Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MySpace Craze

Recently there has been some commotion happening in MySpace. One quite-famous, one soon-to-be-famous-for-sure, and one completely-totally-major Japanese bands joined the social networking site.

As for me, I have an account in several different social networking sites as well. There are two that I use quite often and the rest are rarely used at all. For security reasons, I decided to close down all that I rarely use anymore, and MySpace is one of them.

Just a few days after I closed my MySpace account, I found out that MONORAL had an account there. I kind of regretted deleting my account, but that was too late already, so I thought 'Whatever...' A few days after that, VAMPS, a band that was just started by HYDE and K.A.Z. (yes, by my lovely HYDE!!!), also opened an account in MySpace. That sort of motivated me to reopen my account, although the actual action never happened.

And then something happened on the next few days. L'Arc~en~Ciel opened an official MySpace account. DOH, I so totally went to MySpace and opened an account right away without thinking of anything anymore. LOL. Although I know those pages must have been maintained by the staff, not them personally, I just like the idea of being "connected" to them, although it's just through a social networking site and no more. I must be insane for doing all of these... ^-^;;

Anyway, check Laruku's MySpace out. The layout is so COOL. I want a nice layout like that too...

VAMPS' MySpace, reminds me of... McDonald's??? xD (Edit: The red and yellow layout has been changed now).


hyde's Experiment

Background: hyde heard that there were a lot of fans who dressed up like him during the concert.
Hypothesis: hyde thought since that was the case, then maybe if he walked around among the fans nobody would notice him.
Objective: To prove if the hypothesis above was correct.

Result: IT IS CORRECT!!! O_o

hyde was so reckless >_< It's good that nothing bad happened to him. Hahaha... I have to admit, he's so brave to try something like this ^o^

Hmmm... I wonder if I was there, would I notice him right away?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Demon Ororon by Hakase Mizuki

Why are we even born,
why do we fall in love,
why do we struggle for dreams?

-The Demon Ororon vol. 4-

The Demon Ororon. The drawings are not that good. The graphics are quite violent. The story does not flow so nicely. The ending comes abruptly.

But somehow it leaves a deep impression on me. Maybe the unexpected ending, or maybe the topic of "good" and "evil", is what makes it "something".

It is not the best or anything, but if you are open to controversial topic, I definitely recommend this manga.