Friday, March 11, 2005

I wonder why...

I wonder why I can't have my freedom
I wonder why I can't choose my own way
I wonder why everyone always tries to take the happiness away from me
Don't you like to see me happy?

Mind your own business
You don't know anything at all
It's me who go through all this

I feel enough pain already
Don't let me suffer more
Don't take the only reason I can keep on living with a soul
Otherwise I'll be alive but also dead like a robot

Please don't...


  1. -transferred from the old commenting system-

    That's called being ADULT. Lets find Neverland......

    a1^v3 | 03.11.05 - 9:44 am

  2. -transferred from the old commenting system-

    This is just Rodr7guez stopping by to see wussup with you. Did you write this poem "I Wonder Why."
    I Like it. I'm just trying to picture you saying this.

    Anyway, i've been reading a lost of your blogs, catching up on Pei's life. But its almost 6am and i didn't get any sleep yet. I've been on your blogger for the past hour. So...yeah, i'm kind of rambaling now with a lot to say, but too lazy to write it down.
    But I like your title, i'mma write a poem to it on my blog. Check it out sometime!

    Much luv, see ya...

    Your inspired friend,
    Rodriguez B. Se7eN

    Rodr7guez | 03.12.05 - 5:47 am