Monday, December 17, 2007

Tetsu is getting married!

tetsu and Ayana, both are so cute! ^o^
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I was so shocked when I found out that tetsu (of L'Arc~en~Ciel) is getting married with Ayana Sakai. It's not the idea of Tetchan getting married that I'm surprised of, but more of the girl that he's marrying. I didn't say that I don't like Ayana; in fact, I am a fan of her after watching Ace wo Nerae. But I had always thought that he was gonna get married with Kaori Mochida (of Every Little Thing) in the future. I guess I was just so busy that I wasn't up to date with the current Laruku news. I do know every time they release something but I haven't checked on any gossips for the past few years, so I didn't know that the cute pairing had broken up since a few years ago. When I was browsing on Laruku's newest PV in YouTube, I saw this video about Tetchan marriage news and I was like 'Huh? Who is this girl?' Then I realized it was that Ranko character of Ace wo Nerae and kind of wondering what was happening with Kaori Mochida. After I googled it for a while I figured out that the news about Kaori and Tetchan breaking up were ancient history. Haha... I'm so not up to date... ^^;;

I'm still happy though with Tetchan's choice. I think he's made a good decision: Ayana is a nice girl with great talents. She's very humble and I really love her acting =) Actually the most important thing is not about whom Tetchan is marryin, but him being happy. I'm pretty sure whomever he's getting married with, he will be happy, right? Otherwise why should he get married in the first place? That being said, I wish them both a happy marriage that leads to a wonderful life together... ^^

PS: I won't give too much details on how cute the couple is and how romantic Tetchan's proposal was. There are so many sources out there on the internet, just google 'tetsu Ayana' and you should be getting hundreds of links.

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  1. WHAT!!!! he's gettin married with.........ayana? whozzat?

    omg.., pei,, i think ur not the only one that's missed out on the current news!.. i didndt even know he was.. i mean got married!!

    i thot he was gonna marry kaori....

    .. ive been in my manhole for ages nih.. hehehe

    btw.. eci is leaving soon yah? (T_T)..but im sure ur gonna b fine =)