Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Glasses on the Wedding Day

I know this is still far ahead. Please note that I am just thinking of the future. I never make any plan on this yet, and nobody asks me to get married either. So don't panic! And no gossip please. Hahaha... I'm just thinking of the "what if" scenario.

And so I've been wondering about this topic. What will I do with my eyes on the day of my wedding? My vision is pretty bad. Seriously, without my glasses I can't see anything. I won't be able to see anyone unless that person is standing next to me. With my job and my hobbies requiring me to look at a computer screen for more than 12 hours a day, my vision is getting worse faster than the regular people's are. Imagine if I am getting married 5 years from now. By that time my eyes will be much worse than today. So there is no way I can go through the day without wearing any vision enhancer.

The problem is, putting something that requires a direct contact with my eyes is something very problematic. Putting some eye drops on my eyes is seriously a hassle. It can take around 15-20 minutes just to get it drop correctly into one of my eyes (yes, it's a pain every time there is something wrong with my eye). With that background, wearing contact lenses is definitely not an option. So then I was thinking of getting a Lasik surgery 5-6 months before my wedding day.

That was my plan up until a few minutes ago, when I found out what they actually do to your eyes in a Lasik surgery. During the surgery, a small flap will be cut from the eye. And then they will do something to your eye with laser, and then the flap will be repositioned back into the eye. I don't know what exactly a flap is, but I could imagine it is a part of the eye. Uhhh... As of that moment I decided not to get a Lasik surgery anymore. Although people told me it didn't hurt, I just couldn't stand the thought of my eyes getting cut, whether it's just the cornea layer, tissue, or whatever. Imagine that a small metal blade is coming closer and closer, making a direct contact with my eyes. Oh my gosh!!! There is absolutely no way I am gonna go through with it.

So then the only option I have is wearing glasses on my wedding day. Although I don't actually want to, but I can accept it since there is no other choice for me. The only thing that might be problematic about this is how I can persuade my mom and whomever I am marrying, that it is okay for a bride to wear glasses.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Clean-Up Project

It has been a long time since I want to do a clean-up on my blog. I think since I opened this blog years ago, I have gotten more mature quite a bit. When I read back all my posts from the past, once in a while I thought 'Really? I wrote this?'. Some of them showed how childish I was. Not sure if those were the product of emotion, but I guess it's a good indication that I'm growing up, not just stagnant. However, I do feel the need to remove some of them, since they were nothing but a bunch of unimportant grumble. They would just make the readers feel bored anyway. Hahahaha...

And recently I learned that it is not secure to use your real identity. I used to write about anything that I liked to write about, be it a personal or non-personal. Now that I realized it is insecure to do that, I decided to remove anything that is too personal. And yeah, I used to write the real name of anyone that I wrote about. That is not good, not for that particular person, and not for me either. I apologize for anyone who was involved in this. During the clean-up, I'll make sure to keep the anonymity.

Lastly, I am in the process of updating the layout. I asked my little sister to design it for me. She showed me the first revision and I can assure you it is going to be GOOD! I feel sorry though for my current layout as it is there only for a short period of time. Poor Keita! Hahahaha... I'm planning to keep the Keita layout on my LJ though =)

Since I have more than 500 posts, the clean up will take a very long time. I will try to work on it during my free time and hopefully I can finish it as soon as possible. And now the Clean-Up Project begins!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Blood Test

Last weekend, I went to the clinic lab to get my blood taken as my physician told me to do so (read this post for more story). I told the receptionist that I had an appointment, and then she asked me to wait while she processed the necessary paperwork. I had a bad memory of getting my blood taken, so I felt like waiting for my turn to be called into the torture chamber. Haha... My boyfriend said "Don't worry. It will only hurt a few seconds when she poke you."

The nurse called me and I went to follow her. She asked me which arm I wanted her to take the blood from. I preferred the left arm, since I used my right arm more than the left one. She tried to find the vein on both arms and she said it will be easier to do it on the right one. Oh well, I could insist to still use my left arm, but rather than being poked multiple times because she could not get it right the first time, which meant getting hurt multiple times, I let her do whatever she wanted to.

And then she said "I have two kind of needles here. I'll sterilize both and see which one works better." I wasn't sure how she would be able to tell which one worked better, but then I saw her taking one of them and moved closer to me and got ready to poke me. I was filled with terror. I thought, "Are you serious!? Are you going to do a trial-and-error on my arm!?" It would be ridiculous if she poked me with one needle, and then "Sorry, but this one does not work so let's try the other one..."

I saw the needle and it seemed to be smaller than what they used back in my elementary school days so that was good. As she tried to poke me, I looked away. I didn't think I could stand seeing my fresh blood flowing to the tube. I felt the pain for a few seconds, and the next few seconds, and the next few seconds, and the next few seconds... Huh!? My boyfriend lied to me!!! It hurt more than just a few seconds!!! I kept waiting and waiting when she would be done. She asked me, "Is everything ok?" I answered, "Oh yeah, no problem." If my boyfriend or my sister were the one who performed this, I would have yelled "That hurts!!! Stop it!" and then kicked them or so. But yeah, this was someone else so I needed to keep my image. Hahahahahaha... I just stayed quiet even though I felt the pain, and even though I could feel my blood getting sucked by the needle -__-;;

I heard her said "Okay, that works well." I looked at her direction and I felt so weak as I saw a tube full of maroon-colored blood. I looked away again. Gosh, it's good that I didn't look at it when she tried to take my blood, otherwise I would surely faint xD

It seemed that it was a success, because she told me everything was done and I could go. I still don't know though what she meant earlier about which needle worked better. I don't know if she already made the decision before she poked me, or if she really meant to do that trial-and-error thing. All in all, I'm glad everything was successful after the first try. And also I'm glad I only need to do this once a year (hopefully, if everything is good).

Friday, November 14, 2008

[Currently + Will Be] [Reading + Watching]

Currently, I am curious about this story called Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu or Be With You by Takuji Ichikawa. I just started reading the novel. After that, there will be 4 other stuff to compare it with:
  • The manga adaptation.
  • The Japanese TV Drama adaptation, with Hiroki Narimiya as the leading male character.
  • The Japanese movie adaptation.
  • The US movie adaptation, rumoured with Jennifer Garner as the leading female character.

I will call this the "Be With You" project, planned to be completed in 2009. Why is it so long, you say? Because the US movie adaptation is still in process, and hopefully it will be completed sometime next year. So I need to wait patiently until that time comes.

Annual Health Examination

This is the first time I ever had it. Back then my mom always said I was still young that I did not need anything like that. But then I worry a lot. What if there is something wrong with my health and it is already too late by the time we know it? Now that my health insurance covers 100% of the annual check up cost, I decided to use the opportunity. However, I am very sensitive to pain. I think I only have a very little resistance to it. When something hurts me a little, I can't stand it already.

Not knowing what the check up comprised of, I just went ahead and take it. They started off with a physical exam from the head to toe. It felt kinda weird having to take off everything. Although I was given the medical gown, but I still felt uncomfortable.

The next thing was the pelvic exam. I heard in order to get the test material, the doctor would have to put some sort of stick inside your private organ. I imagined it to hurt a lot, I was very scared. But after the doctor asked me several questions, she determined that I did not need to take it at this point. Ahhh... I was relieved.

She went on to check my immunization records. Apparently my last tetanus shot was 10 years ago, so she decided I should get the shot right there right then *shocked*. She said it should be fine, it should only hurt a little. I guess I should be fine too. When I took it last time in 6th grade, it hurt, but I could stand it. She told me on the count of three "take a deep breath and I'll give the injection." One... two... Before I could take my deep breath, she already poked the needle!!! I was caught off guard, it felt as if I was sewing something and my hand slipped and the needle stuck to my upper arm. Hahahaha... And then she warned me that the arm would feel a little sore. Now, as the time passes by, it hurts a lot!!! It's not just "a little"... x|

I thought my pain would end at that time. Apparently, she decided that I should get a blood test on Sunday. Ugghhh... The last time I got my blood taken was when I was still in 1st grade. I can clearly recall that the needle was much bigger than the immunization needle, and I cried like crazy at that time. It will be painful. The thoughts of fresh blood flowing out of my body is driving me crazy. I'm scared to death!!!! *fainted* @_@

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Interesting but weird at the same time

I had a nice dream, but in a way it's kinda weird. In the dream, I was friend with Laruku. Even more, tetsu and I were an item. This is the weird part since I'm not a big fan of him (I'm a fan, but I'm not crazy about him as I'm crazy about hyde). The dream would be more perfect if it was hyde who became my boyfriend. Hahahaha...

So anyway, the dream had something to do with cell phone numbers. tetsu was being extremely careful, and he decided to delete his number from my cell to avoid leaking information. He was afraid that my friends would look at my cell phone and start spreading his phone number to all of the fans. His rationale was quite understandable, proven by one of my friends wanting to borrow my cellphone to see Laruku's cell numbers. As I tried to keep their numbers secret, I didn't have any other choice than to refuse her, although she was quite persistent. tetsu's reason was valid, but my friend told me that it was not fair for him to delete his number from my cell. She was right, I was quite mad since I was his girlfriend after all. "Couldn't he trust me more?" I thought to myself.

And then it was the time for me and my friend to go to Laruku's concert. Of course, Laruku had gone to the venue first to prepare for everything. Somehow when we got there, the concert hall was so huge that we were lost. There were no signs anywhere that indicated where the entrance was. I decided to call ken right away, but he didn't pick up the phone. I realized that ken was usually busy with his guitars before the concert that he never picked up any calls. My friend blamed tetsu for deleting his number from my cell, so now we couldn't even contact him when we needed his help. I actually had his number memorized, I just didn't tell my friend about it. But I was still mad at him that I didn't want to call him either. So we just decided to ask the people around if they knew where the entrance was. Nobody knew where it was, those people weren't even there for Laruku's concert. As I was desperate not to be late for the concert, I took my phone and started dialing hyde's number. It was connecting, waiting the destination to pick up the phone. I was waiting patiently, and finally there was the sound of somebody picking it up...

And then my alarm rang... Awesome, just at the perfect moment -__-;;; I haven't even had a chance to listen to hyde's voice!!! Arrrgghhhh damn it! Why is it that something always wakes me up when my dream is reaching its perfect moment T__T

As I was taking shower, I tried to analyze what just happened in the dream. It sure was strange. First of all, I never desire to be tetsu's girlfriend. Second, he's a married man, you know. And then, why did I choose ken as the first person to contact? Why not hyde? And why is it that I didn't even think of yukkie? In the dream, I remembered seeing ken and hyde when tetsu was messing with my cellhone, but I didn't see yukkie anywhere. And why is it that the dream revolved around phone numbers in the first place? Hahahaha... It's just so weird. Nevertheless, it's an interesting one xD

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bencana Lele Kuning

Setiap gue pergi ke tempat ini, gue selalu pergi ke WC yang sama. Bukan karena itu WC favorit gue, melainkan karena tuh WC paling deket sama keberadaan gue saat itu. Karena gue orangnya beser, gue juga sering banget ngunjungin nih WC. Sekali gue pergi ke tempat ini, 5-8 kali gue masuk ke pelukan sang WC. Kok kesannya menjijikkan ya? Hahahaha...

Eniwei gue sebelnya tuh sering banget gue liat lele kuning mengambang di salah satu ruangannya. Sumpah jijik abis. Siapa sih orang yang suka meninggalkan lele kuningnya? WC yang sering gue datengin ini emang kecil, cuman ada 2 ruangan di dalemnya, nggak kaya wc-wc laen yang lebih jauh biasanya ada sekitar 4-5 ruangan. Pengennya sih begitu liat lele kuning gue langsung masuk ke ruangan yang satunya, trus gue biarin aja ruangan yang berlele kuning itu. Tapi gue takutnya kalo ada orang laen yang masuk ke WC pas gue lagi cuci tangan gitu, atau kalo papasan di depan pintu WC, bisa-bisa gue dikira pelakunya lagi. Kan imej gue langsung jadi jelek dong. Jadinya tiap gue liat lele kuning langsung gue siram deh. Sebel juga sih emangnya gue tukang bersihin WC.

Dan kejadian ini tuh sering banget! Kenapa sih orang-orang ini? Harusnya mereka liat dulu dong sebelom keluar, udah masuk semua kotorannya atau belom. Kadang kan siraman aernya nggak selalu berhasil. Apalagi pengunjung tempat ini rata-rata orang dewasa. Anak-anak paling ke sini cuman sekali sebulan. Makanya gue heran, orang gede kok nggak bisa make WC dengan baek dan bener. Haih... -__-;;

Monday, November 10, 2008


Meskipun gue mungkin telat banget, gue cuman mau ngasih tau Google Translate ternyata lebih bagus daripada Babelfish Altavista. Gue baru nyadar. Hahaha... Google Translate bisa nerjemahin bahasa Indo ke Inggris. Walopun nggak 100% bener, tapi hasil terjemahannya lumayan lho.

Setelah gue tes, isi blog gue yang ditulis pake bahasa Indo kalo diterjemahin pake Google Translate isinya bisa keliatan jelas. Kalopun yang baca nggak bisa bahasa Indo, kalo tuh orang pinter nebak, dia pasti bisa ngerti inti ceritanya apaan. Maka dari itu (plus kebodohan gue untuk memberikan imel pribadi gue buat hal-hal profesional), gue memutuskan bahwa blog ini perlu mengalami pembersihan. Dengan kata lain, beberapa pos gue yang nggak pantes diliat orang kantoran atau pun klien gue harus segera diapus. Mungkin lo bakal nyadar udah ada beberapa pos gue yang ilang.

Capek juga sih mesti nyensorin pos satu-satu. Tapi ya gimana lagi, di dunia ini nggak ada yang namanya kebebasan bersuara 100%. Tetep aja ada hal-hal yang mesti lo sembunyiin kalo nggak karir lo atau hidup lo mungkin bisa terancam. Hehehe...

Gue belom research sih, tapi kalo bisa gue pengen banget ganti account blog gue ini pake imel yang laen -__-;; Ada yang tau caranya gimana?

APDET: Blogger sekarang bisa import/export blog, dan gue udah ganti username =)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

As I get older...

Recently I found a resource to read lots of comics (manga). This is a good thing to ease my boredom of living by myself in an unknown place. On the other hand, it's a bad news... I mean, I know that I am ADDICTED to comics. Once I start reading, I won't be able to stop. It's going to take over my eating time, my cleaning time, my sleeping time, etc. Yet it's so hard to resist. I'm fighting hard now (not to read comics).

I know this might be a stupid non-important topic. But the bottom line is, it seems that I become less and less discipline as I get older -__-;;

Friday, October 31, 2008


Kalo dipikir-pikir, gue ini nyasar ke Amrik. Gue yang pecinta musik Jepang, film Jepang, komik Jepang, game Jepang, anime Jepang, bahasa Jepang, barang-barang Jepang, dan seterusnya ini bukannya pindah ke Jepang mahal pindah ke Amrik. Di Amrik, gue masih ngikutin hobi gue yang berbau Jepang ini, dan gue masih tetep nggak hobi ngikutin hal-hal berbau Amrik.

Nyasarnya gue ini udah banyak banget buktinya. Bukti pertama, humor-humor Amrik sampe sekarang masih nggak lucu buat gue. Semua orang tertawa, gue diem aja. Banyak temen-temen internasional gue yang udah bisa ngikutin dan seneng banget sama stand-up comedy di sini. Tapi gue gak suka, gak lucu soalnya. Buat gue buang-buang waktu aja. Tapi buat gue humor orang Jepang bawa-bawa harisen (kipas putih gede) itu lucu, meskipun buat orang laen mungkin gak lucu sama sekali. Gue bisa ketawa ngakak nonton si duo komedi pembawa acaranya Hey!Hey!Hey!, tapi cowok gue cuman bisa bengong soalnya buat dia nggak ada lucu-lucunya.

Bukti selanjutnya, gue sebenernya pengen banget ikutan cosplay buat Halloween. Tapi kalo gue make baju Rinoa-nya FF8, Tifa-nya FF7, atau gaya Gackt di Moon Child, atau sekedar gothic lolita pasti nggak bakal ada yang ngerti. Dikira orang gila kali. Makanya tiap Halloween di sini gue cuma nonton aja orang-orang pake baju yang hmmm... gue nggak seberapa tau mereka ngikutin karakter siapa.

Ada lagi kalo mereka lagi karaoke nyanyi-nyanyian atau nonton band. Gue diem aja soalnya nggak tau lagunya. Kalo gue disuruh nyanyi juga nggak bisa, soalnya mana ada karaoke-an Laruku atau w-inds. di sini. Kalo gue nyanyi nggak bakal ada yang joget-joget, soalnya mereka bakal mikir ih lagunya nggak asik banget.

Dan sepertinya semakin lama gue semakin frustasi karena semua kesukaan gue nggak gampang nyarinya. Emang gue kurang terbuka orangnya, tapi gue tertariknya sama yang laen mau di gimana-in lagi? Semakin lama semakin sering gue mikir, "Gue tuh ngapain di sini? Hidup nggak enjoy, kenapa gue tetep tinggal di sini?"

Mungkin udah saatnya gue ambil inisiatif, ngelanjutin belajar bahasa Jepang gue sampe paling nggak conversation level. Trus mulai cari-cari kerjaan di Jepang. Hohoho... I'll work hard!!! ^^

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kejadian mengerikan di sore hari

Gue yang penakut ini kemaren baru mengalami kejadian yang cukup bikin gue shock berat. Hehehe...

Jadi ceritanya gue lagi nyetir ke Walmart kemaren sore. Langit masih cukup terang, walopun salju sedang turun (iye kemaren akhirnya salju turun lagi setelah beberapa bulan gue menikmati udara anget). Di sebelah gue duduk seorang cowok (iye itu cowok gue hehehe...). Sambil ngedengerin dia cerita, gue bernyanyi mengikuti iringan lagu Tachibana Keita.

Tiba-tiba, nyanyian Keita makin kenceng, sampe bikin kuping gue budek. Gue kira cowok gue lagi iseng gedein volume CD player-nya, gak taunya pas gue nengok ke arah CD player, cowok gue nggak ngapa-ngapain. Tangan dia nggak ada di sekitar CD player, tapi gue ngeliat display CD playernya menunjukkan volume makin gede. Dari 9, 10, 11, dan seterusnya naek sampe jadi 19 tanpa ada siapa pun yang ngegedein itu volume. Dan gue tau, mobil gue gak ada remot kontrol jadi gak mungkin ini perbuatan cowok gue.

Shock berat atas fenomena ini, gue tereak-tereak 'What the heck?!' berulang-ulang sambil berusaha ngecilin volumenya. Tapi begitu gue kecilin, si CD player dengan sendirinya ngebesarin suaranya lagi. Sumpah gue takut abis. Hahaha... Setelah beberapa saat gue perang sama CD player, akhirnya tuh alat gue matiin.

Masih cukup shock dengan apa yang terjadi, gue tetep berulang-ulang mengucapkan 'What the heck?!' dengan heboh. Horror abis, pikir gue dalem hati. Sementara cowok gue tercengang, bukan karena takut, tapi katanya 'SO COOL'. Wth? -__-;;

Beberapa menit kemudian, CD player gue udah normal lagi. Tapi sampe sekarang masih menjadi misteri kenapa CD player gue berulah seperti itu. Oh CD player, sebesar itukah cintamu pada Tachibana Keita? Hahahaha...

Untungnya, gue waktu itu nggak sendirian. Untungnya lagi, gue masih bisa nyetir dengan bener meskipun lagi shock dan panik berat. Hehehehe....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Random thoughts about SUGIZO

Listening to SUGIZO's new album, COSMOSCAPE, reminds me of his movie with Kou Shibasaki "Soundtrack". I've wanted to see the movie for quite sometime now, but I couldn't find anywhere to download it with or without subs. I'm debating with myself too whether I really want to watch it, since it seems like a scary movie of some sort. I watched one of the clips in YouTube and at the end of the clip there was this red-dressed lady that looked like a ghost, and it freaked me out. I remembered I was too afraid to sleep or go to the bathroom after watching that clip. Hehe.. What makes me want to watch it is the music, especially Synchronicity, it's really great! I also heard from those who already watched it that both SUGIZO and Kou Shibasaki successfully portrayed their characters' feelings and emotions really well.

Triggered by that, I started searching for Soundtrack again. During the process, I found out that SUGIZO is actually quite good looking!!! Only if he doesn't put any of his J-Rock make-up though... Still, I must say that HYDE is more handsome and cuter, haha...

By the way, I still haven't watched Soundtrack until now -_-;;

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saatnya make jaket musim dingin!!!

Hari ini ternyata suhu udara udah di bawah titik beku, dan gue pergi hanya dengan jaket tipis yang biasa orang-orang di Indo pake buat nonton bioskop atau sekedar gaya di kota-kota metropolitan, tanpa sarung tangan lagi! Tau kan di Indo panasnya kayak apa, gak mungkin dong orang-orang make jaket yang super anget. Penasaran dinginnya kayak apa? Coba aja lo pergi ke puncak gunung Bromo pas matahari belom terbit, tapi di sini lebih dingin lagi dari itu.

Gue emang jarang ngecek suhu udara sebelom keluar rumah, makanya sering salah kostum. Make baju ala Indo waktu lagi dingin, atau make baju berlapis-lapis waktu udara udah anget. Hahaha... Kayanya mulai sekarang gue harus ngebiasain diri ngecek temperatur nih.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tulisan Tangan

Waktu di Indo dulu, banyak anak-anak yang tulisan tangannya bagus-bagus, rapi gitu. Gue suka iri ngeliatnya, abisnya tulisan gue emang tergolong biasa aja. Malahan nyokap gue sering bilang 'Tulisan kok kecil-kecil gak bisa dibaca gitu. Nulis itu yang bener!' Padahal menurut gue tulisan tangan gue udah ada kemajuan, dari tajem-tajem semasa SD, sampe akhirnya jadi bulet-bulet kayak sekarang. Tapi tetep aja nyokap gak pernah memuji tulisan tangan gue.

Tapi di sini, tulisan tangan gue selalu dipuji orang. Rapi katanya. Wah, mereka belom pernah liat tulisan anak-anak di Indo, banyak yang lebih bagus daripada gue! Kalo diliat-liat sih emang rata-rata tulisan tangan orang-orang di Indo lebih bagus daripada orang-orang di sini. Kenapa ya? Mungkin karena di Indo ada pelajaran menulis kali ya, itu lho yang semasa kecil dulu disuruh belajar nulis huruf sambung. Udah gitu kalo kena hukum kadang-kadang suka disuruh nulis banyak halaman kan? Gue inget waktu SD pernah lupa bawa buku, trus karena hari itu tanggal 16 gue disuruh nulis 'Saya tidak akan pernah lupa membawa buku lagi' sebanyak 25 baris x 16 halaman. Beuhhh... Apa karena kita sering disuruh nulis ya, makanya tulisan orang-orang di Indo jadi bagus-bagus? Emang gak semua orang gitu sih, tapi kalo dibandingin sama di sini, persentase orang dengan tulisan tangan bagus lebih banyak di Indo.

Menurut lo, kenapa tulisan tangan orang-orang di Indo banyak yang bagus dan rapi?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Buffalo vs Cow

Since I was a little kid, probably in kindergarten, I have always believed that buffalo and cow are actually the same species. It's just that buffalo (kerbau) is the male version, and cow (sapi) is the female version. Still, up until now I haven't really figured out if it's true. Maybe one of these days I will start googling it. Haha..

What do you think ppl? Do you think my assumption is correct?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kemarin, gue berasa mau mati...

Hari ini gue lagi gak enak badan. Tapi ini udah mendingan. Kalo mikirin keadaan gue kemaren kayanya parah banget, sempet kepikiran gue mo nelpon ambulan masuk UGD, tapi mengingat gue lagi gak ada asuransi kesehatan makanya gak jadi nelpon 911. Harap tau aja, sekali nelpon ambulan untuk pergi ke rumah sakit yang jaraknya cuman sepersekian kilometer aja tarifnya udah mencapai ribuan dollar. Bisa mampus gue...

Kemaren tuh pulang kantor gue udah ngerasa pusing-pusing nggak jelas gitu. Tapi masih banyak urusan yang mesti gue selesein di rumah, jadinya gue paksain aja beraktivitas seperti biasa. Makan, mandi, cuci piring, semua masih gue lakukan dengan sukses. Sampe sekitar jam 1/2 11 malem, eng ing eng... Kepala gue muter-muter dan badan meriang. Gue putuskan untuk minum obat dan tidur aja.

Ternyata sodara-sodara, gue gak bisa tidur aja loh! Saking pusingnya gue udah mau muntah, tapi tidur pun nggak bisa. Gue udah usahain mikir macem-macem biar ketiduran, dari mikirin yang seneng-seneng, ngitung domba, sampe berdoa rosario dalem hati, masih nggak bisa tidur padahal kepala udah gak karu-karuan. Lebih parah lagi, tiba-tiba ada gejala untuk ke wc. Ternyata gue diare juga! Padahal untuk bangun dari posisi tidur aja kepala gue tambah pusing, begitu kena cahaya, kepala gue makin mau meledak. Tapi apa daya untuk ke wc gue mesti nyalain lampu. Dalam keadaan diare sambil pusing, gue langsung mau mumun.. tau kan? Mumun = mun**h. Badan gue juga langsung meriang gemeteran gitu. Mending kalo diare nya cuman sekali, ini bolak-balik booo...

Meriang + pusing banget + diare + mumun + gak bisa tidur = mau mati aja. Entah kenapa saking sengsaranya gue sampe bersiap melepaskan nyawa. Bener deh, ini gak hiperbolis. Apalagi idup sendirian gini, lagi sakit parah tapi gak ada yang ngurusin. Mumun aja mesti gue bersihin sendiri meskipun kondisi gue kayak gini, soalnya kalo dibiarin gitu aja baunya bisa ke mana-mana kan, bikin orang tambah sakit aja.

Untungnya gak tau gimana dan jam berapa, sepertinya obat yang gue minum mulai bekerja. Pokoknya tau-tau gue bangun udah pagi, sakitnya udah mereda (meskipun masih kerasa gak enak badan), dan udah waktunya ke kantor. Thank God it's over! Mudah-mudahan hari ini gue lebih sehat lagi. Dan semoga ini bukan berarti saya terkena muntaber...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


kind and tender
yet strong enough to drag me like an ocean wave
pulling me at his own pace
taking me along everywhere he goes
and i will follow

let me soar through the sky together with you

if you exist please knock on my life
and we will start our journey together

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Terror of Horror

A few minutes ago, just when I got home and changed my clothes and got on the bed to relax, I saw something. A terror... A horror... Were my eyes failing me? I didn't think so, I just changed my glasses with an updated prescriptions recently. There it was, on the floor, a spider as big as 4 centimeters.

Was it dead? To be safe, I had to step on it and throw it away. But I would never do it without wearing sandals and having a piece of tissue paper with me. Just when I grabbed a tissue paper and wore my glasses, the spider moved away so fast! Shoot! If it got away, I wouldn't be able to sleep peacefully tonight knowing that the spider might roam around me freely. Usually when there were people around me, I would just scream and let people take care of it. But then I was alone, and if I did not do anything about it, it might crawl on me when I slept tonight. Yucks!

So, complete with my war equipments, I went around looking for the spider. As soon as I found it, without any further hesitation, I stepped on it and pressed my foot (with the sandal of course) harder to make sure it really died. After about ten seconds I lifted my foot and it did not seem to move at all, which means it was safe to take it with tissue and throw it away. I flushed it down the toilet, and to be safe again, I flushed the toilet the second time. Yes, that was the degree of my paranoia if you asked, bugs and the likes are a BIG NO NO for me.

The big question is, where did it come from? I just hoped there are no bug/spider nests around my apartment. Otherwise I am so gonna freak out and call a 24-hour exterminator right away.

On a side note, I was fortunate enough that the big spider was not a tarantula. If it was, I would leave my apartment and call the management emergency contact number right away.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Don't let your mind wander around!

A lot of things have been going on and I kinda get thrown into a big mess. My mind must have been wandering too much and thinking so deeply that I did not even realize what I was doing.

Guess what? I was taking shower and I took some Dove body shower for extra dry skin, in other words it is extra oily. And then I applied it to my hair as SHAMPOO. Oh yeah... And I just kept washing my hair until I finally realized a moment later that my hair became kind of oily. Oh my gosh!!! x|

The bottom line is: always keep your mind intact in everything you do xD

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Business and Honesty

Yesterday, I went to a restaurant to get some food for lunch. There was this one dish in the menu that said "your choice of meat in garlic and pepper sauce". Hmmm... It sounded interesting to me so I ordered it with beef.

When the dish came out, I was surprised by what I saw. The plate contained mostly cabbage and lettuce, with around 15-20 small pieces of beef. What the heck?! They did not say anything about cabbage and lettuce in the menu. The menu should say "CABBAGE AND LETTUCE with your choice of meat in garlic and pepper sauce". The main point there should be the cabbage and the lettuce, not the meat.

I feel so disappointed, and cheated as well. Why? Because I'm more of a carnivore rather than a herbivore. If I knew it was going to be like that, I wouldn't order that dish especially since the price is so expensive -__-;;

All businesses should be honest, don't you think so? I really hate it when businesses have some hidden agenda or hidden fees.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I finally got the Vacanza photobook that I bought from Shinigamitabris. Overall, I think it is satisfying. A lot of sexy poses from Keita and Ryuichi *o* I love it!!! I hope I don't get a nosebleed again though xD

I wanna buy more out-of-stage photobooks... I soooo want to get Keita's "To You" but I need to save money first ;_;

Ahhh... if they keep releasing irresistible stuff like these, how am I supposed to save up my money for watching their live performances??? xD~

Monday, May 5, 2008


Around thirty minutes ago, I had a nosebleed.

All because of HYDE and Keita xD

No no, I'm just kidding. Hahaha... =P

Honestly, I'm not thinking about HYDE or Keita at all. I just finished cooking something and when I was eating, I felt there was something on my nose so I touched it. And the blood streamed down through my hand.

What the heck?!

Since the day I was born, this had never happened before. It's the first time I have a nosebleed.

Is it a sign of stress?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

paper and news

I still need to write seven sections (around 15 pages) more on my term paper.

But I got distracted by the news of:
  • tetsu and Ayana's wedding (see my past post).

    I heard they were already registered around November last year, but the wedding is today! Ayana is so adorable... They are just a sweet and cute couple ^o^

  • Gackt's first Hollywood movie, BUNRAKU!!!

    He'll be in that movie together with Josh Hartnett and Demi Moore. WOW. Can't wait to watch it when it's released next year ^-^

  • Plagiarism! One of Gackt's fans that copied several of Gackt's songs and released/sold them under his own name without even crediting to Gackt, and he refused to admit the plagiarism *o* That's what I heard from Gackt's fans.

    Apparently, this situation started quite sometime ago but I just heard of it today. I like Gackt, but I'm not a big fan of him so I'm not too familiar with his songs. However, I do know Gackt's 'Vanilla' and the song by that Joost Maglev guy really did sound alike! And he gave the title 'Caramel' himself, which is so obvious... As for the other songs, I can't really tell though since I'm not that familiar with other Gackt's songs like I said before.

    Another fan of Gackt made the video below which put side-by-side comparison of Gackt's and Joost's songs. You might want to give it a try and see if that's really a plagiarism case or not.

Ummm... so... I'm lagging behind my schedule... I told myself a few days ago that I should finish writing three more sections by this weekend, but...

I wish the teacher asked me to write about HYDE, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Keita, w-inds. or even J-Pop/J-Rock. I think I can make 30 pages pretty quick without any difficulties.

So, seven sections more to go...

In conclusion, I should stop writing my blog =P

Friday, May 2, 2008

I want to be in J-san's position when...

"I asked HYDE what he is doing after the shoot, he stared at me for a minute, and then said he is gonna drink... then he smiled! He is very funny though, and usually jokes with me, so I have no idea if he is really going to drink."

Oh my gosh, I am soooo sooooo so jealous with J-san. I also want to be stared at by HYDE and see his smile. If that really happens, I think I am going to faint xD

Click here for the complete version of his post.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MySpace Craze

Recently there has been some commotion happening in MySpace. One quite-famous, one soon-to-be-famous-for-sure, and one completely-totally-major Japanese bands joined the social networking site.

As for me, I have an account in several different social networking sites as well. There are two that I use quite often and the rest are rarely used at all. For security reasons, I decided to close down all that I rarely use anymore, and MySpace is one of them.

Just a few days after I closed my MySpace account, I found out that MONORAL had an account there. I kind of regretted deleting my account, but that was too late already, so I thought 'Whatever...' A few days after that, VAMPS, a band that was just started by HYDE and K.A.Z. (yes, by my lovely HYDE!!!), also opened an account in MySpace. That sort of motivated me to reopen my account, although the actual action never happened.

And then something happened on the next few days. L'Arc~en~Ciel opened an official MySpace account. DOH, I so totally went to MySpace and opened an account right away without thinking of anything anymore. LOL. Although I know those pages must have been maintained by the staff, not them personally, I just like the idea of being "connected" to them, although it's just through a social networking site and no more. I must be insane for doing all of these... ^-^;;

Anyway, check Laruku's MySpace out. The layout is so COOL. I want a nice layout like that too...

VAMPS' MySpace, reminds me of... McDonald's??? xD (Edit: The red and yellow layout has been changed now).


hyde's Experiment

Background: hyde heard that there were a lot of fans who dressed up like him during the concert.
Hypothesis: hyde thought since that was the case, then maybe if he walked around among the fans nobody would notice him.
Objective: To prove if the hypothesis above was correct.

Result: IT IS CORRECT!!! O_o

hyde was so reckless >_< It's good that nothing bad happened to him. Hahaha... I have to admit, he's so brave to try something like this ^o^

Hmmm... I wonder if I was there, would I notice him right away?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Demon Ororon by Hakase Mizuki

Why are we even born,
why do we fall in love,
why do we struggle for dreams?

-The Demon Ororon vol. 4-

The Demon Ororon. The drawings are not that good. The graphics are quite violent. The story does not flow so nicely. The ending comes abruptly.

But somehow it leaves a deep impression on me. Maybe the unexpected ending, or maybe the topic of "good" and "evil", is what makes it "something".

It is not the best or anything, but if you are open to controversial topic, I definitely recommend this manga.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Keita... LOL

Watch the video below. Keita is so amusing xD

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is it just a coincidence?

One of my hobbies is blog walking. Nowadays I don't do that as much as two-three years back, since I have a lot more things that need to be done now. Recently though, I've been checking some of my favorite stars' blogs. I enjoyed doing that because I get to know them more, and for some reason by reading their blogs, I could feel that they are just ordinary human beings like us as well. I mentioned this before: I check on Keita's and Ryuichi's blogs almost everyday. Other than that, I also like to read Ryohei and Wu Chun's blog. The last one is the easiest to understand since Wu Chun's blog is written in English (there is the Chinese translation as well).

Around two weeks ago, I found out that MONORAL also has a blog! Considering their root of origin (and also their songs), I'm pretty sure they can write or speak in English fluently. However, their posts were 98% written in Japanese without any English translation at all. All I can do is just using Babelfish online translator, but the translation is just not clear at all. So then around a week ago, I posted a comment on their blog (it was on Ali's post) wishing that there would be an English translation.

And then guess what? Around five or six days later, Anis posted something on his blog. It's not entirely in English but he wrote at least a full paragraph in English! OMG!!! I can't really say that it's because of my comment or something. I believe there are some other fans who requested this as well. I'm so glad though, that means they listen to us. \(^o^)/

But then again, it's only a few days after I posted my comments. And looking at all comments on Ali's post that day (I didn't look at any other posts though), I think mine is the only one that requested an English translation. So, is it really just a coincidence?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fictitious Realm

Dream and reality
Separated only by a thin line
Which one is the dream
And which one is the reality
I don't even know anymore

That smile
Is it real?
That happiness
Is it just a dream?

And when I thought I have reached the truth
You vanished
I think it's just a mere vision

We laughed
That's not true
You and I together
That's not real

A moment of bliss
It doesn't exist

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Take care of your health...

I haven't fully recovered from the flu + cough. It's been a week and I've been taking flu medicine, cough syrup, and even antibiotics. But when the flu is gone, the cough comes back. Then when the cough is gone, the flu comes back. It keeps going back and forth, which is so annoying.

Come to think of it, I'm not the only one who has health problems like these. My professors at school also got sick and they had to teach when they lost their voice. I felt bad for them. I don't even feel like talking at all when I lost my voice almost completely sometime ago.

Lots of my classmates and co-workers are also sick. Either fever, sore throat, cold, flu, or cough. I even heard that there was this one high school, only three students showed up (out of 30 students in a class). The rest of the students stayed at home because of getting sick.

My mom back home in Indonesia also told me that a lot of people over there got sick too recently. Man... this is bad.

Friends, please take a good care of yourself, ok? If you are already sick, hope you'll get better soon. I'm also hoping that I'll recover as soon as possible. Getting sick is so annoying. It prevents me from doing a lot of things that need to be done. x|

Thursday, February 14, 2008


One by one, all the problems went away
With you there by my side, I'm not afraid
You held my hands tight, smiled and said,
"Don't give up. I'm here with you..."
With words as simple as those, I could feel your support

When I couldn't continue anymore, you came to the rescue
When my tears ran down on my cheeks, you lent me your shoulders
And when the success came, you said "Great job!"

Being shown your silly acts, I would laugh
Being treated with your kindness, I would feel grateful
Being stared at so deeply, and being told "I love you",
I would blush...
As if I was going to melt down...

But then I was thrown back from the land of the dreams
You, you're not here with me
No matter how much I wish, I know the infinite impossibilities
Having to face the reality, it hurts so much... so deeply...
Please, don't pull me to the painful surface

Oh, how I wish I could stay there forever...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


After quite a long time successfully living this kind of life, my physical and mental capabilities finally broke down. Waking up around 7 am, leaving apartment at 7:30, working + school + club activities + job hunting + etc. non-stop without any break and finally going back home at 6 in the evening, continue with studying + other club activities + future planning and finally going to bed at 2 am. That's my lifestyle up until now. It was going so well but yesterday night I got sick. Pretty bad, to the point that I couldn't do things that I usually like to do. And today I just feel like resting at home without doing anything.

I hope tomorrow I can go back to the usual schedule because there are still so many things that need to be done!!!

Let's work hard, everyone!!! \(^o^)/

Monday, February 11, 2008

health and stamina

Today I had a job interview from 7:30 am to 4 pm. The interview itself started around 10 am to 3:45 pm, the rest were tour, presentation, and breaks. By the end of the day, I was so exhausted and I lost my voice -__-;;

It amazes me how singers (like HYDE and Keita!) can sing non-stop for 3-4 hours almost everyday for practices and concerts. To be able to stay fit without losing their voice, they must have taken care of their health very seriously. And to have such a strong stamina, they must have worked out consistently. They are just amazing ^^

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Recently I've been watching w-inds. a lot. I used to listen to their music long time ago, around the time of '1st Message' album and the next album. At that time, I thought 'Oh look how cute the little boys are...' After that, I was so into Laruku that I forgot about it. ごめんね。。。^^;;

So then I was browsing through my CD collection and I saw this '1st Message' CD again so I thought to check what they have became. Oh my gosh, all of them have grown up to be かっこいい guys with wonderful talents. And guess what, all of them are older than me. Hahahahah... If at that time I thought of them as little boys, then I was even more little than that! =P

While buying Laruku's 'Chronicle 3', I decided to try watching one of w-inds. live tour. I bought Journey Live and it just captured my heart. Hahaha... Fantastic dance moves, fantastic songs, fantastic Keita, fantastic Ryuichi, and fantastic Ryohei. Ok, so I'm officially a big fan of w-inds. now. I bought three other w-inds. live DVD right away, since I'm going to get some extra money from a scholarship anyway. xD

Today I even opened an account in ameblo just because I couldn't post a comment on Tachibana Keita's blog if I'm not an ameblo user. With so much determination, I successfully opened an ameblo account in 30 minutes. Yep, it's not a typo. Seriously, it took me 30 minutes just to figure out what to fill on a certain field and which button I should click, etc. They were all written in Japanese and my Japanese level is still so low. Thanks to Altavista Babelfish translation machine, it wasn't a perfect translator but at least I was able to supply the necessary information, and start commenting on Keita's posts. Hehehehe...

By the way, if you're wondering how I could understand Keita's blog content, it's all thanks to the author of this site. Now I just need to find a site that translates Ryuichi's blog. Once I found one, I will open an account in Yahoo! Japan and start commenting on his posts as well. I would also like to post a comment on Ryohei's blog but I think the commenting system is disabled, just like w-inds. Keita's blog.

UPDATE: w-inds. Keita's blog has been closed now, but Tachibana Keita's blog is still there. I guess it's hard to manage two blogs at the same time.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


As I expected, my last semester is very hectic. Although I take less classes, but graduation surely requires a lot of preparation: moving onto the next chapter of life. For some reason I took a role in two student organizations that requires me to be more active, whereas most students become inactive in their senior year. Monday to Friday I am gone since 7:30 in the morning until 6 in the evening. It is very tiring. I can only relax on Saturday and Sunday, but now those days are also taken either by club activities, homework, or preparation for the future. Aiaiai... It's a good thing that I planned my classes carefully long time ago, isn't it? If I took full load this semester, I may not be able to survive. Oh well, since I'm already at it, I just have to keep going! がんばります!!! =)