Thursday, December 11, 2008

Clean-Up Project

It has been a long time since I want to do a clean-up on my blog. I think since I opened this blog years ago, I have gotten more mature quite a bit. When I read back all my posts from the past, once in a while I thought 'Really? I wrote this?'. Some of them showed how childish I was. Not sure if those were the product of emotion, but I guess it's a good indication that I'm growing up, not just stagnant. However, I do feel the need to remove some of them, since they were nothing but a bunch of unimportant grumble. They would just make the readers feel bored anyway. Hahahaha...

And recently I learned that it is not secure to use your real identity. I used to write about anything that I liked to write about, be it a personal or non-personal. Now that I realized it is insecure to do that, I decided to remove anything that is too personal. And yeah, I used to write the real name of anyone that I wrote about. That is not good, not for that particular person, and not for me either. I apologize for anyone who was involved in this. During the clean-up, I'll make sure to keep the anonymity.

Lastly, I am in the process of updating the layout. I asked my little sister to design it for me. She showed me the first revision and I can assure you it is going to be GOOD! I feel sorry though for my current layout as it is there only for a short period of time. Poor Keita! Hahahaha... I'm planning to keep the Keita layout on my LJ though =)

Since I have more than 500 posts, the clean up will take a very long time. I will try to work on it during my free time and hopefully I can finish it as soon as possible. And now the Clean-Up Project begins!

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