Saturday, October 30, 2004


Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite a.k.a. Kaká, originally from Brazil, is my favorite soccer player right now. He plays in AC Milan, which is also my favorite team. I first saw him in a newspaper during the Korea-Japan World Cup 2002. I was interested in Kaká and searched all over the European soccer website, but I couldn't find him. At that time, I thought he was from Europe. Then, I found out that there was a player named Kakha in Milan, and I thought it was him. I was so surprised because it was very different! It was Kakhaber Kaladze from Georgia >_<

But later on, Kaká moved to Milan, and I was so happy to hear that. He plays very well in Milan, it makes me fond of him more! He is also soooooo nice to his fans including me. I still remember when I chatted with him. I had a lot of questions, but I prayed to God that I wouldn't ask much, I just need one question to be answered. He got 5000 messages and answered 2 of my questions, so amazing!!! Actually the next day I would have a pre-final exam for History, which had 3 thick books to be memorized, and Math. I didn't expect much for History because I usually got 6 or maximum 7 out of 10, but I got 9 out of 10! For Math, I also got 10 out of 10! God really gave me a lot of miracles. Thank you so much God...

Kaká in Armani. Picture courtesy of

Monday, October 25, 2004

Room Sweet Room

My room here in the dorm is pretty comfortable. It's not as nice as my room in Indonesia, but that's fine, since I rarely stay there either. I always get up at 6 and finish my classes in the afternoon. If I don't have to work, I usually surf the net in the Student Center or in the computer lab downstairs or do my homework in other places until midnight. Basically, my room is only for sleeping. Even on the weekend I never stay in my room either. I go to my sis' apartment or somewhere else. I can say that most of the time my activities are just studying and playing internet.

Anyway, these are some pictures of my room.

My bed and my desk

My desk with Kaká's poster