aja, kamu masih nggak bisa mencukupi kebutuhan gizi kamu sendiri, apalagi nanti kalo kamu hamil? Selama kamu hamil itu bakal ada satu ekstra tubuh di badan kamu. Kamu harus bisa mencukupi kebutuhan gizi dua-duanya. Makanya dari sekarang kamu harus ngebiasain diri untuk makan, tidur, dan olah raga berkecukupan, supaya kapan-kapan kalo kamu melahirkan, anak dan ibunya bisa sehat."
Gue: ".............."
Pacar: "Kamu tau nggak, begitu kamu punya anak, hidup kamu langsung set, fixed gitu."
Gue: "Maksudnya?"
Pacar: "Ya, jadinya semua diprioritaskan buat anak. Kamu nggak bisa tiba-tiba kepengen liburan trus besoknya langsung cabut keluar kota. Kamu nggak bisa nggak masak karena males. Kamu nggak bisa tidur 12 jam nggak peduli apa-apa karena ngantuk. Kamu juga nggak bisa nyuruh orang laen ngambil keputusan buat anak kamu karena kamu takut ambil resiko."
Gue: "....................................."

Setelah gue pikir-pikir, cowok gue bener juga sih. Bukan masalah fisik yang gue pikirin (ya itu juga sih, tapi bukan yang utama), melainkan mental gue. Ngurusin diri sendiri aja masih nggak becus, apalagi ngurusin orang laen. Ah tidakkk!!! Gimana kalo nanti gue punya anak? Anak gue mau jadi apa nantinya!? Apa gue bisa mendidik anak gue untuk menjadi orang yang 'baik/bener'? Itu pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang muncul di kepala gue, membuat gue menyadari betapa hebatnya orang tua gue udah berhasil mendidik semua anaknya menjadi orang yang 'bener' (Dedi, mami, makasih =D)

Semisal semua rencana berjalan dengan lancar, kira-kira 5 taon lagi gue bakalan menikah dan mungkin punya anak. Hmmm... Lima taon, kedengerannya waktu yang cukup lama. Tapi mengingat gimana gue baru masuk SMA, trus tau-tau udah lulus dan masuk kuliah, trus tau-tau udah lulus lagi dan sekarang kerja, mengingat semua itu berjalan cepet dalem waktu 7-8 taon, 5 taon adalah waktu yang cukup singkat. Jadi dari sekarang, gue harus mulai bekerja keras dalem mencapai tujuan gue 5 taon mendatang, yakni:
  • Makan makanan bergizi secukupnya

  • Tidur secukupnya kalo bisa 8 jam sehari

  • Olahraga yang cukup sampe staminanya kuat

  • Rajin bebersih apartemen maupun diri sendiri

Itu kata cowok gue sih. Kalo menurut gue, dalem waktu 5 taon gue harus bisa mencapai ini semua: xD
  • Wisata ke Jepang

  • Wisata ke DisneyWorld

  • Nonton konser L'Arc~en~Ciel

  • Nonton konser w-inds.

  • Nyelesein semua RPG yang belom gue maenin

Melihat temen gue satu-satu pada married dan punya anak, apalagi gue sampe berdiskusi tentang punya anak segala, membuat gue merasa gue udah tua. Ah, tidak!!!