Saturday, February 9, 2008


Recently I've been watching w-inds. a lot. I used to listen to their music long time ago, around the time of '1st Message' album and the next album. At that time, I thought 'Oh look how cute the little boys are...' After that, I was so into Laruku that I forgot about it. ごめんね。。。^^;;

So then I was browsing through my CD collection and I saw this '1st Message' CD again so I thought to check what they have became. Oh my gosh, all of them have grown up to be かっこいい guys with wonderful talents. And guess what, all of them are older than me. Hahahahah... If at that time I thought of them as little boys, then I was even more little than that! =P

While buying Laruku's 'Chronicle 3', I decided to try watching one of w-inds. live tour. I bought Journey Live and it just captured my heart. Hahaha... Fantastic dance moves, fantastic songs, fantastic Keita, fantastic Ryuichi, and fantastic Ryohei. Ok, so I'm officially a big fan of w-inds. now. I bought three other w-inds. live DVD right away, since I'm going to get some extra money from a scholarship anyway. xD

Today I even opened an account in ameblo just because I couldn't post a comment on Tachibana Keita's blog if I'm not an ameblo user. With so much determination, I successfully opened an ameblo account in 30 minutes. Yep, it's not a typo. Seriously, it took me 30 minutes just to figure out what to fill on a certain field and which button I should click, etc. They were all written in Japanese and my Japanese level is still so low. Thanks to Altavista Babelfish translation machine, it wasn't a perfect translator but at least I was able to supply the necessary information, and start commenting on Keita's posts. Hehehehe...

By the way, if you're wondering how I could understand Keita's blog content, it's all thanks to the author of this site. Now I just need to find a site that translates Ryuichi's blog. Once I found one, I will open an account in Yahoo! Japan and start commenting on his posts as well. I would also like to post a comment on Ryohei's blog but I think the commenting system is disabled, just like w-inds. Keita's blog.

UPDATE: w-inds. Keita's blog has been closed now, but Tachibana Keita's blog is still there. I guess it's hard to manage two blogs at the same time.

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