Thursday, December 14, 2006

missing you

As I realize I might not be able to see you anymore this year, I keep dreaming about you when I'm in the middle of my sleep. I know I should focus more on my finals, and the logic says it's good that I won't be able to see you so that I can focus more on my study. But my brain and my heart are not synchronized, they just don't go together. If only there is any functionality like in the JAVA programming, by using the keyword synchronized or by using a binary semaphore to limit an entry into a critical section, perhaps I won't get easily distracted like this. Oh gosh, how much I really want to see you. Do you even realize that I'm longing for you? All the good time that we had together, as well as the bad times that made me so frustrated, I will cherish all of them. But please, let me get some peaceful rest. Get out of my mind just for a little bit, will ya?

December 14, 2006
* A modern poem written by Pei
** If there is any similar situation, it is just a mere coincidence. I am not responsible for anything that you feel after reading this post.

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