Friday, December 30, 2011

VAMPS Live Story

Last night feels like a dream.

Continuing from the previous post, after the autograph session Ms. JY and I went to grab a quick bite from the nearby McDonald's, and we came back asap to line up for the concert. The door was supposed to be open at 8 pm, but in reality we got to get in around 8:30 pm. Yup, previously we waited for 4 hours for the autograph session, so with this we had been waiting for almost 10 hours!!! Obviously it was really boring, but I managed to survive by spending time on various activities, such as listening to VAMPS' songs, chatting with fellow VAMPS' fans, and calling my boyfriend and parents to brag that I got to meet HYDE and get his autograph (originally I wanted to brag to my sisters but they were still sleeping. Oh well... Anyone will do =P)

While waiting in line, I made new friends with several HYDE's fans, and we unintentionally created an international circle: me from Indonesia, Ms. JY from Hong Kong, Ms. AI from Japan, Mr. M from the US, Mr. RA from Iraq, and Mr. PJS from Korea. Let me tell you, they were such a nice people =)

Anyway, when we got in, there were already a lot of people in front of the stage. I also wanted to stand close to he stage, but the people in front of me were so tall that they blocked my view. We ended up going a little further away, but we found this nice place that was a little higher and had some chairs to sit on. I knew I wouldn't be able to catch anything that the band threw (like guitar picks and drum sticks), but at least I could enjoy the show without getting blocked, squished, or crushed by the crowds. From that distance I could still see HYDE's expressions clearly, so it was pretty nice.

From the previous post, I'm sure you could tell that I am a 100% HYDE's fan. I'm sorry in advance if this story is centered in HYDE. Throughout the concert, my attention was focused 90% on HYDE, 9% on KAZ, and the remaining 1% on the other band members. HYDE was wearing blue jeans and a black long coat with frilly lace on the opening line of the coat and long sleeves (hopefully this is right, I couldn't really see the color properly since it was kinda dimmed). KAZ was wearing a black pants and a black shirt. I didn't really pay attention to him, but I remembered that I could see the tattoo on his arms, so it was either short sleeves or sleeveless. I couldn't recall what Ju-Ken, Jin, and Arimatsu were wearing, but Ju-Ken wore a hat when he first came out, and Arimatsu was bare chested on the second half of the show. HYDE and KAZ didn't change their wardrobe after the break.

I admit I didn't do my homework properly. My VAMPS album arrived just a day before I left to Seattle, so I was still unfamiliar with their songs. I was also not familiar with HYDE's songs from 666 and Faith albums, so I can't give you the exact setlist. The first song of the first half was SEX BLOOD ROCK N' ROLL, while the second half started with LOVE ADDICT. They also sang (not in order) COSMOS, SECRET IN MY HEART, EVANESCENT, REDRUM, DEEP RED, SWEET DREAMS, TROUBLE, JESUS CHRIST, and MIDNIGHT CELEBRATION. There were some other songs that I couldn't remember the titles. My bad...

While performing, HYDE, KAZ, and Ju-Ken kept running around, jumping to the top of the front speakers, shaking their heads and their bodies. There was this cool move that KAZ did a couple of times, which was throwing his guitar to circle his body.

HYDE opened his eyes really big, it looked as if it almost popped out. Hehehe... And as usual, he really liked sticking his tongue out. Oh, you know in the song TROUBLE, there was a part with the sound of car crashing, HYDE made a very cute surprised/uh-oh expression. On another song (I forgot which one), he sexily touched his chest with his two hands and slided them until they reached his thighs. Of course the fans started screaming. Me? I just said oh-la-la~ =P

My favorite part of the show was SWEET DREAMS. For this song, Ju-Ken changed his bass to the big one like the one in an orchestra, but I think it was still an electric bass. They started the song by playing a longer intro. I really loved it, it was so serene and peaceful. There was also a part where HYDE improvised his singing, it was really really beautiful =)

For the MC, HYDE was saying something about taking six hours to come from East Coast and having jet lag. He also said "Seattle is so beautiful~~~" (he sang the 'so beautiful' part like in SWEET DREAMS). At one part he said a word a couple of times, but all of us heard differently. Orca? Oscar? A car? His hands was making some wave motion trying to explain what he meant but I still didn't get it. Some people from Seattle said the correct one should be Orca, the hand wave was to motion fish swimming. Orca = Seattle whale, I didn't know that. Haha...

P.S. Sorry it took more than two years to publish the story. I had written it up on a piece of paper, but I forgot about it until now -_-;;

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