Monday, July 20, 2009

The most amazing 5 seconds in my life

I tend to do stupid things when I'm nervous.

There was a rumor that the VAMPS autograph session was only for the first 100 people, so I left four and a half hours early to get to the venue. I reached there exactly at 10 am (the session didn't start until 2 pm), and I was approximately the 50th person that got there.

When I looked around, everyone was in a Punk/Gothic attire. With only T-shirt and jeans, I seemed so out of place. They were all so full of VAMPS spirit: wearing VAMPS merchandise, purple and pink colored clothing, brass knuckles, etc. Some of them even colored their hair and nails hot pink and purple. I also saw people dressed up in Lolita style (full with the Rocking Horse shoes) and Kimono (complete with the wooden sandals). I really looked so plain compared to them! Hahahaha.... By the way, I saw two middle aged women wearing punk clothing too! Oh my gosh, I'm pretty sure they were around the same age as my mom ^^;;

With me looking so out of place, it was really hard to blend in with the crowds. I tried to start a conversation with two punk kids in front of me, but it didn't go that well. Finally I met this lady, Ms. JY, who was queuing up by herself, and she also dressed casually like I did. I started talking to her and we got along nicely =) Although she was pretty quiet and I was more chatty ^^;;

An hour before the session started, the line had gotten really long. And then something happened. There was this store that got blocked by the line. The owner got irritated or something, and she started to act like a staff member, telling us that we were lining up in the wrong place. She asked us to follow her, and we all stupidly believed her! Thinking back, I don't even know why we simply followed her lead (she didn't even wear a staff uniform, nor did she have any badge). Maybe we were hypnotized? Hehehe... Anyway. she left us confused in the middle, and the line got really messed up. Then we just realized that we were fooled! Dang it... Those people that were at the back became at the front of the line and vice versa. Guess what? I became the X hundredth person in line =( Of course all of us who came very early got really really mad, and things started to get out of hand. Then the Showbox staff came and sorted things out, and I regained my position as the fiftieth or so person in line xD

At long last it was two o'clock and we started moving inside. Oh my gosh, I got really really excited!!! I kept telling Ms. JY "Oh my gosh, I'm gonna meet HYDE, I'M GONNA MEET HYDE!!!" And you know what, my body started shaking out of the nervousness. Well, I had wanted to see him since nine years ago, and I finally got a chance to do so. Still lining up, I caught a glimpse of that familiar figure. I said to Ms. JY again, "Oh my gosh! It is HYDE! IT IS HYDE!!!!" The big security guard who stood close to me said, "Don't worry kid, I ain't going anywhere. Don't get too excited." I didn't really understand what he meant. Either he jokingly implied that I was going crazy for him (the security guy), or he thought I would get too excited to the point that I would kidnap HYDE. Hahahahaha...

In those few minutes, I rehearsed what I planned to do when I met HYDE: give him my VAMPS CD, watch him sign it, shake his hand while saying thank you, and then tell him "keep up the good work" with a big smile =)

And then my turn came. I gave the CD to the staff and he passed it in to KAZ. He signed my CD and slide it to HYDE, without even looking up =( He was gonna sign the next person's item, but I raised my hand right in front of his face (he was looking down, his head was really close to the table). Oops! Hehehe... I'm sorry for the rudeness, KAZ, but I really don't want to waste this opportunity =P I could tell he was a little surprised, but he still looked up to me and shook my hand while smiling. I said "thank you" and he said the same thing to me. KAZ was such a sweet person =)

Then I stepped in front of HYDE. It was dark so I couldn't really tell what he was wearing (or maybe I was just too nervous to pay attention). His hair was curly and he was as cute as ever. He signed my CD and shook my hand. I said "thank you" and then he said "thank you so much" while looking right into my eyes. May I repeat one more time, HE LOOKED AT ME RIGHT INTO MY EYES!!! OH MY GOD!!! The moment we had an eye contact, everything just went blur. HE IS EXTREMELY GORGEOUS!!! I don't really remember what happened after that, I think his gaze successfully numbed my entire brain. Hahaha... All I know is that I left without telling him to keep up the good work. And I stupidly touched the part of the CD with his signature on it when it wasn't dry yet, so his signature now had my fingerprint on it -__-;;

Speaking of which, I didn't really prepare anything to be given to HYDE or KAZ. I just thought they would get lots of letters that they wouldn't have the time to read mine. As for presents, they would probably be given to the staff members instead. I didn't even try to make any impression on him, he met a lot of people everyday so he wouldn't even remember me anyway. I think there were only two ways for a fan to be remembered: either by being extremely weird, or extremely pretty/attractive. One of the girls who lined up in front of me excitedly showed HYDE a "HYDE" word tattoo on her back. I heard him saying "oh cool", but after she left, he made a weird eye contact with a western-looking staff in front of him (maybe it was J?), the sort of eye contact that you made to your friend when someone did something weird in front of you both. I certainly didn't want to be remembered as a weird person, but no matter what I did, I knew there would still be people prettier or more attractive than me, so whatever. HYDE might not have a memory of me, but I will have a memory of him =) I don't know, maybe I'm getting old. For some reason I start to get more realistic than ever.

Alright, this is getting too long. I'll stop now and continue with the live story later. Stay tuned.

P.S. Sorry, no pics. The staff threatened that they would take our ticket and ban us from the concert if they saw us taking pictures.

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