Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stickers on CD/DVD Covers

Recently I just bought some CDs and DVDs to complete my w-inds. collection. The buying process was quite complicated, it took almost six months until the stuff finally got delivered to my hands, but I was still excited waiting for them to arrive. Once I got them, I noticed a small problem, small yet irritating enough even until now. The CDs and the DVDs have "proof of originality" stickers on their covers.

Damn... Don't they know that my reason for buying original stuff is to get a perfect cover and booklet? Who on earth are stupid enough to put stickers right on the cover? I mean, I don't mind the CDs and the DVDs having a proof of originality sticker or anything, I think it's good to know that you're not getting a cheap pirated version. But why don't they just stick it on the case, even better on the plastic wrap? WHY THE HECK DID THEY STICK IT RIGHT ON THE COVER? Even worse, they put THREE BIG stickers on each cover, and they can't be peeled off without damaging the cover itself.

Geez, I'm so mad >_< From now on, I'm gonna stick to Japanese/Hong Kong/Taiwan version.

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