Friday, November 14, 2008

Annual Health Examination

This is the first time I ever had it. Back then my mom always said I was still young that I did not need anything like that. But then I worry a lot. What if there is something wrong with my health and it is already too late by the time we know it? Now that my health insurance covers 100% of the annual check up cost, I decided to use the opportunity. However, I am very sensitive to pain. I think I only have a very little resistance to it. When something hurts me a little, I can't stand it already.

Not knowing what the check up comprised of, I just went ahead and take it. They started off with a physical exam from the head to toe. It felt kinda weird having to take off everything. Although I was given the medical gown, but I still felt uncomfortable.

The next thing was the pelvic exam. I heard in order to get the test material, the doctor would have to put some sort of stick inside your private organ. I imagined it to hurt a lot, I was very scared. But after the doctor asked me several questions, she determined that I did not need to take it at this point. Ahhh... I was relieved.

She went on to check my immunization records. Apparently my last tetanus shot was 10 years ago, so she decided I should get the shot right there right then *shocked*. She said it should be fine, it should only hurt a little. I guess I should be fine too. When I took it last time in 6th grade, it hurt, but I could stand it. She told me on the count of three "take a deep breath and I'll give the injection." One... two... Before I could take my deep breath, she already poked the needle!!! I was caught off guard, it felt as if I was sewing something and my hand slipped and the needle stuck to my upper arm. Hahahaha... And then she warned me that the arm would feel a little sore. Now, as the time passes by, it hurts a lot!!! It's not just "a little"... x|

I thought my pain would end at that time. Apparently, she decided that I should get a blood test on Sunday. Ugghhh... The last time I got my blood taken was when I was still in 1st grade. I can clearly recall that the needle was much bigger than the immunization needle, and I cried like crazy at that time. It will be painful. The thoughts of fresh blood flowing out of my body is driving me crazy. I'm scared to death!!!! *fainted* @_@

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