Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Always check your receipt!

Okay, I've just learnt a good lesson: always check your receipt before you leave a store! I had done this so many times in the past, but the total was always correct, so I thought whatever... The total is calculated by a computer anyway so it should be correct. What I didn't realize is that the cashier might make a mistake when she/he scans or enters the bar code manually.

Two days ago I went to a grocery store and bought two packets of instant noodle along with some other groceries. I bought so many things that I wasn't surprised when the total came out to be around 50 bucks. After I made a payment I just took the receipt and left the store without even taking a look at it.

When I got home I knew that I've spent quite a lot of money, so I just wanted to know what kind of stuff I bought during the day. You know, sometimes the description in the receipt is not so clear so it's kind of hard to figure out what it is. I tried to remember every item that I bought and I did recognize each of them except one of this transaction: "GROCERY 2x @3.99 = 7.98" Hmmm.... What the heck was that? I didn't recall buying two packs of an item which costs that much. Wait.... The only things that I haven't seen in the receipt are those instant noodles. WHAT???? SHE ENTERED 3.99 PER PACK??? ARE YOU SERIOUS???

If you want to know what's the deal with it, the actual cost of one instant noodle pack is 0.39. Yes, I paid ten times more than that and I bought two. So if you calculated again, that is more than 7 extra bucks. The thing is, it's impossible to go back to the store and complain now. Since the description just said 'GROCERY', I don't think they will believe me. What a waste... I could get a Laruku single with that money. Damn!!!

So the bottom line: always check your receipt carefully before leaving a store, okay? You should even stand near the cashier spot as close as possible when checking the receipt.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I want!!!

There is this one thing that I want sooooo much at the moment: L'Arc~en~Ciel poster that is hung outside Shibuya 109 in Japan, with the size of 18 meter x 4 meter, advertising for the new album 'Kiss'. Yes, I want that huge thing hanging on the wall in my room!!!

But then again it's impossible to get it... *sigh*

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Unreachable Dreams

Sometimes there are some dreams that ordinary people won't be able to reach, no matter how hard you work at it. Miracles do happen, yes. But I would say the chance that they do is less than 0.001%.

Recently I have given up on some dreams as well, because I know I've been dreaming of the impossibles. It's painful though, wondering why the miracles didn't choose me, why some people are lucky and why it is not me. But then again, I have to face the reality.

It is sad, but sadness doesn't change the facts that life goes on whether you like it or not. So what I have to do is to keep moving forward and reach the possible ones...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tetsu is getting married!

tetsu and Ayana, both are so cute! ^o^
Picture taken from

I was so shocked when I found out that tetsu (of L'Arc~en~Ciel) is getting married with Ayana Sakai. It's not the idea of Tetchan getting married that I'm surprised of, but more of the girl that he's marrying. I didn't say that I don't like Ayana; in fact, I am a fan of her after watching Ace wo Nerae. But I had always thought that he was gonna get married with Kaori Mochida (of Every Little Thing) in the future. I guess I was just so busy that I wasn't up to date with the current Laruku news. I do know every time they release something but I haven't checked on any gossips for the past few years, so I didn't know that the cute pairing had broken up since a few years ago. When I was browsing on Laruku's newest PV in YouTube, I saw this video about Tetchan marriage news and I was like 'Huh? Who is this girl?' Then I realized it was that Ranko character of Ace wo Nerae and kind of wondering what was happening with Kaori Mochida. After I googled it for a while I figured out that the news about Kaori and Tetchan breaking up were ancient history. Haha... I'm so not up to date... ^^;;

I'm still happy though with Tetchan's choice. I think he's made a good decision: Ayana is a nice girl with great talents. She's very humble and I really love her acting =) Actually the most important thing is not about whom Tetchan is marryin, but him being happy. I'm pretty sure whomever he's getting married with, he will be happy, right? Otherwise why should he get married in the first place? That being said, I wish them both a happy marriage that leads to a wonderful life together... ^^

PS: I won't give too much details on how cute the couple is and how romantic Tetchan's proposal was. There are so many sources out there on the internet, just google 'tetsu Ayana' and you should be getting hundreds of links.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Eksistensi Cinta

Ketika cinta memilih untuk pudar, siapa yang salah?
Ketika cinta berpindah ke lain hati, siapa yang sanggup menahan?
Ketika cinta itu terlarang, siapa yang kuat meninggalkannya?
Ketika cinta diperebutkan, siapa yang dapat mengalah?
Aku, bukan
Kamu, bukan
Dia, bukan
Mereka, bukan
Kita, bukan
Bukan, juga bukan
Tak ada yang salah
Tak ada yang sanggup menahan
Tak ada yang kuat meninggalkannya
Tak ada yang dapat mengalah
Semua ada hanya karena mereka ada
Dengan satu kondisi
Eksistensi cinta

Friday, September 21, 2007

Best Places to Live

Here is a list of the best places to live, analyzed by the Reader's Digest. Hmmm... Not bad! Indonesia is ranked 82nd, beating quite some number of famous countries. Hahaha...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Peristiwa tidak biasa

Hari ini peristiwa yang tidak biasa terjadi.

Tiap hari gue jalan dari rumah ke kantor selama 15 menit,
jadi peristiwa gue jalan kaki ke kantor tadi pagi itu biasa.

Tiap hari gue bawa tas segede gajah,
jadi peristiwa gue bawa tas ransel sampe gue keliatan kayak kura-kura itu juga biasa.

Yang nggak biasa itu,
tadi pagi gue jalan dari rumah ke kantor selama 15 menit dengan tas segede gajah yang kebuka lebar-lebar.

Duh, bodohnya gue.

Pantesan aja tiap kali ngelewatin orang pasti gue diliatin kayak ada apaan aja.
Gak taunya tas gue kebuka sampe isinya udah bisa diliat apa aja.
Pasti mereka kira ni orang bodong banget gitu.

Kok nggak ada yang bilang ya?
Sampe di kantor pun temen-temen kerja pada ngeliatin doang nggak bilang apa-apa.
Sampe suatu saat salah satu temen kerja yang lagi jalan di belakang gue berkata "HARRY POTTER."


Gue emang bawa buku HP yang ke 7 tapi kok dia bisa tau?

Pas nengok ke belakang gue baru nyadar,
Tas gue kebuka.

Duh, malunya gue.
Image gue runtuh deh...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Puisi Rindu

Aku kangen sekali sama dia
Dia yang tampaknya bikin hatiku WAH
Dia yang baunya bikin pikiranku WOW
Dia yang rasanya bikin badanku mandi keringat


Tiap gue pergi ke Foodcourt di Indo yang jualan ayam bakar n pesenan gue dateng,
rasanya tuh WAH banget kan,
baunya juga WOW banget gitu,
trus pedesnya bikin keringetan!!!!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kisah bule cakep bermotor sport

Hari ini begitu jam 12 teng teng tepat gue langsung lari keluar kantor. Ngapain kok lari-lari? Iye, soalnya gue mesti ke toko buku ngeliat ISBN textbook semester ini. Toko bukunya rada jauh dari kantor gue, trus gue juga mesti nyisain waktu buat makan siang sebelom balik kerja lagi. Jam istirahat gue cuman 60 menit, makanya gue rada lari-lari kecil (kalo lari beneran bisa gawat soalnya gue pake sepatu boot kantoran). Eh semua lari juga beneran kali ye, emang ada ya lari bo'ongan?

Semuanya gue lakukan dengan cepat. Dalam waktu 25 menit gue udah balik lagi sampe kantor. Hebat juga gue. Hihihihihi...

Mau tau, sebelom gue nyampe kantor kan mesti nyebrang jalan dulu. Gue clingak-clinguk kanan-kiri mastiin biar gak ketabrak mobil, motor, truk, dan temen-temennya. Trus gue liat di kejauhan ada motor lumayan kenceng jalannya. Motornya semacem motor balap yang ada di motor sport racing gitu. Menurut perhitungan otak gue yang tanpa rumus fisika udah tau kalo gue nyebrang bisa ketabrak, gue diem aja nungguin tuh motor lewat. Eh tuh motor brenti tepat di depan gue minggir ke kiri sedikit (maksudnya hampir di depan gue tapi rada kirian gitu). Dia ngelepas helmnya trus ngasi signal buat gue nyebrang sambil senyum. Gile aje untung jantung gue ditahan sama pembuluh darah, kalo enggak udah loncat keluar nari-nari sepanjang jalan kali. Ihihihi... Tau nggak itu cowok guanteng abis! Kayanya kejadian tadi kalo diulang slow motion pasti udah kayak iklan odol deh. Hehehehe...

Begitulah kisah saya tentang bule cakep bermotor balap. Emang gak penting, tapi cuman mau buat anda-anda iri saja kok. Heuhuehueheuheuehue....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


My dream is to be with you every single day
But it seems that it's still so far away
So I should keep patiently waiting
Till the day that the dream comes true

Thursday, August 9, 2007


These are some songs that I like to listen to recently. I couldn't find the lyrics on the internet, and my listening skill is kinda bad, so maybe the lyrics are not that accurate.

MONKEY MAJIK - Futari (English Version)

You left it all and now I'm feeling all the weight
It's playing out as if what's right was a mistake
You tell me how you feel you need another start
It's funny I thought that we'd never be apart

How long will it take
I can't walk alone without you standing near me
I know you think it's kinda crazy
I meant it when I used to say, yeah

Soba ni ite ageru yo itsu made demo
Kimi o shiri tsukushitai hikari to kage
Mabushii asa ni mi o yudane you
Eien ni futari de

If only time and nothing else would carry weight
A little more of it would help us set it straight
You blame it all on something that I didn't do
Who would've thought that it'd be me instead of you

How long will it take
I can't walk alone without you standing near me
I know you think it's kinda crazy
Did you mean it when I heard you say, yeah

Soba ni ite hoshii yo donna toki mo
Kimi o shiri tsukushitai hikari to kage
Mabushii asa ni mi o yudane you
Soshite futari de

You're fading out you're fadin in
I'm calling out won't let you win
Kowagaru koto wa nai yo
Subete wo kokokara hajimaru ki shite

Futari mo mirai wa yume janakute
Sukoshi tsutsu mae ni

Soba ni ite ageru yo itsu made demo
Kimi o shiri tsukushitai hikari to kage
Mabushii asa ni mi o yudane you
Eien ni futari de


The mission's only half way done
It's taking on a life of its own
Wasn't sure how they'd make it back home

I crawl when you need me to run
You think that I can't cope all alone
But in time I can count on you do

A little bit of time is all I want
A little bit of luck to turn me on
A little bit of something else is all I want these days

I'm falling offways
Ain't gaining headways
Been left here on my own

A little bit of time is all I want
A little bit of luck to turn me on
A little bit of something else is all I want these days

It's knowing that I have to change
Looking back on all the days
Couldn't find anytime
That's the way that it is

It's hard to say the words I feel
To understand I'm still on my own
Even when you are here by my side

A little bit of time is all I want
A little bit of luck to turn me on
A little bit of something else is all I want these days

I'm falling offways
Ain't gaining headways
Been left here on my own

A little bit of time is all I want
A little bit of luck to turn me on
A little bit of something else is all I want these days

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Berapa lama lagi ku harus menunggu?
Tuk dapat melihatmu
Tuk dapat memelukmu
Tuk dapat menciummu
Tuk dapat menyentuhmu

Sampai kapan lagi ku kan terbelenggu?
Hingga ku dapat berhenti merindukanmu
Hingga ku dapat berhenti memimpikanmu
Hingga ku dapat berhenti menginginkanmu
Hingga ku dapat berhenti mencintaimu

Monday, July 9, 2007

Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World

Well, my eyes are kind of swollen now. Too much crying for the day. Hahaha... I just finished watching Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World. It is also known as Socrates in Love or Sekai no Chuusin de, Ai wo Sakebu or simply Sekachu. I would say the drama is pretty good. The storyline might be too slow or too long at some parts, but hang in there, keep on watching and you'll see some touching moments. I cried a lot, although not as much as when I watched 1 Litre of Tears. Still, I recommend you to watch this drama.

If I'm not wrong, there are two versions of this film. One is the movie version and the other one is this drama that I watched. I haven't watched the movie version yet so I can't tell whether it's good or not. I liked the drama, especially the girl who played Hirose Aki. She's pretty. But I don't like the guy who played Matsumoto Sakutaro. I guess it's because I watched him the first time in Densha Otoko. In this drama he also played as a weak guy. That's why I kinda want to slap him for being so weak =P~~

If you wanna watch this drama online, go to and search for "crying out love". Watch from the first episode until the last one. If you watch from the very beginning until the end and you don't produce any tears at all (especially during episode 11), then you are really a cold person. Hahahaha...


UPDATE: I watched the movie version and it was boring. The drama is much better!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

felem-felem Indo

Akhirnya setelah sekian lama ketinggalan kereta, gue nonton juga film-film bioskop Indo yang udah lama keluar. Tanggepan gue yang utama cuman satu, yaitu ya ampyurrrr... aktingnya itu loh amit-amit banget. Nggak bisa apa cari artis yang emang ada bakat akting? Apa mungkin gara-gara filmnya sendiri ga mutu ya? Maksudnya tuh jalan ceritanya makin nggak-nggak aja. Cetek banget gitu lho, kadang terlalu hiperbolis. Gue bukan penggemar AADC, tapi menurut gue dari semua film layar lebar Indo yang gue tonton, AADC yang paling mending (eh ralat, gue paling suka sama Mengejar Matahari). Malah Petualangan Sherina lebih bagus daripada "film-film remaja". Tapi ya liat aja deh, mungkin dengan nonton satu per satu gue bakal nemuin yang mutunya bagus.

Film yang baru-baru ini gue tonton: Eiffel I'm in Love. Rating: B. Aktingnya nggak terlalu bagus tapi masih lumayan bisa ditonton. Ceritanya emang romantis tapi rada nggak masuk akal. Apalagi yang waktu si Tita dateng ke Perancis trus kamarnya diisi bunga mawar putih semua. Kalo menurut gue itu malah ngotorin kamar, berantakan! Dihias mawar boleh tapi cara ngehiasnya nggak bener banget. Nggak kaya di film-film Eropa gitu kalo ngehias kamar pake mawar rapiii gitu, trus indah. Hahahaha... Tapi buat hiburan ni film lumayan lah buat ditonton.

Film laennya yang baru selese gue tonton: Cewek Matrepolis. Rating: C. Nggak banget. Ceritanya dangkal, aktingnya amit-amit banget. Apalagi si karakter Beni gue paling nggak suka aktingnya. Nih film sok-sok bahasa Inggris padahal didengerinnya tuh nggak enak banget. Nggak tau karena pelafalannya atau karena nggak pas aja. Mau bikin cerita tentang persahabatan yang mengharukan tapi buat gue nggak ngena sama sekali.

Film laen yang setaon lalu gue tonton: Ungu Violet. Rating: B. Ceritanya lumayan. Cowok tokoh utamanya sayangnya kurang menarik buat gue. Hahaha... Dian Sastro cantik, tapi kok nggak seberapa cocok sama perannya waktu dia masih miskin. Soalnya gayanya dia tetep kaya gaya anak gaul, trus cara ngomongnya tetep kaya cara anak gaul SMA ngomong. Kalo gue bilang dia paling cocok sama peran kaya waktu di AADC.

Film laen yang mau gue rating: Arisan. Rating: B+. Lucu juga filmnya, tapi waktu itu gue nonton sama nyokap jadi rada gimanaaaa gitu. Tanggepan nyokap gue ga seberapa bagus. Hahahha... Aktingnya boleh lah.

Film satu lagi yang mo gue rating: Jomblo. Rating: B+. Aktingnya bagus-bagus. Jalan ceritanya bukan yang wah, tapi lumayan buat sekedar hiburan.

Film yang tiba-tiba keinget: Mengejar Matahari. Rating: A. Tiba-tiba keinget, ini film layar lebar Indo yang gue demen. Aktingnya bagus-bagus. Jalan ceritanya juga lumayan bagus. Apalagi pas yang salah satu tokohnya meninggal, sedih banget deh gue sampe kebawa nangis. Hahaha... Nah kalo mao buat film yang model begini dong, ada mutunya.

Film laen yang udah gue tonton tapi udah males ngejabarinnya: AADC, Petualangan Sherina. Film-film yang gue nonton sebagian doang tapi ga selese soalnya bosen: Banyu Biru, Gie. Denger-denger Gie sebenernya bagus tapi berhubung gue ga seberapa demen sama politik jadi ketiduran deh. Hahahha...

Oiya, satu lagi yang gue keluhkan dari film Indo. Sound-nya itu nggak seberapa bagus. Kadang suaranya suka mendelep gitu, nggak kedengeran. Ngerti nggak mendelep? Hahaha gue nggak tau bahasa Indonya apa. Pokoknya mo lo gedein volumenya sebesar apa juga tetep nggak kedengeran soalnya kualitas suaranya nggak bagus. Trus kadang suara musiknya lebih kenceng daripada omongan orangnya, jadi makin susah ngedengerinnya. Apalagi gue juga rada budek =P

Betewe, gue nonton film-film Indo ini dari YouTube. Ayo pada upload film-film Indo, gue mo nonton =D

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Do you know Takeru Kobayashi? He's the guy who have won the hot dog eating championship every July 4 in the US for so many times. When I was still in Indonesia a few years back, I watched him starting his way at a local eating competition, in a Japanese TV show called TV Champion. Today I read some news that he might not be able to participate in the hot dog eating competition anymore due to an injury. Click here to read the news.

Anyway, he used to be so cute but not anymore now. Maybe because he eats too much. Hehehe... Well then we'll see how it goes. I suppose his competitors will be relieved when they hear he might not be able to join the championship.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Rayman Raving Rabbids

This is one of the games that I'm currently playing. I really love it! The mini games are so entertaining and fun, and the bunnies are so hilarious. Definitely recommend to play this game.


Friday, June 8, 2007

Kakek genit

Sekitar 1-2 bulan yang lalu gue pernah punya pengalaman yang mengerikan tentang seorang kakek genit. Lelaki itu udah tua, rambutnya udah putih semua, makanya gue penggil kakek. Waktu itu gue ga cuma sendirian, ada 2 temen gue si Y sama si E. Kita bertiga lagi ngobrol di terminal bus, nungguin bus buat pergi groceries. Tiba-tiba mata gue papasan sama mata si kakek. Trus dia komat-kamit gitu ngomong apaan ga ngerti. Gue liat di sebelahnya ga ada siapa-siapa, trus kok dari arah pandangnya kayanya dia ngomong ke gue ya? Sambil berpura-pura ga tau dan tetep ngobrol sama bung Y n Bung E, gue berusaha mendengarkan lebih jelasnya apa sih yang kakek itu bilang?

"Kamu sangat diberkati, kamu sangat diberkati..." Entah diberkati dengan apa gue ga seberapa denger, yang jelas dia mengulang-ulang kalimat you are very blessed.... Merasa nih kakek udah gila karena ngomong hal ga jelas sendirian, gue langsung serem. Gue ga mao ngeliat dia lagi takut papasan mata. Gue berusaha memfokuskan diri sama obrolan temen-temen gue. Tapi gue masih bisa ngedenger komat-kamit si kakek itu, akhirnya gue tanya bung Y en bung E, "Lo tau nggak, tuh kakek ngomong ke siapa sih? Kok kayanya arah matanya ke kita..." Tapi temen-temen gue ga ambil peduli, jadi ya gue juga pura-pura ga peduli sama kakek itu.

Sampe peristiwa yang ngebuat gue horror itu pun tiba. Si kakek berdiri dan dateng ke depan gue. "Kamu sangat diberkati, kamu cantik, bla bla bla..." Gue yang ketakutan cuma bisa ketawa kecil. Lalu dia bilang dia ga bermaksud jahat, cuma mau kenalan. Trus dia nanya nama kita sambil mengulurkan tangannya buat salaman. Ga tau kenapa, mungkin karena gue sering diajak sekedar kenalan dan salaman sama orang-orang asing di sini, jadi gue ya melakukan kaya biasa, meskipun gue dag dig dug keringet dingin. Gue kasih tau nama gue, plus gue salamin aja tangannya. Eh, dia masih ngejulurin tangannya ke gue sekali lagi. Gue pikir ni kakek pikun juga ya, trus gue salamin lagi. Yang bikin parah, kali ini dia ga mo ngelepasin tangan gue!!! Gue tarik tangan gue agak keras, akhirnya lepas juga.

Trus si kakek bilang, "Boleh nggak saya beliin kamu secangkir kopi? Kita bisa minum-minum di coffeeshop itu..." *sambil nunjuk ke salah satu coffeeshop terdekat* Gue menolak dengan sopan, tapi ni orang tetep aja ngeyel mo ngajak minum kopi, padahal gue berkali-kali bilang no thank you, i'm fine. Gue mulai panik, pikiran gue rasanya udah pusing 7 keliling hampir jadi gila. Trus tiba-tiba gue teringat, kok temen-temen gue yang cowok kagak ngebantuin sama sekali si di saat cewek manis ini udah hampir tewas ketakutan? Dengan tatapan anjing minta dikasih makan (hah?) gue memandang temen-temen gue, maksudnya puh-lease tolongin gua!!!!!!!! Si E cuman senyum-senyum aja nontonin gue, sampe akhirnya si Y nangkep clue gue dan berkata dengan tegas kalo kita mo pergi belanja dan ga mao pergi sama dia. Si kakek berkata lagi kalo dia cuman bermaksud baek dan akhirnya pergi. Fiuhhhh.... Brengsek si E, dipikirnya ini tontonan layar tancep yang asoy kali ya...

Ya itu peristiwa yang udah agak lama. Sepulangnya dari belanja, gue langsung cerita sama kakak gue. Dan sejak hari itu gue ga pernah ketemu si kakek itu lagi, jadi gue juga udah lupa tempangnya kayak apa. Tapi sepulang kerja hari ini ketika di dalam bus *jeng jeng jengggggggg* gue ngeliat wajah yang familiar. Otak bekerja super keras layaknya sebuah komputer yang sedang sibuk. Meski kemampuan otak gue hanya sebatas Pentium 3, gue cukup cepat untuk mengingat kembali bahwa dia adalah si kakek genit!!! OMG.

Dia berjalan dan duduk di seberang gue, yang sedang bersama seorang temen kerja perempuan. Si kakek mulai senyum-senyum ke kita. Rasa horror itu pun tiba. Ketika dia mulai nanya-nanya lagi, gue pura-pura sibuk sendiri jadi temen gue yang ngejawabin. Dia nanya soal sekolah di mana, jurusan apa, dll. Gue ga tau tuh kakek inget sama gue apa enggak, tapi dia tetep mo ngomong sama gue dengan berkata, "What about the other young lady?" Gue tetep bersikeras ga denger, tapi temen kerja gue ngasi tau kalo gue lagi ditanyain sama seseorang. Merasa ga enak sama temen kerja kalo tetep pura-pura, akhirnya gue jawabin tuh kakek dengan singkat, (nggak) padat, dan (nggak) jelas. Dia mulai lagi dengan kata-kata diberkati-nya itu. You are blessed to be very smart, blessed to be very pretty, etc. Gue makin horror.

Gue mo dengerin mp3 juga ntar temen gue bakal ngasih tau kalo si kakek nanya ke gue. Gue pengen telpon, tapi takutnya gue ga bisa bo'ong kalo si kakek liat gue ada HP dan nanya nomor gue. Akhirnya gue memberanikan diri, daripada harus berhadapan sama kakek, mendingan gue nelpon seseorang! Ntar kalo si kakek nanya gue cari-cari aja alesan apa gitu kek. Trus gue nelpon kakak gue dan untungnya dijawab. Langsung gue menceritakan kepanikan gue, soalnya si kakek dan si temen kerja nggak ngerti bahasa Indo jadi gue bisa dengan leluasa ngomong apapun. Akhirnya bus sampe di deket apartemen gue, dan gue pun meninggalkan bus setelah pamitan sama temen kerja. Fiuhhhh.... Tandanya gue harus selalu berhati-hati dan siap sedia kalo mao naek bus.

Adakah saran dari para pembaca sekalian, apa yang mesti gue lakukan kalo bertemu si kakek itu lagi?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Best Moments in Life

From my lovely "granddaughter", Ms. A (Thanks for sending this to my email!).

The Best Moments in Life

  1. Falling in love.

  2. Laughing till your stomach hurts.

  3. Enjoying a ride down the ocuntry side.

  4. Listening to your favorite song on the radio.

  5. Going to sleep listening to the rain pouring outside.

  6. Getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself with a warm, fuzzy towel.

  7. Passing your final exams with good grades.

  8. Being part of an interesting conversation.

  9. Finding some money in some old pants.

  10. Laughing at yourself.

  11. Sharing a wonderful dinner with all your friends.

  12. Laughing without a reason.

  13. "Accidentally" hearing someone say something good about you.

  14. Watching the sunset.

  15. Listening to a song that reminds you of an important person in your life.

  16. Receiving or giving your first kiss.

  17. Feeling this movement in your body when seeing this "special" someone.

  18. Having a great time with your friends.

  19. Seeing the one you love happy.

  20. Wearing the shirt of a person you love and smelling his/her perfume.

  21. Visiting an old friend of yours and remembering great memories.

  22. Hearing someone telling you "I LOVE YOU".

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I love monkey ^o^

Check out this video. They are so cute!!! =D

Sunday, March 18, 2007

5 reasons why I do blogging

Okay, here's a tag that I received from Silvia.

One. It started as a way to let all my friends back home know about what was going on in my life frequently, without having to tell each one of them repeatedly.

Two. But who triggered me to have a blog is my boyfriend (who was still someone that I liked at that time ^o^). I was a little bit shy to approach him directly, so I told him I had a blog and I updated it so often that he would know more about me. In other words, this blog was actually made to attract him!!! Hahahaha... Dear, sorry I keep this from you until now =P~~

Three. Since internet in Indonesia is so slow, not many friends back home read my blog. Instead, most readers are someone that I've never met before. It was fun though, I get more and more new friends =D

Four. Apparently, I'm not very good in expressing my thoughts by talking. However, I could let out all my honest thoughts, ideas, and emotions when I write it in this blog. I always try to be polite and not to offend anyone. But once in a while, there are just some people who misunderstand me, and once they accused me in a very cruel way. Although it still does hurt until now, they won't be able to stop my love for blogging.

Five. I also discovered that blogging can calm my nerves. I mean, there was one time that I was so nervous before an interview. I couldn't eat, I couldn't read, I just couldn't focus of anything. But after I let it out on a post, I became so calm. Also when I was disappointed on something, thanks to this blog, it always calm me down after I write about it in a post.

And so Silvia, I've done my homework, haven't I? =P I won't pass this to any specific names, coz I'm afraid it would cause too much trouble. I'm passing it to everyone who wants to do it. Have fun guys!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Cooking time!

Yesterday I spent 5 hours in the kitchen to play table tennis....

Triple duh! Of course not. I cooked 3 kinds of dishes: ragut ayam (chicken ragout), hotplet kangkung daging sapi dengan telor puyuh (beef and chinese watercrest hot plate with quail eggs), and tahu telor (egg tofu). Today, I also cooked bakwan sayuran (deep fried vegetable dough). The recipes come from Dekap and Keluarga Nugraha. Thanks a lot to both sites for providing the easy recipes.

The ragout took lots of time to make. The result was not as good as my mom's Risoles (similar food with the same filling), but it is still edible. I was actually proud to be able to make it. The hot plate was perfect! I bought the real kangkung this time. Last time I mistakenly bought a different vegetable that was too chewy, I still finished it though. Hehe... The tofu resulted in something completely different, because I ran out of eggs after making the ragout. It still tasted good =D The vegetable dough just needed a little bit of salt and pepper, otherwise it was great. Haha.. I guess I still need to learn more on how to cook better. But seriously, I'm so proud of myself coz three years ago I could only boil water, make instant noodles, and fry eggs. YeaY! Go go Pei!!! ^^

And to Mr. SanSan WaWa, I was actually gonna let you eat my food. Too bad you weren't here, so I'm just gonna present you some pictures of it now xP~~~

Ragut Ayam (Chicken Ragout)

Hotplet Kangkung Daging Sapi dengan Telor Puyuh (Beef and Chinese Watercrest Hot Plate with Quail Eggs)

Nasi Putih dengan Tahu Telor (Rice with Egg Tofu)

Bakwan Sayuran (Deep Fried Vegetable Dough)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Shoujo Dream

I think I have to reduce the amount of manga that I read, or dorama and stuff like that. Especially stories about Japanese high school girls. I think I watch or read those kind of stories too much. Hahaha.. I actually do like them a lot, because it's full of colors and romantic! When I say it's full of colors I mean it in a connotative way. It doesn't necessarily mean I read full-colored manga, if you know what I mean. I think it's like a fantasy to me. I really wanted to experience all those stuff if I could. You know, stuff like high school cultural festival, Tanabata festival, sports festival, making and giving chocolate on the Valentine's day, walking with a boyfriend under a light snow while viewing a great scenery on the Christmas eve, all those stuff that you can read in girls manga. Hehehehe... But somehow it's a bit too much until a similar manga storyline got into my dream last night. When I think about it again, I just couldn't believe I had that kind of dream. Hahaha... But I guess it's a fun thing to share with, since I've never dreamt something like this before.

It began when my friends and I got into a concert site for a famous new music duo. We didn't have the tickets, I don't know why. Maybe because I wasn't a fan of them before. So basically we just took a peek on those singers since we were allowed to be on the site until the show started. One of them is a girl, a gorgeous one! She looked so energetic and pretty, and I felt like I wanna take a picture with her. But too bad the show was starting, so the security asked us to leave. Then I decided just to hang out outside until the performance was finished, and I would take a picture with her.

I walked around outside to kill the time; there were some free food for the guests but the staff didn't know who were guests and who weren't, so I just picked up some food. In my dream, I even remembered about fasting time, I asked the staff if it was Friday because I saw bacon on the food. Fortunately it was Thursday so I could eat the food. Before I knew, the show had finished. I spotted the other singer, a guy, and with lots of effort I brought him to my group of friends. I asked him to wait there because I wanna find the gorgeous girl and take a picture together. I did find the girl, and it was all fine. I asked her to come along with me but when I reached back to my group of friends, she wasn't there anymore. I don't know, it was very crowded so I couldn't see her anymore. Maybe other fans were trying to take pics or get signature from her too.

The guy said it didn't matter, so the two of us took a pic together. He was taller than me, so he bent his knee and reached my shoulder so the picture looked kinda cute. Hmmm... a nice guy, I thought. And when I looked at him and thought about it again, this singer was actually pretty cute! He had a long hair, shoulder-length. Just the type that I like in a manga. Then all my friends, me and him took a pic together again. I stood beside him, and I leaned closer to him. And apparently, we were very close to each other, so after we took the picture.................. I got kissed.

And that's the end of the story. Because my alarm clock went off and it showed the time was already 11 am. Hahahaha... So that's the story, pretty cool huh? I've never had this kind of shoujo dream before. But seriously, the guy was cute! Kakkoi desu ne.... =P~~

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Eating Healthy

Recently I'm trying to have a healthy meal everyday, though I realize this costs quite a big amount of money, as my spending on groceries becomes double than usual. But if it can help me to stay healthy, I don't mind.

I try my best to fulfill the principle that everyone in Indonesia has learned since he/she was in the kindergarten: 4 Sehat 5 Sempurna (in English it literally means '4 Healthy 5 Perfect'. Hmmmm... Sounds weird. Hahaha...) Well anyway, 4 Sehat 5 Sempurna states that for a meal, people should eat enough carbohydrates, meats, veggies, and fruits to make them healthy; to make it more perfect, they should also drink milk. That's the gist of it.

So here is what my last week meal looked like everyday:
Carbs - Rice, Garlic Bread, Muffin
Meats - Beef, Pork, Imitation Crab, Meatball (a.k.a Steamboat)
Veggie - Spinach
Fruit - Banana
Drinks - Chocolate Soy Milk, Water, Apple Juice
Desserts - a block of Dark Chocolate or a block of Ferrero Rocher, Chocolate Ice Cream
Snacks - Chocolate Hazelnut flavored Pirouette, Kebbler's Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies
Others - Egg

Yeah, I'm trying to gain weight. But the weird thing is that I keep losing weight although I keep eating and sleeping. Hahaha...

Anyway, this week is a week of cooking! I cooked a lot. Seriously... For someone who lives by herself, I cooked 4 kinds of dishes. Cool huh? Yesterday I made Teriyaki Beef and Ayam Bakar ala Edo (Edo's BBQ Chicken), though the chicken was not successful at all. Just now I made Cah Sosis Jagung Manis (Frank & Sweet Corn) and Tumis Sapi Lada Hitam (Black Pepper Beef). Yeay! Now I don't have to worry about not having any food to eat but lazy to cook. The Black Pepper Beef is kinda bold though. If I eat it without rice, it will be too hot.

The recipes for Tumis Sapi Lada Hitam and Cah Sosis Jagung Manis are from this website. Thanks for the site-owner ^^

Tumis Sapi Lada Hitam
Tumis Sapi Lada Hitam. I didn't put kapri (I don't know the English word for it) because I don't like it.

Cah Sosis Jagung Manis
Cah Sosis Jagung Manis

Friday, January 12, 2007

Funny video

Watch hyde's expression here. He was so funny till I laughed so hard. Poor him though, he looked so frightened...

If you want to watch the complete version with English subtitle, Arc in the Sky (the team that generously provides the subtitle) has a torrent download link for it.