Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Now I'm going to talk about my favorite singer: HYDE-sama!!! Originally from Japan, his real name is Takarai Hideto, and he's the lead vocal of L'Arc~en~Ciel. His name is written in lower case (hyde) when referring to him in L'Arc~en~Ciel, otherwise it is written in all capital letters (HYDE). I started to know him on January 2001. At first I didn't like his voice coz it sounded weird to me. But after listening for some time, hmmm.. it's not that bad at all... Later, I bought L'Arc~en~Ciel VCD called Chronicle and it was awesome! Then I became their 'normal' fan, until I watched Grand Cross Tour 1999. Wahhhh!!! His movement was so gracious! Hehehe... And it made me crazy about him. A young and cute guy, I predicted he was 20 something years old. I was so surprised when I found out that he was 33 years old and already married! Huhuhu... Too bad.... hehehehe....

Anyway, I proudly present 10 Things I Like About HYDE:
  1. His super high quality voice!

  2. His cute face

  3. His gracious movement

  4. His handsome face

  5. His beautiful face (What?! Hehehehe....) Sounds cool, rite? He can either be a girl or a guy xD

  6. His weird acts

  7. His funniness

  8. His mysterious profile

  9. His artistic talent

  10. Coz I just like him! Hehehehe...

Well, here are some of his pictures. Enjoy!

Beautiful hyde...

Another picture of the beautiful hyde (the one with the blue shirt) with ken (in black shirt) and tetsu (in yellow shirt)


Very handsome and cute.... my hyde...^^;;

Pictures courtesy of Fourth Avenue Cafe.

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