Friday, October 24, 2008

Random thoughts about SUGIZO

Listening to SUGIZO's new album, COSMOSCAPE, reminds me of his movie with Kou Shibasaki "Soundtrack". I've wanted to see the movie for quite sometime now, but I couldn't find anywhere to download it with or without subs. I'm debating with myself too whether I really want to watch it, since it seems like a scary movie of some sort. I watched one of the clips in YouTube and at the end of the clip there was this red-dressed lady that looked like a ghost, and it freaked me out. I remembered I was too afraid to sleep or go to the bathroom after watching that clip. Hehe.. What makes me want to watch it is the music, especially Synchronicity, it's really great! I also heard from those who already watched it that both SUGIZO and Kou Shibasaki successfully portrayed their characters' feelings and emotions really well.

Triggered by that, I started searching for Soundtrack again. During the process, I found out that SUGIZO is actually quite good looking!!! Only if he doesn't put any of his J-Rock make-up though... Still, I must say that HYDE is more handsome and cuter, haha...

By the way, I still haven't watched Soundtrack until now -_-;;

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  1. Baru nyadar yah SUGIZO cakep.. ^^
    Hehehe, lu sama aja kayak gwe, suka kebayang2 bis nonton horor
    Jadi, kapan mw nonton?