Monday, March 21, 2005

Breaking News!!!

Alright, I just applied the Classical Physics theorem in a real life situation this morning, which is elastic collision between two objects in which the second object is at rest. Huhuhuhu... T_T

I was making a bowl of instant noodle when suddenly my head hit the opened cupboard door. Oh my goodness, what was I thinking?! Seriously, I didn't see anything at all in front of me, I didn't see that the door was there!!! Beeeeehhhh...

Okay, here is the detail of the scene... My head hit the door, and as the theorem stated, the velocity of my head became zero, but then the door moved and collided into the wall and then changed its direction, and crashed at my head again!!! Ya ampyurrrrr... (translation : Oh my goodness....). Geezzz... My head is still in pain until now, I hope my brain is alright and I won't become dumb.

Well, that is the end of today's breaking news. Keep checking frequently for some 'fresh' news! Pei from 'The Pei Kiyuth inc.' will be back soon!


  1. -transferred from the old commenting system-

    ADOOOO MAKKK!!! PEIIII ATI2 DONGGG!!! ...kok crobohnya gua nular ke elu sih! Tadi pagi juga gua nabrak tiang bus... untung ga benjol... HUAHAHAH... malu banget kejedot di tempat umum...

    Prisil | 03.22.05 - 6:10 am

  2. -transferred from the old commenting system-

    Lumayan bikin pusing tuh hahaha... nyut2an sampe skolah... untung tidur memang obat mujarab hehe

    Prisil | 03.24.05 - 5:19 am

  3. -transferred from the old commenting system-

    waduh pris,,, ati2 dong!! Sakit gak? Gue sih udah lama nggak kejedug palanya, tapi jatoh barusan aja tuh kena black ice... cakiiittt...!!!

    Cecil | 03.22.05 - 11:24 pm