Tuesday, July 26, 2005

diversity and morality

WARNING!!! The content below may not be suitable for some people. Therefore bear in mind that the purpose of this post is solely for expressing my personal thoughts and opinions, no more than that. I'm not responsible for any reactions or behaviors that resulted from this post. Comments are still acceptable as long as they are presented in appropriate ways.

I've always wondered why diversity exists in this world as if it is very useful. We have learned since we were little kids that diversity (hopefully) enriches our world and our lives. But, does it really work that way? Through my observations and my own experiences, I've learned that it works in the opposite way instead. A lot of conflicts and riots happen because of the diversity itself, especially the cultural and religious clashes. Diversity limits our movements and our relationships with other people.

As for my religion, I've never questioned its value before. I do believe in my religion even until now. But I find some disconnection between the two sides that have been taught and rooted inside of me. I've never tried to blend science and religion into one sense, as I know it won't ever work at all. Yet, a study about morality that usually agrees on religion also denies all of it. I know that I wasn't good on it, and I always thought it was a useless subject, but there are some things that have been embedded deep in my heart and in my mind. 12 years of studying PPKn, I remembered clearly the basic things such as "don't force a religion on someone." I'm pretty sure all of the Indonesians remember this too. However, that's just merely a theory, isn't it? Easier said than done. For instance some religions restrict people of having some benefits if they marry others of different religions. Even worse, some religions also forbid people to marry others of certain religions. Don't you feel it's wrong? Contradicting the theory, those 'rules' indirectly force people to have some certain religions. I also feel the urge from people around me to make my prospective partner believe in my religion, otherwise I ought to find and marry another guy of the same religion. To be honest, I'm pissed off. So what's the point of penetrating those morality doctrines in my early years then? Why don't you just say everything honestly straight from the very beginning?

I know that the world would be dull if there was always a unity in every living aspect. Still, our world is too diverse that it can't take it anymore. The vision of having one single religion, language, or even culture throughout the entire world seems so blissful to me, though I know it won't be the perfect condition too. At any rate, I just want a harmony around me, at least around people whom I love. Is it possible???

Again, this is only a thought that needs to be expressed. No offense to anyone. Peace!


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    Very good thought. You sounded like someone who has read a lot of such books and have been thinking from different perspective. That's a good thing. I'm very happy to find you thinking critically, taking accounts of other perspective rather then just pondering "in the box"! I don't know where you get all these info nor do i know what conjure your frustration all of a sudden. But the good news is you're beginning to think critically. This is the time where you'll find actions and thoughts that contradict each other. Perhaps, things that doesn't make sense to you and you wonder why you've been doing that for the past 18 years. Now that you could see things from different aspect and this is where you'll have to make-up your stand and believe in what you believe best for yourself. I hope the critical reasoning class will provide you with skills to do that.

    Gene | 07.26.05 - 1:51 am

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    I know exactly how you feel as you know my story... It is very depressing to find that what I believe in for so long has stop me on being happy. I hurt myself, I hurt someone I care about, I lost a friend because of it. But, what can I say, I made the decision, I gave in to the unfairness. But who says you can't challenge it? And anyway, religion is always good. It's just the people who practice it that makes it so complicated. But, I guess that's life with its ups and downs. Just remember, you will always have your friends and family that would back you up. ;)

    cecil | 07.26.05 - 11:04 am

  3. Others can make comments or suggestions or critiques, but the decission is yours. Just use them as 2nd opinion. Gud lakkkk!!!!!