Thursday, November 18, 2004

High School Madness

At this particular moment, I'm gonna talk about my last year in my senior high school. There were three majors for the third year students: Natural Science, Literature and Social studies. I was in the Natural Science major. People usually think that students in the Natural Science majors must be super smart and quiet, always studying, no fun time at all, and very obedient. In fact, all of them were proven wrong! Totally wrong! Heuehueheuehue...

Yea, sometimes we were quiet, but it depended on who was currently teaching. If it was Mr. W's lesson, who-hoooo!!! Partying, eating, chatting, or sleeping time! Hehehe... Sorry Mr. W, we didn't mean to be disrespectful, it's just that your lesson was the only relaxing time we had. Hehehehe....

Super smart? Hoho... Look at our grades, so colorful. Red and black, looked like AC Milan, hehehe.... (we use red for 59 and below -out of 100-, black for 60 to 100, so red meant bad grade). Okay, I admit that we did study everyday, but not every time. Sometimes I organized a rebellion to abandon homework. Hohohoho...

Very obedient? Look at our biggest case: the objection of Mrs. K to teach during our free hours. Well, my individual biggest case was 'The Tragedy of Origami' during Mrs. R's class. We're really sorry to our teachers. We know we were so impudent, but teenagers are always naughty, rite? Hehehe... So, please forgive us...

We were having a great time, especially because there was our creative comedian and clown: Ms. RP. Hehehe... She was my desk mate, and she was the one who turned me into this more 'insane' girl. Hauahuahuahua... But I like being your desk mate though. I miss your jokes and your weird-but-funny acts!!! Hehehehe...

Anyway, today's song will be my class' Theme Song part 1. I believe the lyrics were created by Ms. RP. The music is the same melody as Sherina's song 'Bermain Musik'. Special thanks to Ms. RP for creating this funny lyrics and for the wonderful time during the third year of senior high school.

Dengarlah kawan apa yang kuhafalkan
Persamaan linier matematika
Ayolah kawan ayo bawalah rumus yang kau punya
Hafalkan juga bersamaku sambil bernyanyi
∆y/∆x gradien 2 titik
Kalau gradien sama pastilah garisnya sejajar
Janganlah lupa tegak lurus
m1 x m2 = -1 yeah!!!
Tralalalalalala belajar IPA bersama
Kegiatan yang berguna ceriakan hati!

English translation:
Listen friends to what I'm memorizing
Mathematical linear equation
Come on friends bring the formula that you have
Let's memorize it while singing together with me
∆y/∆x gradient of two points
If the gradients are the same then the lines must be paralel
Don't forget the perpendicular equation
m1 x m2 = -1 yeah!!!
Tralalalalalala studying Natural Science together
A beneficial activity that delights our heart!

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