Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are you ready? 2007 またハートに火をつけろ!in OKINAWA

I finally watched L'Arc~en~Ciel's Are you ready? 2007 またハートに火をつけろ!in OKINAWA DVD which I've abandoned for almost a year! I haven't watched the second DVD yet though. Hahaha... I bought a lot of DVDs lately in an attempt to complete my Laruku and w-inds. collection, but they keep releasing new stuff (which is good!) before I finished watching everything, so many got abandoned =P

From watching the DVDs, I could tell that there were various types of people that came to watch Laruku. From young to not-too-young (I can't say old because they are not grannies), people from all around the world, etc. The way those people dressed were also different. I can see people in casual clothing, cute dress, feminine type, rock style, kimono, and another one that I only saw in this DVD (which means in Okinawa): beach style!!! You know, girls with bikini top and beach sarong. Hold on... Why did I review the audience instead of the DVD content in the first place???

Well, I only have one thing to say about this DVD: hyde IS SO SEXY!!!! Especially during Pretty girl, the backdrop screen was showing a girl dancing shaking her butt throughout the whole song, and hyde exactly did the same thing!!! And then metropolis, he's always so inviting whenever he sings that xD~ If possible, I would certainly hug him right away after he finished singing those songs xD

OK, let's get into the right direction. The song list contains some old and new songs (new at that time, from the KISS album, I believe this concert was held before the Theatre of Kiss). The songs that I love most was there, 叙情詩 (Joujoushi), performed at the end of the show, as lovely as usual. I'm also happy that 砂時計 (Sunadokei) was in the set list as well.

Something worth noting:
  • Watch Link carefully, and you might see hyde tried to poke the others' butt. Hahaha... He went to ken first, and tetsu after that. Of course, he wasn't able to do that to yukkie, since yukkie was sitting to play the drums. He's such a naughty boy! Hahahaha...

  • Unlike the other concerts, after the concert ended, all the members came out to the stage again and bowed to the audience while holding hands. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the first time they did it. Oh, before that, tetsu made sure that he threw enough bananas to the audience! He might be promoting "a banana a day prevents a problem in the restroom", if you know what I mean. Hahahahha... JUST KIDDING!

  • P'unk~en~Ciel performed two songs: Feeling Fine 2007 and HONEY 2007. I must say they were so great to be able to play twice faster than the normal speed. You know how HONEY is already a fast tempo song normally, so playing it faster than that is really amazing. By the way, I like the way they played HONEY 2007. Slow, and fast, and slow again, and fast again. It's like they were trying to tease us! Hahaha...

Overall, I personally think that the concert can't be put into the same level as Grand Cross, L'Anniversary, and Theatre of Kiss. But it's LARUKU, you know!!! So it's still good as always. Worth watching =D

PS: If there are things worth noting on the second DVD, I'll make sure to write about it! ^^

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