Sunday, December 5, 2004

My High School Days

After three years being there, I finally graduated from my senior high school. I still remember the time being a first year student, I was bullied by the seniors. I had to find their personal data and do their assignments, was not allowed to walk on some specific streets and corridors, and many more. Furthermore, I had a big fight with the entire class except a small group of friends, which actually was a misunderstanding caused by some annoying 'parasites'. At that time I wondered everyday if I could survive there, but I managed to 'stay alive' and pass to the second year.

In the second year everything got better. I got into a lively class and had some very nice friends. We had a trip together to the amusement park and did a small surprise to all of the teachers (was it small? Hehehehe..) Yea, we acted like kindergarten children throughout the day. Well actually, we did that for three or four days. Wahhhh!!! I miss you guys a lotttttttttttttt!!! Anyway, I think I really had a good time in this year as I was already free from those irritating seniors. Oh! Then the unforgettable experience: Live-in. In this program, all of the students had to live in a remote village for 5 days (was it 5 or 3? I forgot already). Some of them experienced sleeping or taking shower beside a cow, some ppl experienced taking shower in the river, and some ppl even experienced not taking shower at all during the entire program! Hehehehe... That sounded disgusting. Keep in mind that I took shower everyday =P Another thing I experienced was going to a rice field and becoming a seller in a very small shop (In Indonesian we call it 'warung').

In the third year, I got into the Natural Science class. Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology had been our daily meal. Hehehehe... I had another enjoyable year, but at that time I was very busy and my mind couldn't stop thinking about how I could memorize all those stuffs for the final exams. I also had to apply to a lot of universities and do various tests and write some essays for the application requirements. Hmmm... I think I already told the story about my final high school year in my past post, so I won't continue any further.

Now, it's about the Graduation Day. We did some practice for the graduation ceremony, but at that time we heard some gossips that there were a few ppl who didn't manage to graduate. Most of the students were in panic, some of them even cried. Early in the morning (was it early? hehehehe...) around 10, with cold hands we were waiting for the graduation announcement. What I had prayed everyday came true! All of us managed to graduate! YeaY! So in the evening we proudly walked into the ceremony hall accompanied by the marching band. We received our yearbooks and medals, and I also got a trophy! Hehehehe... After that the teachers sang a farewell song for us. It was so touching, all of us cried while listening to it. After that, we did an inaugural 'returning the students to their parents', so the parents put off the hat and the tie that we wore. Then we had dinner and the event continued to some kind of informal party. It was closed by singing a farewell song together with hand in hand. Ohh... recalling this makes my tears roll down. I miss you, miss you, miss you!

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