Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tipe-tipe orang komputer (menurut pengamatan gue)

Sebelom baca, gue cuman mau ngingetin. Hasil pengamatan gue ini nggak 100% bener, soalnya obyeknya cuman orang-orang di sekitar sini doang. Kalo dibandingin sama orang-orang di seluruh dunia, tentu aja mereka cuman sepersekian persen dari populasi semua orang di bumi ini.

Beberapa waktu lalu, gue pergi ke seminar perkomputeran. Setelah gue perhatiin (dari seminar yang itu dan seminar-seminar laen yang dulu gue datengin), ada empat macem tipe orang-orang yang dateng ke sini: tipe geek (15%), tipe plain (44%), tipe berantakan (25%), dan tipe metal (15%).

Tipe geek tentu aja seperti geek-geek yang lo liat di film-film. Mereka pake kacamata super tebel, celana tinggi banget ala jojon, dan rambutnya rapi klimis. Biasanya, orang-orang yang ahli di bidang perkomputeran stereotipikalnya orang-orang macem ini. Aslinya, nggak banyak kok orang-orang komputer model begini.

Tipe plain itu model-model yang pake baju kasual tiap hari (jeans + kaos). Yang cewek biasanya nggak dandan. Tipe plain ini adalah yang paling banyak gue liat. Gue sendiri juga termasuk dalem kategori ini. Tiap hari pake celana dan kaos (kemeja kalo di kantor). Ummm... oke kadang-kadang gue dandan, tapi cuman kalo lagi niat doang, bisa diitung kira-kira cuman empat kali dalem sebulan.

Tipe berantakan biasanya pake baju kasual juga, tapi ukuran bajunya yang gombrong-gombrong (gede banget, lebih gede dari badannya). Trus rambutnya gondrong tapi kayak nggak pernah disisir dan berantakan ke mana-mana. Mereka biasanya nggak cukur kumis sama jenggot, jadinya lebaaaaaaat banget kayak sinterklas.

Kalo yang tipe metal, mereka biasanya keliatan sangar. Pake anting banyak banget, pake rante di celananya, rambutnya gondrong atau cepak yang ada jambulnya. Kalo dipikir-pikir lagi mungkin mereka cenderung ke arah gothic, soalnya warna baju dan dandanan mereka biasanya item-item.

Jarang banget gue liat ada orang ahli komputer yang trendi / metroseksual dan ngikutin trend busana terbaru. Paling cuman tiga-empat biji dari sekian ratus orang. Makanya gue cuman kasih 1% untuk orang-orang macem ini.

Heran gue, hasil pengamatan ini cuma berlaku di daerah sini doang atau di tempat-tempat laen juga ya? Menurut pengamatan lo, apa pendapat lo soal penampilan orang-orang yang sehari-harinya kerja/sekolah/hobi di bidang komputer?

NB: Meski penampilan mereka beda-beda, kemampuan dan otak mereka sama intinya: CEMERLANG sekali boooo!!! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I haven't posted any recipes for quite a while, and that's because I am too lazy to cook nowadays. Whenever I'm out of food, I just order a take out. Of course, it doubles my food spending -__-;;

That's why I was kinda shocked when I had the desire to cook this evening. For some reason, I felt like making a bento. Yes, BENTO, a boxed lunch in which there are multiple kinds of food, complete with the vegetables no less (I usually just cooked rice and one type of meat).

Here is the result of the sudden-cooking-soul-appearance (it's not pretty but it's a good start) ^^

Rice, Tamagoyaki, Chicken Katsu, and Stir-Fried Vegetables

And here is how to make them (I don't really have the exact measurement since I usually just estimate the ingredients and the spices until it tastes good).

  1. Cook the rice as usual.

  2. Put some furikake on top.

Tamagoyaki (Sweet and Plain):
  1. Beat an egg with a little salt and some sugar.

  2. Fry it.

  3. Fold it into a roll.

  4. Cut the roll.

** You can make different kinds of tamagoyaki by mixing the egg with dashi or some other toppings. Maybe I'll try this some other time.

Chicken Katsu:
  1. Beat an egg in a bowl.

  2. Dip the chicken into the bowl of egg.

  3. Bread the chicken with some panko crumbs (Japanese bread crumbs).

  4. Deep fry the chicken until golden in color.

  5. Cut it into long narrow pieces.

  6. Add some Tonkatsu sauce on top of it.

** I don't really like deep frying stuff because it's a waste of oil. I managed to cook it by pan-frying the chicken =P
** I don't have Tonkatsu sauce so I just use Unagi sauce. Some other people use Japanese Mayo instead. You don't really have to put any sauce if you don't want to.

Stir-Fried Vegetables:
  1. Cut some carrots, zucchini squashes, mushrooms, and onions.

  2. Stir fry the onion first until it smells good, then add the other ingredients.

  3. Add some water, oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, soy sauce, garlic powder, salt, and white pepper.

  4. Cook until the vegetables are soft enough.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Death Note Marathon

For me, a good fiction is something that will leave a deep impression upon me even after I finished watching or reading it. The last time it happened, it was around the end of last year after I read several chapters of NANA manga. I couldn't stop thinking about it to the point that I made a post to analyze the storyline. This past weekend though, my boyfriend and I had a Death Note movies marathon. I guess it happened again, I was too impressed by the movies and now I can't take my mind out of it xD

The first and the second movies, Death Note and Death Note II: the Last name, were based on the Death Note manga. I haven't finished reading the manga, but I can tell that there were some differences between the manga and the movie. I guess the movie was made different in order to tell the storyline more effectively and to dramatize it even more. To rate the storyline, I will give an A+ since it was so puzzling and captivating. You can't guess what's gonna happen next and it makes you wanting to know more and more.

UPDATE: The movies were unpredictable and kept me in suspense because I had never read the manga or watched the anime before. If you have done either one or both of them, it might not be that exciting for you anymore since you would have known the outcome of the story.

I had never read the manga before I watched the movies, so I wasn't sure if it was going to be good. I only knew what my friend roughly told me, it was about a book to kill people. It sounded like a horror story to me, so I was never interested in watching it. The library close to where my boyfriend lived just happened to have the movies, I decided to give it a try. I asked my boyfriend to watch it with me just in case it was really a horror movie (not that it would really make any differences whether I was watching it alone or with him, oh well... xD) Anyway, even for both of us who didn't know anything about it, I think the director did a good job in introducing the characters and telling the story.

About the main character, most of the times I thought of Kira as this crazy psycho guy, but there were other times I was amazed by his intelligence. I often thought, "This guy is smart! What will he do next?" or even "What?! What is he thinking? I don't understand him at all" It was kinda sad though when Kira was captured. Not because I was a supporter of him, but because I could empathize with the people around him. These people trusted him so much, but they were left disappointed when everything was revealed. The last scene in the second movie really drew out the sadness ;_;

About the other characters, L gave me the impression of a creepy guy. Hahaha... The way he sat, the way he picked up a phone, the way he stood, the way he ate sweets, they were all so creepy. My boyfriend and I kept laughing at his eccentric behaviors. Hahaha... Of course I also often thought "Man, this guy is also smart! What will he do next?" and something like "Who's gonna win? Is it him, or Kira?" In any case, my favorite character is not either Kira or L. It's Ryuk! His appearance was scary, but a devil that screamed "Eeeeeeeee????", now that was funny! There were his other antics that were so funny and refreshing, by the end of the first movie, I was already fond of his character. Hahaha...

The third movie, L change the WorLd, was not based on the manga (at least that's what I think), but it was using several pieces out of the manga, such as Naomi's case and the name Near. My boyfriend did not like this movie as much as the first and the second ones because this one is more predictable, but I really like it a lot! It showed L's emotions that were more humane: feeling anxious waiting for 'the time' to come, confused over what to do when he suddenly had to babysit a boy, and the feelings of care that he developed for the little kids, etc. I must say that Matsuyama Kenichi portrayed the character really well. Oh, before I forget, I should point out that there were more humor in this movie! No matter what, I definitely recommend this movie as well. It's not necessary to watch the first two Death Note movies before watching this, but it will be more interesting if you do.

After watching L change the WorLd, I became a fan of L too. Hahaha... I guess after watching those unknown sides of him, it was more easy to empathize with him (and to erase those creepy feelings that I sensed out of him). Now that I think about it, I think it was this movie that left a deep impression on me, particularly the last scene. I kept thinking about the Death Note storyline and characters, and now I have started reading the manga as well. So then, was it L that made me intrigued to read the manga? Oh dear... xD