Saturday, June 4, 2005

Pei jadi orang gila

Have you ever seen someone walking on the street without any shoes or sandals? When you saw that, did you think that someone was really crazy? If so, then I am included in your crazy people list. Hehehehe... Yeah, what really happened was...

My sister and I went to a restaurant to have dinner. The restaurant was within walking distance from my sis' apt so I wore my favorite sandals -which arrived three weeks ago and I wore it just for a week- and walked there. Just when we arrived at the restaurant my right sandal broke, so I dragged my foot with the sandal along the road. What made it worse was that I forgot to bring my student ID. We could have gone to the bus station which was located behind the restaurant, but I didn't have my ID (it was used as a bus pass as well). *sigh* So I had to walk home again. It was so hard to walk while dragging one of my feet so I just walk with bare feet. Heuehueheuheuhue... Pertama kali nyeker di kota ini, jadi inget pas ngobok di SMA gue dulu. Mannnnn... If it's not necessary, don't ever think to try that. It hurt a lot! However, I arrived safely =)


  1. -transferred from the old commenting system-

    we should go eat together too!! are your feet still hurt?

    vivi | 06.07.05 - 12:59 pm

  2. -transferred from the old commenting system-

    Not anymore. Thanks! Sorry to make you worried...

    Pei | Homepage | 06.11.05 - 1:56 am