Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Around My Bed

Let me describe what I have around my bed. First, I have 3 pictures that are hanging on the wall beside my bed. The first one is Kaká, my favorite soccer player from AC Milan. For further explanation about him, please see my old post.


The other pictures are my great masterpieces, which I drew in the first year of senior high school. Salmon Winter. The assignment was for free drawing. Since I didn't have any good idea what to draw, I used a Christmas card as an example. I was so surprised that I could draw a good picture (in my opinion). Why did I choose Salmon Winter as the title? I chose Salmon because the sky color was salmon, and Winter because the picture was full of snow.

Salmon Winter

Mozaic. The basic rule for this picture was to draw some objects and then paint them with varieties of colors which still belong in the same color category. I liked blue, so I chose blue as the main color, then I chose green and violet which were close to blue. Not as I expected, after the paint was dry, the color turned into pink instead of violet. Fortunately, the picture still looked nice.


Other than pictures, I brought two dolls from my home, which are always there besides me when I sleep. Their initials are TM and MM. TM was a birthday gift from my childhood friend, Ms. PF. Along with 4 other bunny dolls (another TM, BM, and another BM), it formed a bunny family! Too bad it suffers from a skin disease (losing some of its fur), because I washed it too much. MM, I don't know why I could give that name when I was a little child. In Indonesian, it sounds a little bit dirty. Hehehehe... That's why I censored it into MM, just think that it is an acronym of Mickey Mouse then. MM is the second doll that my Dad bought for me. I think it was originally from Singapore. The first doll was Anak Orens (Orange Child), but I don't know why it's not so special for me compared to MM. TM and MM hold a special value in my heart, but my mom thought I was too old to keep the dolls. Therefore, I brought them here so that my mom couldn't throw them away.

My cute dolls

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