Thursday, November 18, 2004

Easter Eggs 2003

A day before the Easter 2003 celebration in my high school, all of the students were assigned to decorate some Easter eggs. Usually, if I was lazy, I just wrapped the egg with colorful paper and tied it with a ribbon. But at that time I was very enthusiastic to decorate the eggs. My theme was AC Parma. I made a figure of Adrian Mutu and an angel supporter. It took a long time to make them coz I paid attention to the small little details. But it was worth the time and the effort since the result was great and satisfying. ^^

The Angel egg!

The back of the Angel egg

The Mutu egg!

The back of the Mutu egg

High School Madness

At this particular moment, I'm gonna talk about my last year in my senior high school. There were three majors for the third year students: Natural Science, Literature and Social studies. I was in the Natural Science major. People usually think that students in the Natural Science majors must be super smart and quiet, always studying, no fun time at all, and very obedient. In fact, all of them were proven wrong! Totally wrong! Heuehueheuehue...

Yea, sometimes we were quiet, but it depended on who was currently teaching. If it was Mr. W's lesson, who-hoooo!!! Partying, eating, chatting, or sleeping time! Hehehe... Sorry Mr. W, we didn't mean to be disrespectful, it's just that your lesson was the only relaxing time we had. Hehehehe....

Super smart? Hoho... Look at our grades, so colorful. Red and black, looked like AC Milan, hehehe.... (we use red for 59 and below -out of 100-, black for 60 to 100, so red meant bad grade). Okay, I admit that we did study everyday, but not every time. Sometimes I organized a rebellion to abandon homework. Hohohoho...

Very obedient? Look at our biggest case: the objection of Mrs. K to teach during our free hours. Well, my individual biggest case was 'The Tragedy of Origami' during Mrs. R's class. We're really sorry to our teachers. We know we were so impudent, but teenagers are always naughty, rite? Hehehe... So, please forgive us...

We were having a great time, especially because there was our creative comedian and clown: Ms. RP. Hehehe... She was my desk mate, and she was the one who turned me into this more 'insane' girl. Hauahuahuahua... But I like being your desk mate though. I miss your jokes and your weird-but-funny acts!!! Hehehehe...

Anyway, today's song will be my class' Theme Song part 1. I believe the lyrics were created by Ms. RP. The music is the same melody as Sherina's song 'Bermain Musik'. Special thanks to Ms. RP for creating this funny lyrics and for the wonderful time during the third year of senior high school.

Dengarlah kawan apa yang kuhafalkan
Persamaan linier matematika
Ayolah kawan ayo bawalah rumus yang kau punya
Hafalkan juga bersamaku sambil bernyanyi
∆y/∆x gradien 2 titik
Kalau gradien sama pastilah garisnya sejajar
Janganlah lupa tegak lurus
m1 x m2 = -1 yeah!!!
Tralalalalalala belajar IPA bersama
Kegiatan yang berguna ceriakan hati!

English translation:
Listen friends to what I'm memorizing
Mathematical linear equation
Come on friends bring the formula that you have
Let's memorize it while singing together with me
∆y/∆x gradient of two points
If the gradients are the same then the lines must be paralel
Don't forget the perpendicular equation
m1 x m2 = -1 yeah!!!
Tralalalalalala studying Natural Science together
A beneficial activity that delights our heart!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Now I'm going to talk about my favorite singer: HYDE-sama!!! Originally from Japan, his real name is Takarai Hideto, and he's the lead vocal of L'Arc~en~Ciel. His name is written in lower case (hyde) when referring to him in L'Arc~en~Ciel, otherwise it is written in all capital letters (HYDE). I started to know him on January 2001. At first I didn't like his voice coz it sounded weird to me. But after listening for some time, hmmm.. it's not that bad at all... Later, I bought L'Arc~en~Ciel VCD called Chronicle and it was awesome! Then I became their 'normal' fan, until I watched Grand Cross Tour 1999. Wahhhh!!! His movement was so gracious! Hehehe... And it made me crazy about him. A young and cute guy, I predicted he was 20 something years old. I was so surprised when I found out that he was 33 years old and already married! Huhuhu... Too bad.... hehehehe....

Anyway, I proudly present 10 Things I Like About HYDE:
  1. His super high quality voice!

  2. His cute face

  3. His gracious movement

  4. His handsome face

  5. His beautiful face (What?! Hehehehe....) Sounds cool, rite? He can either be a girl or a guy xD

  6. His weird acts

  7. His funniness

  8. His mysterious profile

  9. His artistic talent

  10. Coz I just like him! Hehehehe...

Well, here are some of his pictures. Enjoy!

Beautiful hyde...

Another picture of the beautiful hyde (the one with the blue shirt) with ken (in black shirt) and tetsu (in yellow shirt)


Very handsome and cute.... my hyde...^^;;

Pictures courtesy of Fourth Avenue Cafe.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Kisah Bihun dan Indomie

Bihun sangat iri hati terhadap Indomie. Setiap kali bertemu di supermarket mereka tidak pernah bertegur sapa, bahkan bihun sering mengolok-olok Indomie di depan umum, "Dasar kribo jelek hiih, mentang-mentang kuning & gemuk aja orang-orang lebih suka sama dia, nggak tau malu."

Hari-hari berlalu dengan semakin menumpuknya rasa kebencian. Indomie tetap adem ayem, tidak peduli bihun mau bilang apa. Pikir Indomie, "Kafilah menggonggong gue berlalu aah..."

Suatu hari di supermarket muncul barang baru bernama spaghetti. Saking tidak kuat menahan emosi, bihun berlari dari raknya dan memukuli kepala spaghetti sambil berteriak, "Jangan kira gua enggak ngenalin eloe ya!! Meskipun di-bonding begitu gue tetep tau eloe si kribo jelek itu..."


Special thanks to Ms. HS for sending me this story! :D

Gazing at The Blue Scenery

Pei gazing at the blue scenery

Special thanks to Mr. YS for the picture!

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Soccer Time!

I haven't watched professional soccer for a long time! The last match I watched was the Final Euro 2004 where Portugal lost to Greece. Hmmm... I wonder what happened to Serie A (Lega Calcio/Italian First Class League) right now. I heard the number of teams were increased. And Milan is in second position on the classification, isn't it? What makes me surprised is Parma. Although last season Parma didn't consist of famous players, it could still reach the fifth place. But now what? Second from last!? My goodness... I think I know some of the reasons, maybe it's because Prandelli left them and the new coach is so bad, and perhaps it's also because of the money crisis that it had to sell some of its young, good, and talented players. That's too bad... Although I'm not a Parma fan anymore, I still want Parma to stay in a good standing in Serie A. Yea, Parma was the first soccer team that I liked.

There are other surprising things happening too. Parma changed its name from Parma AC (Associazione Calcio) to Parma FC (Football Club). I don't really like this change. For me, AC is better since it's the original name! Hehehe... Then, a lot of players got married and had new babies. Andriy Shevchenko, Genaro Gattuso, Alessandro Costacurta, hmmm... who else... I forgot, but I knew there were more.

Moreover, this is the most surprising news! Kaká will get married in January 2005! I don't know if this is just a gossip or not. But if it's true, that's so young... Kaká is still 22 and his girlfriend, Caroline, is still 16! Whoaa.... She's lucky as Kaká never meets me, coz if he does, he will leave her and look for me! ^^;; Aiyoooo.... too much dreaming, Pei! Hehehe... Anyway, I think they are an ideal couple, coz Kaká is so cute and Caroline is pretty too. I heard they have been in a relationship for more than 3 years. Wow!!! I will pray for their happiness...

Okay, that's all for today's soccer time. If you have some news related to Serie A, or AC Milan specifically, please tell me! Thank you...

Sayang dan Cinta

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend and he said this was an interesting topic to be posted in the journal, so okay... I'll write about it. I know some of you who understand the meaning of these two words must be very curious about why I wrote those words as the title.

I told him (the friend that I was chatting with) my philosophy about the difference between 'sayang' and 'cinta'. I don't know how to translate those words in English, coz I think there is only one word for them, which is Love. For me, cinta is love that occurs between a couple, either boyfriend and girlfriend, or husband and wife, while sayang is more universal. It is love between friends and family. So I like it better when people told me that they feel sayang to me, rather than cinta. Even if I have a boyfriend in the future, I prefer the word sayang from him, coz I feel it's a deeper love, and cinta is just a lust... Well, this is just my opinion, you guys can agree or disagree with me =P

We also talked about the words that are associated with those two. For example: honey, darling, my love, babe, baby are associated with cinta; while dear or dearest are associated with sayang. So, I prefer the word dear! Hehehe... Even in Indonesia, when I was talking with my friends, we often called each other 'say', a shorter form of sayang.

Okay, that's all I have for now.

Sunday, November 7, 2004

Winter and Poems part 2

Another HYDE's song called White Song

Crisp and cleaning the winter air
I dream of a world in a peaceful sleep
Snow falling gracefully down
Rejoice in winter's deep charm
I can't wait
I can't wait

People gather around the fire
I feel all the warmth that the cold inspire
Frost covered tree tops are bright
Shimmering silver tonight
I can't wait
I can't wait

I hope snow will fall upon as soon
The whole world veiled in white
I'd be reset to face the seasons
Once again

Yes on and on falls the snow
Like diamonds from the sky

Our broken hearts
Paint them white
Lead us into a wonderland
Pure as the snow
Virgin white
A new beginning

And I hope snow will fall upon as soon
The whole world veiled in white
I'd be reset to face the seasons
Once again

(c)2002 Lyrics and music by HYDE, Haunted Records

Winter and Poem part 1

Finally I can access this blog! I have a lot of things to write about, but the server seems to be down since yesterday, and it drives me crazy!!! Hmmm... I wonder where to start. Okay, let's talk about winter. It is extremely cold right now, but my friends said it's JUST the beginning. It will get colder and colder. Hoooooooohhhhhh.... Oh God, please help me to survive...

Anyway, I'm not excited anymore to see the snow. I wish winter would be over so fast, but I know that won't happen. Although I don't like this cold weather, I know winter is the perfect setting for poems, romantic ones of course! There are 2 winter poems (songs) that I like, sung by my lovely HYDE. Hohoho... Now I'm going to write the lyrics of one of those songs. The title is Angel's Tale.

Here in my heart
Memories linger
I hold them sacred
Safe from all others
Angel's Tale...

Love such as this
Once in a lifetime
Lost in your beauty
Still dreaming of you
Angel's Tale...

You drove the sinners from me
And shone with such glory
Touching me softly
My breath torns away

Wrapped in a silver veil
Under skies so pale
Trembling as I watched you
One holy night

Snow can be warm
Didn't you know that?
Just like a snowflake
Falling from heaven
Angel's Tale...

I kept my feelings from you
The heavens divide us
I longed to tell you
All my heart's desire

If only I had wings
Wings as white as yours
Up into the sky
I'd surely fly

Yes, on such snowy nights
Memories revive
Your eternal flame
Burning again secret

Here in my heart
Memories linger
I hold them sacred
Safe from all others
Angel's Tale...

(c)2001 Lyrics and music by HYDE, Haunted Records

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Why Are Human Beings Never Satisfied?

Do you realize that human beings never feel satisfied? After getting what they want, they will ask for more. As for myself, being a perfectionist, I never feel satisfied either. Well, not never, but very rare.

When I was a child, I wanted to wear glasses to give me an intellectual impression. Now, if I could, I'd rather not wear my glasses. Also when I was a child, I wanted to be older, so I could do everything that I wanted. Now, I have a lot lot lot of problems. If I could, I would rather be a little child forever, coz I wouldn't have to think about my problems. All I had to do are playing, eating, and sleeping. When I was still in Indonesia, I really dreamt of studying abroad. Now, I want to go home.

There are still so many examples that I can't write them all. The conclusion is I, so do all human beings, never feel satisfied with all that we get. We never know why, maybe this is the basic characteristic of human beings. I wonder when we will stop asking for something...