Tuesday, January 29, 2008


As I expected, my last semester is very hectic. Although I take less classes, but graduation surely requires a lot of preparation: moving onto the next chapter of life. For some reason I took a role in two student organizations that requires me to be more active, whereas most students become inactive in their senior year. Monday to Friday I am gone since 7:30 in the morning until 6 in the evening. It is very tiring. I can only relax on Saturday and Sunday, but now those days are also taken either by club activities, homework, or preparation for the future. Aiaiai... It's a good thing that I planned my classes carefully long time ago, isn't it? If I took full load this semester, I may not be able to survive. Oh well, since I'm already at it, I just have to keep going! がんばります!!! =)

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