Sunday, December 5, 2004

Cute Monkey

This is my cute little monkey. I found it in Taman Safari (a combination of safari, zoo, and amusement park), Puncak - West Java and brought it home. It always sat in front of my house waiting for me to get back from school. Hehehehe... Just kidding. I didn't lie about the location where I found this monkey, but I didn't bring it home for sure. Stealing animals from there is prohibited, also my mom didn't like to have pet since my sisters and I were so lazy to take care of it. Anyway, do you agree that this monkey, especially its pose, is so cute? My boyfriend and Mr. DL didn't, but I really think that this is so cute and not disgusting at all ^^

The picture was taken by either my dad, myself, or my sister. I don't remember -__-;;

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  1. -transferred from the old commenting system-

    I think there's a problem with your definition of "cute"!!! For I don't think that monkey is cute in any nature....................hehehehehe..........

    Gene | 12.06.04 - 11:11 pm