Friday, July 21, 2006


That afternoon, I caught you on my sight
And there, you were visible on my night

The you, whom I would not be able to have
And yet, why were you there?

I would not dare to appear right in front of you and say "hey, let's go to that country with me"
I would not even have the courage to say a simple hi and introduce myself

Though our paths have crossed once or twice or even more
Perhaps, you won't realize that this creature does exist in the world

Tired, looking at you from afar
Different taste, different story, different level

I would not fit in your story at all
So why? Why were you there?

Thursday, July 6, 2006


I am a tamed bird who has been living in a cage for years. Day by day passes by just by looking at this small garden. Small, yet peaceful and beautiful, singing along with the flowers and trees.

I thought I was happy and satisfied. But, was it true...? Yes, it's true that I'm happy. Yet, I can't say that I'm satisfied.

I wanna fly in a clear sky, to taste the freedom and the wilderness. Jealousy of eagles always emerges, but here I am locked in a cage. No matter how hard I scream for freedom, I won't ever get it. Never... ever....

The wind blows and the grass whispers to me, "We will help you run if you're willing to fly." But, I am afraid of escaping this comfortable cage. What if I'm unable to stay alive? What if I'm not able to fly and fall? And now I'm still stuck here in the same place as before, thinking...

I'm still a bird locked in a cage...
I'm just a bird locked in a cage...

05232006 - 07052006
Between Babat and Jakarta