Friday, March 28, 2008

Keita... LOL

Watch the video below. Keita is so amusing xD

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is it just a coincidence?

One of my hobbies is blog walking. Nowadays I don't do that as much as two-three years back, since I have a lot more things that need to be done now. Recently though, I've been checking some of my favorite stars' blogs. I enjoyed doing that because I get to know them more, and for some reason by reading their blogs, I could feel that they are just ordinary human beings like us as well. I mentioned this before: I check on Keita's and Ryuichi's blogs almost everyday. Other than that, I also like to read Ryohei and Wu Chun's blog. The last one is the easiest to understand since Wu Chun's blog is written in English (there is the Chinese translation as well).

Around two weeks ago, I found out that MONORAL also has a blog! Considering their root of origin (and also their songs), I'm pretty sure they can write or speak in English fluently. However, their posts were 98% written in Japanese without any English translation at all. All I can do is just using Babelfish online translator, but the translation is just not clear at all. So then around a week ago, I posted a comment on their blog (it was on Ali's post) wishing that there would be an English translation.

And then guess what? Around five or six days later, Anis posted something on his blog. It's not entirely in English but he wrote at least a full paragraph in English! OMG!!! I can't really say that it's because of my comment or something. I believe there are some other fans who requested this as well. I'm so glad though, that means they listen to us. \(^o^)/

But then again, it's only a few days after I posted my comments. And looking at all comments on Ali's post that day (I didn't look at any other posts though), I think mine is the only one that requested an English translation. So, is it really just a coincidence?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fictitious Realm

Dream and reality
Separated only by a thin line
Which one is the dream
And which one is the reality
I don't even know anymore

That smile
Is it real?
That happiness
Is it just a dream?

And when I thought I have reached the truth
You vanished
I think it's just a mere vision

We laughed
That's not true
You and I together
That's not real

A moment of bliss
It doesn't exist