Thursday, February 14, 2008


One by one, all the problems went away
With you there by my side, I'm not afraid
You held my hands tight, smiled and said,
"Don't give up. I'm here with you..."
With words as simple as those, I could feel your support

When I couldn't continue anymore, you came to the rescue
When my tears ran down on my cheeks, you lent me your shoulders
And when the success came, you said "Great job!"

Being shown your silly acts, I would laugh
Being treated with your kindness, I would feel grateful
Being stared at so deeply, and being told "I love you",
I would blush...
As if I was going to melt down...

But then I was thrown back from the land of the dreams
You, you're not here with me
No matter how much I wish, I know the infinite impossibilities
Having to face the reality, it hurts so much... so deeply...
Please, don't pull me to the painful surface

Oh, how I wish I could stay there forever...

1 comment:

  1. I feel same thing too....

    pei...would be great if you more often write your blog....

    cia yoo....katanya kaka mau pindah ke liga inggris lho tapi blm ada kabar mau kemana