Thursday, November 13, 2008

Interesting but weird at the same time

I had a nice dream, but in a way it's kinda weird. In the dream, I was friend with Laruku. Even more, tetsu and I were an item. This is the weird part since I'm not a big fan of him (I'm a fan, but I'm not crazy about him as I'm crazy about hyde). The dream would be more perfect if it was hyde who became my boyfriend. Hahahaha...

So anyway, the dream had something to do with cell phone numbers. tetsu was being extremely careful, and he decided to delete his number from my cell to avoid leaking information. He was afraid that my friends would look at my cell phone and start spreading his phone number to all of the fans. His rationale was quite understandable, proven by one of my friends wanting to borrow my cellphone to see Laruku's cell numbers. As I tried to keep their numbers secret, I didn't have any other choice than to refuse her, although she was quite persistent. tetsu's reason was valid, but my friend told me that it was not fair for him to delete his number from my cell. She was right, I was quite mad since I was his girlfriend after all. "Couldn't he trust me more?" I thought to myself.

And then it was the time for me and my friend to go to Laruku's concert. Of course, Laruku had gone to the venue first to prepare for everything. Somehow when we got there, the concert hall was so huge that we were lost. There were no signs anywhere that indicated where the entrance was. I decided to call ken right away, but he didn't pick up the phone. I realized that ken was usually busy with his guitars before the concert that he never picked up any calls. My friend blamed tetsu for deleting his number from my cell, so now we couldn't even contact him when we needed his help. I actually had his number memorized, I just didn't tell my friend about it. But I was still mad at him that I didn't want to call him either. So we just decided to ask the people around if they knew where the entrance was. Nobody knew where it was, those people weren't even there for Laruku's concert. As I was desperate not to be late for the concert, I took my phone and started dialing hyde's number. It was connecting, waiting the destination to pick up the phone. I was waiting patiently, and finally there was the sound of somebody picking it up...

And then my alarm rang... Awesome, just at the perfect moment -__-;;; I haven't even had a chance to listen to hyde's voice!!! Arrrgghhhh damn it! Why is it that something always wakes me up when my dream is reaching its perfect moment T__T

As I was taking shower, I tried to analyze what just happened in the dream. It sure was strange. First of all, I never desire to be tetsu's girlfriend. Second, he's a married man, you know. And then, why did I choose ken as the first person to contact? Why not hyde? And why is it that I didn't even think of yukkie? In the dream, I remembered seeing ken and hyde when tetsu was messing with my cellhone, but I didn't see yukkie anywhere. And why is it that the dream revolved around phone numbers in the first place? Hahahaha... It's just so weird. Nevertheless, it's an interesting one xD

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  1. Lucu!!!

    I was waiting for your conversation with Hyde too!! Damn that alarm! :P