Thursday, March 1, 2007

Shoujo Dream

I think I have to reduce the amount of manga that I read, or dorama and stuff like that. Especially stories about Japanese high school girls. I think I watch or read those kind of stories too much. Hahaha.. I actually do like them a lot, because it's full of colors and romantic! When I say it's full of colors I mean it in a connotative way. It doesn't necessarily mean I read full-colored manga, if you know what I mean. I think it's like a fantasy to me. I really wanted to experience all those stuff if I could. You know, stuff like high school cultural festival, Tanabata festival, sports festival, making and giving chocolate on the Valentine's day, walking with a boyfriend under a light snow while viewing a great scenery on the Christmas eve, all those stuff that you can read in girls manga. Hehehehe... But somehow it's a bit too much until a similar manga storyline got into my dream last night. When I think about it again, I just couldn't believe I had that kind of dream. Hahaha... But I guess it's a fun thing to share with, since I've never dreamt something like this before.

It began when my friends and I got into a concert site for a famous new music duo. We didn't have the tickets, I don't know why. Maybe because I wasn't a fan of them before. So basically we just took a peek on those singers since we were allowed to be on the site until the show started. One of them is a girl, a gorgeous one! She looked so energetic and pretty, and I felt like I wanna take a picture with her. But too bad the show was starting, so the security asked us to leave. Then I decided just to hang out outside until the performance was finished, and I would take a picture with her.

I walked around outside to kill the time; there were some free food for the guests but the staff didn't know who were guests and who weren't, so I just picked up some food. In my dream, I even remembered about fasting time, I asked the staff if it was Friday because I saw bacon on the food. Fortunately it was Thursday so I could eat the food. Before I knew, the show had finished. I spotted the other singer, a guy, and with lots of effort I brought him to my group of friends. I asked him to wait there because I wanna find the gorgeous girl and take a picture together. I did find the girl, and it was all fine. I asked her to come along with me but when I reached back to my group of friends, she wasn't there anymore. I don't know, it was very crowded so I couldn't see her anymore. Maybe other fans were trying to take pics or get signature from her too.

The guy said it didn't matter, so the two of us took a pic together. He was taller than me, so he bent his knee and reached my shoulder so the picture looked kinda cute. Hmmm... a nice guy, I thought. And when I looked at him and thought about it again, this singer was actually pretty cute! He had a long hair, shoulder-length. Just the type that I like in a manga. Then all my friends, me and him took a pic together again. I stood beside him, and I leaned closer to him. And apparently, we were very close to each other, so after we took the picture.................. I got kissed.

And that's the end of the story. Because my alarm clock went off and it showed the time was already 11 am. Hahahaha... So that's the story, pretty cool huh? I've never had this kind of shoujo dream before. But seriously, the guy was cute! Kakkoi desu ne.... =P~~


  1. wahhh, saya juga mau mimpi dicium cowo cakep... :P

  2. Hahah, i dare not post these fantasy dreams on my xanga coz my bf will be mad lol how's intership search going? good luck with everything !

  3. haha..mimpinya seruuu..!! laen kali km mimpi ttg mbikin coklat pas valentine atau bawa bekal buat cowo lu yang tanding baseball..hehe..bener2 manga banget!!