Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Health and Body

In this busy situation, it's impossible to get sick. I mean, yes it is very likely to get sick since I don't have enough sleep and rest everyday, but then I can't afford to get sick. That means I have to take care of myself.

Sleeping early is not an option for me, as the workloads keep increasing and assignments are piling up. Then I have to find other ways to at least reduce the possibility of me catching any illness. Fruits like banana, strawberry or any other kind that I barely touched in the past years become my main menu now, at least one per day. Drinking more water also become a new rule for me. Eating properly is a must, and cleaning the room is one of my agenda every week; although the last one is often missed because of this tight schedule of mine.

Hmmm... It's pretty much amazing how this girl, who never ever cared about her own health before, became sort of health conscious. Great improvement, eh!? ^^

1 comment:

  1. ever thought of getting flu vaccination? i took it before my strenuous school starts...
    and biasanya g gampang sakit bgt pas undergrad sekarang g ga pernah sakit tuh.. cuma sakit jiwa aja kali.

    haha i'm worse than you, kapan yah terakhir g makan buah?