Sunday, March 18, 2007

5 reasons why I do blogging

Okay, here's a tag that I received from Silvia.

One. It started as a way to let all my friends back home know about what was going on in my life frequently, without having to tell each one of them repeatedly.

Two. But who triggered me to have a blog is my boyfriend (who was still someone that I liked at that time ^o^). I was a little bit shy to approach him directly, so I told him I had a blog and I updated it so often that he would know more about me. In other words, this blog was actually made to attract him!!! Hahahaha... Dear, sorry I keep this from you until now =P~~

Three. Since internet in Indonesia is so slow, not many friends back home read my blog. Instead, most readers are someone that I've never met before. It was fun though, I get more and more new friends =D

Four. Apparently, I'm not very good in expressing my thoughts by talking. However, I could let out all my honest thoughts, ideas, and emotions when I write it in this blog. I always try to be polite and not to offend anyone. But once in a while, there are just some people who misunderstand me, and once they accused me in a very cruel way. Although it still does hurt until now, they won't be able to stop my love for blogging.

Five. I also discovered that blogging can calm my nerves. I mean, there was one time that I was so nervous before an interview. I couldn't eat, I couldn't read, I just couldn't focus of anything. But after I let it out on a post, I became so calm. Also when I was disappointed on something, thanks to this blog, it always calm me down after I write about it in a post.

And so Silvia, I've done my homework, haven't I? =P I won't pass this to any specific names, coz I'm afraid it would cause too much trouble. I'm passing it to everyone who wants to do it. Have fun guys!

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  1. amen.
    these are the reasons why I blog too!
    but u shouldnt be afraid of expressing your feelings to other people, it's not a bad thing u nkow :)