Saturday, January 14, 2006

another dream

Last night I dreamt of someone that I shouldn't dream of. Maybe it's just because of my recent talk with a friend. In that dream he was extremely nice to me. Sending me home while talking about the past. I wasn't sure what we were talking about exactly, until suddenly he hugged me and said "Too bad you're not mine anymore. You're someone else's now." This is the most impossible thing coz he never even held my hand before so hugging is out of the question. Moreover, he regretted what he did?! Huh, I don't think that would happen in my entire life. So what did I answer in the dream? I was kinda sad too but then I told him "Remember, it was your choice to have someone else beside you." And you know what, I was very satisfied when I said that. Hehehehe... I think I still have that desire until now. I have been wanting him to regret so much of what he did to me. So harsh, but don't get me wrong. I never want to hurt him, I just want him to realize that I'm more precious than what he thought. Oh well, that shouldn't matter anymore coz it's just the past that has been closed forever.

And about the other girl, at one time I was so afraid of her, since she didn't only ruin my relationship, but my pre-relationship with another guy as well (maksudnya PeDeKaTeh gitu hehehehe...) People say we look alike, just that she is prettier coz she has that Indo face (a mixture of Indonesian and European). Not fair, isn't it? I have to lose on physical matter in which I can't do anything. However, I was relieved coz I moved to this country and she stayed in Indonesia, so I hope she won't get into my way anymore.

Oh well, kenapa jadi curhat colongan gini ya?

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