Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Glasses on the Wedding Day

I know this is still far ahead. Please note that I am just thinking of the future. I never make any plan on this yet, and nobody asks me to get married either. So don't panic! And no gossip please. Hahaha... I'm just thinking of the "what if" scenario.

And so I've been wondering about this topic. What will I do with my eyes on the day of my wedding? My vision is pretty bad. Seriously, without my glasses I can't see anything. I won't be able to see anyone unless that person is standing next to me. With my job and my hobbies requiring me to look at a computer screen for more than 12 hours a day, my vision is getting worse faster than the regular people's are. Imagine if I am getting married 5 years from now. By that time my eyes will be much worse than today. So there is no way I can go through the day without wearing any vision enhancer.

The problem is, putting something that requires a direct contact with my eyes is something very problematic. Putting some eye drops on my eyes is seriously a hassle. It can take around 15-20 minutes just to get it drop correctly into one of my eyes (yes, it's a pain every time there is something wrong with my eye). With that background, wearing contact lenses is definitely not an option. So then I was thinking of getting a Lasik surgery 5-6 months before my wedding day.

That was my plan up until a few minutes ago, when I found out what they actually do to your eyes in a Lasik surgery. During the surgery, a small flap will be cut from the eye. And then they will do something to your eye with laser, and then the flap will be repositioned back into the eye. I don't know what exactly a flap is, but I could imagine it is a part of the eye. Uhhh... As of that moment I decided not to get a Lasik surgery anymore. Although people told me it didn't hurt, I just couldn't stand the thought of my eyes getting cut, whether it's just the cornea layer, tissue, or whatever. Imagine that a small metal blade is coming closer and closer, making a direct contact with my eyes. Oh my gosh!!! There is absolutely no way I am gonna go through with it.

So then the only option I have is wearing glasses on my wedding day. Although I don't actually want to, but I can accept it since there is no other choice for me. The only thing that might be problematic about this is how I can persuade my mom and whomever I am marrying, that it is okay for a bride to wear glasses.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Clean-Up Project

It has been a long time since I want to do a clean-up on my blog. I think since I opened this blog years ago, I have gotten more mature quite a bit. When I read back all my posts from the past, once in a while I thought 'Really? I wrote this?'. Some of them showed how childish I was. Not sure if those were the product of emotion, but I guess it's a good indication that I'm growing up, not just stagnant. However, I do feel the need to remove some of them, since they were nothing but a bunch of unimportant grumble. They would just make the readers feel bored anyway. Hahahaha...

And recently I learned that it is not secure to use your real identity. I used to write about anything that I liked to write about, be it a personal or non-personal. Now that I realized it is insecure to do that, I decided to remove anything that is too personal. And yeah, I used to write the real name of anyone that I wrote about. That is not good, not for that particular person, and not for me either. I apologize for anyone who was involved in this. During the clean-up, I'll make sure to keep the anonymity.

Lastly, I am in the process of updating the layout. I asked my little sister to design it for me. She showed me the first revision and I can assure you it is going to be GOOD! I feel sorry though for my current layout as it is there only for a short period of time. Poor Keita! Hahahaha... I'm planning to keep the Keita layout on my LJ though =)

Since I have more than 500 posts, the clean up will take a very long time. I will try to work on it during my free time and hopefully I can finish it as soon as possible. And now the Clean-Up Project begins!