Wednesday, March 2, 2005

When a girl cries...

Got this from Ms. MR's bulletin board in Friendster (thanks!), and I modified the spelling a little bit.

If a girl cries in front of you,
it means that she couldn't take it anymore.

If you take her hand,
she would stay with you for the rest of your life.

If you let her go,
she couldn't go back to being herself anymore.

A girl won't cry easily,
only when she loves you the most, she put down her ego.

if a girl cries because of you, please don't give her up,
maybe because of your decision, you ruin her life.

When she cries right in front of you,
when she cries because of you,
look into her eyes,
can you see and feel the pain and hurt she's feeling?

which other girl have cried with pure, sincerity,
in front of you, and because of you?

She cries not because she is weak,
she cries not because she wants sympathy or pity,
she cries because crying silently is no longer possible.

Guys, think about it,
if a girl cries her heart out to you, and all because of you,
it's time to look back on what you have done,
only you will know the answer for it.

Do consider it,
because one day,
it may be too late for regrets,
it may be too late to say "I'm sorry"...

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