Friday, March 9, 2007

Cooking time!

Yesterday I spent 5 hours in the kitchen to play table tennis....

Triple duh! Of course not. I cooked 3 kinds of dishes: ragut ayam (chicken ragout), hotplet kangkung daging sapi dengan telor puyuh (beef and chinese watercrest hot plate with quail eggs), and tahu telor (egg tofu). Today, I also cooked bakwan sayuran (deep fried vegetable dough). The recipes come from Dekap and Keluarga Nugraha. Thanks a lot to both sites for providing the easy recipes.

The ragout took lots of time to make. The result was not as good as my mom's Risoles (similar food with the same filling), but it is still edible. I was actually proud to be able to make it. The hot plate was perfect! I bought the real kangkung this time. Last time I mistakenly bought a different vegetable that was too chewy, I still finished it though. Hehe... The tofu resulted in something completely different, because I ran out of eggs after making the ragout. It still tasted good =D The vegetable dough just needed a little bit of salt and pepper, otherwise it was great. Haha.. I guess I still need to learn more on how to cook better. But seriously, I'm so proud of myself coz three years ago I could only boil water, make instant noodles, and fry eggs. YeaY! Go go Pei!!! ^^

And to Mr. SanSan WaWa, I was actually gonna let you eat my food. Too bad you weren't here, so I'm just gonna present you some pictures of it now xP~~~

Ragut Ayam (Chicken Ragout)

Hotplet Kangkung Daging Sapi dengan Telor Puyuh (Beef and Chinese Watercrest Hot Plate with Quail Eggs)

Nasi Putih dengan Tahu Telor (Rice with Egg Tofu)

Bakwan Sayuran (Deep Fried Vegetable Dough)

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  1. Wooo..look delicious.. pei pinter masak ya ...hihi. .jadi ngiri.. ak ini skul perhotelan tp g pernah masak..haha.. maksudnya biar nti kalo selesai kul uda bisa jd ibu rumah tangga yg baek hihihi..